Putting the quotes onto the bottle caps is no easy task, even though one my think so. To get one, someone has to travel to the most southern part of Jamaica and find the mystical newt. Once someone has found the newt, they must take it Argentina and find a homeless guy there named Moe. They give the newt to Moe, who then sells it for money to get a burger of any kind. The person who gave Moe the newt now has to take/steal the burger from Moe. The person takes the burger back to the secret lab at the Sobe headquarters and places it in a bin where all the other stolen burgers goes and by that time hes probly thought of 2 or 3 silly quotes to use in the bottle caps. Of course, the bottle cap will only make sense to the person who wrote it. So the meaning behind the quotes on the caps is still left as a mystery.