What do you consider ugly?

Zero Harte~King of Nothing~ 2011/04/27 22:55:48
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This is a question that has been on my mind a lot, practically all month.
When I look into the mirror and see my face, that's what I call ugly.
Is it because I'm physically ugly or is it because I know who I am and all of the things that I've done in this life that I protray myself as ugly? And I know a lot of people that will read this are going to think that I'm attention whoring but I'm not. This is a matter that's really important to me and I'm actually losing sleep over. May not be the smartest thing to lose sleep over but I am nonetheless and I would like some enlightenment to the factof what is and is not ugly.
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  • xxInfinitexxx 2011/05/23 21:12:00
    I always feel ugly.
  • Zero Ha... xxInfin... 2011/05/23 22:56:55
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    Awe, you shouldn't.
  • EmoKidBecauseYouThinkIAm 2011/05/14 17:22:56
    Something I once read or was told:
    'If you notice the broken branch or the rotting trunk, even the flowers will seem diminished, tainted, and ugly beyond recognition.'
    But it's still a flower, if you get what i'm trying to say?

    'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ugliness is in the eye of the owner.'
  • David (oYo) 2011/05/11 11:18:25
  • Julia Anne 2011/05/07 05:49:08
    Julia Anne
    You don't deserve this. you need to think happy thoughts. Get the picture
  • bob 2011/04/28 16:39:25
    good question, I'll think on it. Physical or spirtual?
  • Zero Ha... bob 2011/04/29 23:51:55
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
  • Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2011/04/28 16:31:50
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    Ignorance, hatred, intolerance. The wrong attitude is what I consider ugly. Even the most visually unappealing person can be beautiful if they have a kind heart, and good personality.
  • RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET 2011/04/28 12:53:33
    RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET
    Rude, hateful people.
  • dm 2011/04/28 05:44:10 (edited)
    I don't know you enough as to know why you think you are ugly. If it's ugly because of your exterior or if it's internal. From your media I don't think you're ugly on the outside I can tell you that. If you lose sleep over this, losing sleep will not change the how you look it's just a waste of time worrying about it.

    I know what it's like to feel ugly because of something internally. Because I've struggled with it sometimes. Sometimes I feel I don't deserve to be happy.
  • XxMiss_Mad_HatterxX 2011/04/28 02:35:12
    You are not ugly. Me, on the the other hand...I am ugly.
  • Zero Ha... XxMiss_... 2011/04/29 23:52:55
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    None of that blasphemy!
  • XxMiss_... Zero Ha... 2011/05/03 03:45:20
    It's true.
  • Zero Ha... XxMiss_... 2011/05/03 23:20:43
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    You know, it's wrong to lie.
  • XxMiss_... Zero Ha... 2011/05/09 23:55:22
    I'm not lying.
  • Zero Ha... XxMiss_... 2011/05/10 22:01:35
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    See, there you go again with the lies.
    You know it's bad for the soul to lie, right?
    Plus, beauties like you should be lying, you've too much to look forward to.
  • XxMiss_... Zero Ha... 2011/05/11 03:46:54
    But i'm not lying.
    And yes i do know that.
    Hehe, I'm not a beauty now you're lying.
  • Zero Ha... XxMiss_... 2011/05/12 22:33:03
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    Why would I lie about something so importante?
  • XxMiss_... Zero Ha... 2011/06/02 00:11:01
    Hmm....to make me feel better about myself?
  • Zero Ha... XxMiss_... 2011/06/04 18:06:38
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    Does that really sound like me?
  • XxMiss_... Zero Ha... 2011/06/08 03:54:22
  • Zero Ha... XxMiss_... 2011/06/30 01:05:30
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    See? You really are beautiful.
  • XxMiss_... Zero Ha... 2011/07/02 01:55:53
    -^_^- Fine I'll believe you.
  • David (... XxMiss_... 2011/05/11 11:11:24
  • Zero Ha... David (... 2011/05/12 22:33:22
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    Oh ho ho, that's naughty (^//^)
  • David (... Zero Ha... 2011/05/13 07:47:36
  • XxMiss_... David (... 2011/06/02 00:11:18
  • David (... XxMiss_... 2011/06/05 15:33:55
  • wordpress 2011/04/28 02:24:04
    I think ugly is an attitude that comes from with in. I do understand your comment about wondering if you think your ugly because of your past, could be. But you need to forgive yourself for whatever it was and make an effort to be a better person. Beauty is only skin deep.
  • mike j 2011/04/28 01:18:59
    mike j
    For us , we look the way we look , not a whole lot we can do about that , But the ugly that can be fixed within ourselves is pushing back on negative thinking and poor attitude ,
  • baby cakes 826 2011/04/28 01:03:40
    baby cakes 826
    Outer beauty doesn't phase me either way, but deep down if your a terrible person, you are ugly
  • Elaine 2011/04/28 00:51:49
    Perhaps you are equating what you see in the mirror with something else. Before you next sleep ask and then be on the look out for the answer.
  • oldlady 2011/04/28 00:25:24
    I'v never met an ugly person in the physical aspect. We all look different and it should be celebrated. I have always been attracted to what's inside of a persons mind and heart. Most children and teenagers are not happy with what they see in the mirror. Your confidence level may be low and that means it's time to love yourself as much as you love others ;-)
  • Student 2011/04/27 23:29:44
  • Shaney Boo 2011/04/27 23:28:25
  • Zero Ha... Shaney Boo 2011/04/29 23:55:14
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    None of that blasphemy!
  • Shaney Boo Zero Ha... 2011/04/30 00:50:46
    Shaney Boo
    Have you seen me?
  • Zero Ha... Shaney Boo 2011/05/01 20:13:09
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    Yes, and you look better than most guys than I know.
  • Shaney Boo Zero Ha... 2011/05/01 20:32:24
    Shaney Boo
    Aww..thank you.
  • Jezebel 2011/04/27 23:26:32

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