What do u do if u like someone but they like someone else?

JJ 2010/03/13 18:15:10
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  • Amy ...AKA Dudess 2010/03/13 20:58:55 (edited)
    Or leave it alone
    Amy ...AKA Dudess
    I say leave it alone you dont want to take them away from someone. There are to many out there to sit and cry over one.

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  • Lost Love 2013/12/23 03:39:38
    Or leave it alone
    Lost Love
    I liked someone but i got over it becuase i knew there was somebody out there that would really care
  • apple 2012/07/03 14:50:53
    this boy really does not like me what do i do because i love him
  • poof 2011/08/21 07:36:27
    Or leave it alone
    i think u should still be freinds with them dont hate the for liking someone else
  • nazanin 2010/11/21 21:37:55
    i say dnot give up just talk to them and like say u like something from them and ........just if they just dnot say thanks or thank you just leave them alone
  • prometheus 2010/09/14 16:55:34
    Depends on the person you like, they usually tell you that they like someone else but it will be better if they didn't lead you on.
  • Maximus 2010/05/11 04:45:08
    Forget about it. You found out that he likes another person, means he won't be interested in you at all.
  • *HIS LIL ANGEL* 2010/04/07 01:46:13
    Or leave it alone
    i juz leave it alone and move will sum times lol:)
  • rubellia 2010/03/23 14:40:48
    i dont have an good answer ....sorry
  • Flaka 2010/03/17 20:11:12
    Or leave it alone
    theres more fish in the sea (:
  • reyesd23 2010/03/17 19:53:14
    Or leave it alone
    keeps it movin' if it was meant to 2b you'll cross paths again if not then there's always
    leave movin meant 2b cross paths
  • Megan 2010/03/17 18:52:24
    Take the person away from them?
    either that or you just suffer
  • speedmonster 2010/03/17 12:54:11
    Or leave it alone
    everything happens for a reason
  • <3 love<3 2010/03/16 16:39:14
    Or leave it alone
    <3 love<3
    i wouldnt care leave them alone
  • wombat 2010/03/16 14:54:31
    Or leave it alone
    Move on....
  • Queen of love 2010/03/16 14:44:58
    Take the person away from them?
    Queen of love
    you should them you really like
  • anonymous 2010/03/15 21:25:56
    Or leave it alone
    Deal with it. If you love them, then you can be happy for them. If you just like them, you can get over it.
  • birdie1224 2010/03/15 21:19:12
    Or leave it alone
    I just stop liking them. It's not worth getting upset over. It's just a crush. If that person did like you they would want to go with you but they make it clear that they don't because they are going with someone else. So I just stop liking them and keep on moving with my life.
  • *~BaBy*~ 2010/03/15 00:37:30
    i have no ? i never been like that ever i only had 6 boyfriends n they all like me not some other girl
  • Black Night 2010/03/14 16:33:47
    Black Night
    Wait, they may realize that you are what they want after all.
  • mojo 2010/03/14 12:37:26 (edited)
  • Ares 2010/03/14 05:48:15
    lifes a bitch then u die .
  • Rozie 2010/03/14 01:39:10
    Show this person that you really like them! make her realize that you are better than the one that they are with! Also never give up if you really like this person then it will happen!!!:)
  • XwheelerX 2010/03/14 00:55:24
    Or leave it alone
    You have to not feel bad about yourself. There are people that your not going to like either. We can't always get what we want.
    Don't let it dictate who you are as a person. Stand strong
    In the end you have to not look at your need, but at the others. It will strenghthen you.
  • Dude 2010/03/13 23:23:43
    How big is this guy?
  • JJ Dude 2010/03/13 23:55:34
    bigger than me and im 6ft
  • Sasssy 2010/03/13 22:44:55
    If it's meant to be it'll come to you. meant meant
  • nickiiii126 2010/03/13 22:02:14
    Or leave it alone
    if they like someone else then there not the one for you.
  • JJ nickiii... 2010/03/13 23:55:16
    they do like me too
  • nickiii... JJ 2010/03/13 23:58:50
    i have no anwser.......... i have no clue what you should do then.
  • JJ nickiii... 2010/03/14 00:00:47
  • nickiii... JJ 2010/03/14 00:33:35
  • Jessica !? (: 2010/03/13 21:20:25
    Jessica !? (:
    i have a boyfriend ;
    rofl i hope he doesnt like someone else xD
  • bleeding heart 2010/03/13 21:07:51
    bleeding heart
    become their friend and then see what happen from there
  • JJ bleedin... 2010/03/13 23:55:54
  • bleedin... JJ 2010/03/14 01:12:26
    bleeding heart
    good luck :)
  • Amy ...AKA Dudess 2010/03/13 20:58:55 (edited)
    Or leave it alone
    Amy ...AKA Dudess
    I say leave it alone you dont want to take them away from someone. There are to many out there to sit and cry over one.
  • JJ Amy ...... 2010/03/13 23:56:14
  • American Cowgirl @ Heart 2010/03/13 20:57:24
    Or leave it alone
    American Cowgirl @ Heart
    I can say i have been there and it is heart breaking he was and is still on sodahead,and everytime i see his name i have a hard time forgetting him,.
    I even removed him from my friends list....There are better on Sodahead.
    the answer to your question leave that person alone because he is more then likely married and is playing you until he meets you and makes plans with you,,
    If you like that person and he or she likes another let that person know you dont play second choice your worth more then that,,,also if they do that with you then they maybe doing it with others ,,ya never know my friend,,just be careful,,,My heart was broken one time on here and it was the last time,,,,
    Im glad im not alone in person i have a sincere love and he is my world.

    Good Luck and Peace.
  • JJ America... 2010/03/13 23:57:17
    ok i will
  • America... JJ 2010/03/14 02:18:44
    American Cowgirl @ Heart
    My sweet friend,
    Its not getting hurt over, there is alot of fish in the sea,,plus your worth more then a player!!

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