What do you do if your family hates you ?

Gunner 2012/03/18 08:57:45
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  • Andrew Baker 2012/11/20 18:08:02
    Andrew Baker
    I'm 16 and my parents have been hating on me for the past 12 years or so, my mums said she wants me to die and I told my dad as other websites recommended and he just said 'ok' in a gleeful manor, i have an older sister she gets watever she wants, but she is also the only person I can tell anything, I mean I love my whole family, but they just treat me as tho i'm the devil, it deeply saddens me, I spend a lot of time arguing with myself over the whole suicide thing, but I know I have a lot of life left in me. I also spend a lot of time trying to find out why i'm even here, what can I bring to the world if I'm treated this way, ive read a lot of the other comments and I feel all of you, but who knows what gonna happen just dont commit suicide it may seem right at times but it never will be. I've had my mum threaten me with knives, but I learnt to control myself, and ATM I just ignore my parents. :'(

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  • Marzuka 7 days ago
    Dunno still searching for answer
  • nicole 2014/04/05 18:17:41
    I'm only 16 and I have no friends and I don't feel love from my family ,I hate my life and want to die. I don't see the point of my stupid life
  • kidistderebe 2014/03/30 18:30:17
    Im 11 and my parents call me worthless and my whole family calls me psycho mental demented retarded n worse And get this just this mourning he ignored me when i calles his name ten times so i battle with my self if i wanna die but who cares right im just a little girl who has no family
  • Marzuka kidistd... 7 days ago
    Same as me but my dad cares
  • shellcity 2014/03/19 21:39:02 (edited)
    My 10 year old brother gets everything he wants he can yell at my mom but when i do i get in trouble my brother can call me names and hit me but when i do it i get in trouble my mom and brother hate me my sister and her bf acts like they like me my mom acts like it too because she has too but the only person in my family that actually likes me is my dad but my mom and dad are divorced but hes mean to me sometimes but my mom just full on HATES me with a capital everything! Im 12 and im miserable around my family!!! HELP!!
  • skylar tay 2014/02/14 23:15:52
    skylar tay
    my big sis just yeld at me and my family does that happens to me alot and im 10
  • Juliana Bielawsky 2014/02/06 03:47:22
    Juliana Bielawsky
    I am 9 years old & my parents only pretend to like me...
  • Brianna FML 2014/02/01 00:22:59
    Brianna FML
    help me i hate life my mom hates me
  • im wih you 2014/01/19 04:08:24 (edited)
    im wih you
    I'm the youngest so you'd think I would be the most loved. WRONG. I'm the most yelled at my brother seems to get whatever he wants its like I am invisible and no one cares they all say they love me but no one does. The only one that cares is my best friend/ neighbor. I want to kill myself but my grandma and my best friend keep me from wanting to.
  • Jenna im wih you 2014/02/13 17:09:36
    I am with u! I spend my days thinking about my sister and she gets anything she wants whenever she wants it like when she hangs out w/ her friends! And my dad never has time for me and whenever I want to tell home something, he would change the subject! Or this morning I was telling him something and then he walked away and went down stairs and played w/ my dog! And my other sister is up at collage. So the only one that really means it when she says I love you is my mom! No body likes me even my best friend! And my family yells at me bc I'm on minecraft too much but the whole reason I play us bc no body likes me and it makes me feel better!
  • Emil Valdes 2014/01/16 02:19:14
    Emil Valdes
    Can someone help me! My sister is always abusing a 9 year old (which is me), my dad making fun of me, and my moms anger issues always gets me into trouble, I feel like just suiciding my self because I know I have no purpose in this world, sometimes I evan think that I shouldn't have been borned! Please help me.
  • cece 2014/01/14 18:30:41
    My whole family hates me and i dont know why one of my sisters used to hurt me and put me down and hit me and my dad disowns me and my mom has resentment towards me it feels for something... the other sister just treats me badly. Im sick of this i dont want to live here anymore i am 17. My dad does specific things to pick on me and when my sister leaves to school he stops on purpose. Its so mean! Why do they do that! Ive been abused mentally and physically im so fed up!!!!! I want them to die thats how i feel.
  • Emil Va... cece 2014/01/16 02:15:29
    Emil Valdes
    Your not the only one, I am 9 and my own family hates like my sister abusing me, my dad always making fun of me, and my mom with her anger issues, see that?
  • alex Emil Va... 2014/01/21 06:17:09
    oh really?hm lets see i know whats it like except my mom & dad passed away when i was 2 and i live with my two brothers thats 18 and 48 there both turning 19 & 49 this yr im 14 & we get along well but you know,if the have anger issues,just stay away from them if they have a sad/angry life.
  • Edward ... cece 2014/02/17 13:22:20 (edited)
    Edward Adu-Gyamfi
    I feel that way all the time. The only people who have been nice to me since i moved back here from Africa are my friends, my teachers and my baby sister and mydad but lately he's been taking my mom's side on everything. One day I yelled at my grandma and its like I've become a slave. Edward go clean the bathroom, Edward go get that for me. She never used to clean the bathroom though. Now my little brother is a brat. He doesn't even have to finish his homework. He started wetting the bed again now they say its my fault bc i didn't wake him up. I just can't wait till I go to college because I'm not coming back and I'm ten they're trying to make me go to college at 16 instead of 18. She is my step mom because my real mom died almost four years ago.
  • Tiffany 2014/01/07 21:20:02
  • Tiffany 2014/01/07 21:09:47
    I'm 16, and a lot of you seem to relate to my problem.
    I live with my 15 and 30 year old sisters, and my mom and my older sister's boyfriend. I feel like everyone in this damn house is against me 24/7, like I can never be left alone. My mother favors my younger sister, as does my older sister. My older sister even went ahead and said when she was younger that she loved my younger sister more than me! My mother lets my little sister boss me around like a second mother, causing me to react by pushing or pinning her to the ground; which results with the blame being pinned on me. My mom calls me lazy and fat, hoping I'd do something about it..I'm trying! I came home the past two days with my sister yelling at me for giving my boyfriend my old ds game and for not doing something for her. My sister gets to stay out as late as she wants at a friends out and me? When I was friends with this one girl she lived in walking distance, I had to be home by 9:30 pm. My sister, the little one, yells at me to do stuff for her and If I don't she attacks me! I would never kill myself because I have so much to live for, even if I'm not smart ( I'm artist, so that's what I'm going to college for.) or I might not make a dime, Killing myself won't help me escape. I have thought of running away somewhere or something... I have no one to talk to about my problems..I can't even lock my self in my room..
  • joe stanford 2014/01/04 05:20:29
    joe stanford
    my mom and dad hate me as well and i hate them i play video games as probely a lot of kids doand my mom threatins to break it and then send me with my dad which is so cheap he wont even buy cable
  • Tiffany joe sta... 2014/01/07 21:11:22
    Are you on the games too often? Are you disrespecting your mom to a point were she has to do those things?
  • megaman1562 2014/01/04 02:51:52
    I'm 12 and I'm always blamed for everything i'm the middle child so i dont get attention as much as my other siblings, my dad calls me a jackass and hits me and always takes my sister's side no one listens to me and my siblings pick on me and blame me for things they do,i even brought a knife in bed so i could "accidentally" cut my throat, but suicide won't help escape my hell
  • Juliana... megaman... 2014/02/06 03:48:34
    Juliana Bielawsky
    I'm the oldest child & I get in trouble for what ever my sister does...
  • Edward ... Juliana... 2014/02/17 13:29:23
    Edward Adu-Gyamfi
    I know right sometimes I think of walking back to Delaware where i used to live and i could stay with my uncle
  • marilyn... megaman... 2014/03/15 04:12:06
    My heart is going out to you, I want you to know Jesus loves you and so do I. If you ever need a friend look me up on face book Marilyn thomason (I have a black hat on)
  • angela ortiz 2014/01/01 04:41:40
    angela ortiz
    I'm 12 and my family hates me my dad threatens me . one day i was in my room he came in my room and beated me . and he still does
  • TobyH 2013/12/28 20:50:45 (edited)
    im 13 and well I'm both happy and sad to see ppl have the same problem, ny parents don't understand me and if i hide to go and cry the beat me up while I'm crying. my brother can do whatever at the age of 6 he can even stick his thumb up my eye sockets without anyone telling him off, my mum scratched my on holiday when i had sun burn, my dad always start punching or kicking me while I'm online talking with friends - help what should i do ??? i thought of suicide before but i never do it
  • brandon sanders 2013/12/25 22:06:16 (edited)
    brandon sanders
    Im 12 me my mom and my brother live my grandparents.Today on christmas everybody was talkin and i was quiet so my mom said i had a attitude so she hit me in my mouth.Then she told me to go in the room and stay. So then she came in and made me go outside in the cold.Then i was out about 23min so my grandma made me come in. Then my two older sibillings bully me. Its 4 of us im the youngest i can only talk to one of my sisters. Idont want to kill my self but everyday im getting closer and closer to doing that
  • CrazyGamer1502 2013/12/12 21:43:12 (edited)
    My family really does h8 me... At the age of 10 my family keeps on saying that im useless, stupid and a cry baby... I just wanted God 2 finally end my life... I WOULD kill myself if I didn't have 2 go to hell afterwards. They keep ignoring me, nether blame my sister for thinks she does 2 me and worse of all they don't seem 2 care about me... the only person in my family which seems 2 care about me is my dad and I respect him only 4 that... but even he blames me 4 no reason at all...

    thanks 4 reading this opinion and if u r struggling as well then just remember 2 just try 2 deal with them and just stay out of their sights...
  • emily vazquez 2013/12/09 09:50:56
  • cece emily v... 2014/01/14 18:48:40
    7204154076 if you want to talk!
  • extremelysadanddepressed 2013/10/13 01:18:34
    I am a kid who has recently had parents divorced i am 12 and am suicidal. Everyday i restrain my self from not commiting suicide and not hurting other people. Ive been hit by my mother and been biten and nearly hit with a wrench. Ive tried running away but cant seem to do it. Im constantly told im fat stupid and a brat even the police said i was when my grandma almost killed me. I dont know what to do im told we r going to a suprise location when she leaves me with nothing at a house with unstable grandparents. I have scars from being bitten and scratched and still im abused. My only get away is playing and watching video games like minecraft and call of duty. My dad says im gonna go brain dead because of the games but it is my only way of survival. I have been dropping in grades even though ive been in many honors classes before. Please help i need some positive info from someone... Im in the bathroom crying please help.
  • heather13 extreme... 2013/10/13 08:03:18
    It's ok I'm 13 and my step dad is the worse when he gets upset he says things like what they tell u he's also kicked me and punch me but u can't staff up to him I'm a girl and he's a big guy. Oh course u want to kik myself bug I just remember the good times. To be honest I'm gonna end up killing myself that's a fact. My percentage have never been together NEVER so I was never spoiled like my sister. I can see and feel he favors my sister, I know it I'm nog his real daughter . The little things like having her picture in his wallet and office and not me those things hurt well my point is just ignore them till u have the guys to run away and if h do ill bd happy to go with u
  • extreme... heather13 2013/10/14 05:07:30
    Thank u alot heather i was recently punched and have a potential broken nose and im pretty depressed.. It helped to here im not alone
  • heather13 extreme... 2013/11/28 05:58:43
    Give me ur email and we can talk
  • alice m... extreme... 2013/10/20 18:33:18
    alice marsh
    Don't listen to all the negative things you've heard, you are much better than that. As for feeling suicidal please remember that there is a way out. I'll tell you my story... I'm 17 and have never felt like I belong to my family I feel like I'm not supposes to be here I feel used and that no one cares I never feel supported by anyone, till I started college and finally had the courage to tell my tutor she has helped me so much and yea I still have a long way too to go,but please remember you can get help just find someone who you deeply trust and I promise things will improve slowly yes it will be hard at first but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain,, I hope I have helped :)
  • cece alice m... 2014/01/14 18:41:29
    Im 17 too and i feel the same way, i hate being at this house i want to get out but idk how!?
  • kristy extreme... 2014/01/20 04:52:17
    I feal the same way almost ok 13 my sisters are younger then me and I always play games like u do to escape the pain of my family tormenting me and my parents are divorced to but whene he was still around I used to get beaten but my mom cares more about my sisters and there friends then me and mine and I don't know why but I thought of doing suicide before but I'm also teezed quit often and I'm not to sure what to do other and somtimes I just feal as if I don't belong on the plane. A lot but I know that's not true I try to reason with my family and every few times it will work but at least I try
  • alex kristy 2014/01/21 06:20:08
    playing games make parents mad?ive seen worser everytime i see my friend his family threatens him thier gonna destroy his stuff.
  • stranger 2013/10/02 03:30:36
    I am 13 and I feel as though my brothers and mother hate me. My parents got divorced 2 years ago and my dad lives in L.A now (I live in Texas). Every time I do one thing wrong I get yelled at uncontrolably, and I get called names such as fat ass by my brothers. My mom works late hours to support us and so does my 2 older brothers. My mom grounded me from my hobbies for gaining weight. She tells me I don't love myself, she calls me fat thinking it encourages me to lose weight. She constantly yells at me for little reasons but she is still a loving mother sometimes. I still love my mother but when ever she is in a bad mood after work I feel like its my falt. I wish I could move with my dad but I just can't right now. A few times in a week my brother gets mad at me for little reasons, he either calls me names or punches me and kicks me. I sometimes feel I dont belong to this family or not wanting to live anymore. I try to relieve stress by throwing punching or hitting something. I am so tired of being treated this way it drives me mad. Please if there is any who can give me some advise please reply ;(.
  • extreme... stranger 2013/10/13 01:20:12
    This is like my life... One thing that is helpful is to play violent video games so u can let out anger in a non violent way in real life
  • Son Goku 2013/08/23 00:01:54 (edited)

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