What did you do for your sixteenth birthday?

Megan ~ PHAET 2010/03/13 21:52:00
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  • AnaBee<3 2010/03/30 01:29:25
    My best friend stayed the night the night before, woke up to my mom cooking for thanksgiving. Ate poptarts, watched waterboy, went on a hike to my destroyed "secret place", got in a fight with my at the time boyfriend, picked up my other friend, got a pedicure together, and manicures. Then went home for a few hours, and then drove everyone to dinner at Pizza Plus where all my other friends and family were waiting. <3
    Got my wonderful pet fish Squirt :]
  • ~LyDia<3J03Y~ 2010/03/23 16:32:28
    I'll have mine in 34 days :)
  • Matt -The Sexiest Member of... 2010/03/15 15:51:12
    Matt -The Sexiest Member of PHAET-
    Invited a bunch of friends and we all went driving around in my new car. And then after that we went out to eat and then we went to some clubs and then played video games until the break of dawn. It wasn't anything special since we do that most weekends except for the fact that a car was thrown in and I didn't have to have my brother chaperone me.
  • LoveEmoz 2010/03/15 03:44:20
    mine is tomorrow and trust me all i will be doing is sleeping hoping noone will remember :(
  • FencerCat 2010/03/15 00:27:05
    Nothing... I wasn't allowed to have birthday parties with friends because my oldest brother and his friends wrecked it for the rest of us when he was 8. (He's 7 years older than I am) They went nuts, as 8 year old boys do, and my mom said, "Never again." So my other brother and I never got to have birthday parties with friends. Needless to say, that meant I never got invited to more than one birthday party of any of my friends, since I couldn't reciprocate. The first birthday party I ever had with friends was my 17th, and it was a surprise party for me and another friend that was given at someone else's house. :)
  • Hybricide **Under my Graffi... 2010/03/14 22:30:05
    Hybricide **Under my Graffiti Sky**
    I went to school sick on a Monday and was made to serve the cake when i got home.
  • Errol Park 2010/03/14 21:50:40 (edited)
    Errol Park
    Not much. Same as a regular birthday. I don't see what's so special about 16. Also, I've had final exams on my birthday for the past few years. Mid-June birthdays suck.
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/03/14 18:02:52
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    I had a party with my friends. It wasn't a huge extravaganza. My birthday happened on a Saturday, so it worked out well for having a party.
  • SwannTurner 2010/03/14 16:50:16
    I had a party with all of my friends in my basement. It was like 8 or 10 hours long, woohoo!
  • Tibby 2010/03/14 15:59:14
    I celebrated sixteenth birthday few months ago and I haven't done anything specially.. just a small party with my friends :)
  • Reese Cup 2010/03/14 13:33:47
    Reese Cup
    Nothing. And I didn't even have my sweet sixteen yet.
  • sexy jouri 2010/03/14 13:14:33
    sexy jouri
    idont no
    i dont think that i did something special
  • Lauren :) 2010/03/14 12:18:08
    Lauren :)
    ask me in two years ;P
    im gonna be 14 in june (:
    xD lol
  • sait10 2010/03/14 11:37:06
    It was many years ago, but it was a great party. I am a twin and my sister and I play indoor cricket with a group of guys that worked with my Dad. They were all invited to our 16th birthday and we danced the night a way with them all. Lots of fun and laughs!
  • Kenny 2010/03/14 10:44:58
    16, uhm.... if i remember correctly, it sucked lol... we were busy writing exams and i am about 90% sure that it was something crappy like math? *cringe*
  • sasquatchette 2010/03/14 08:06:54
    As I recall, I went to school, then volleyball practice, then did a bunch of homework, then passed out.
  • elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard 2010/03/14 06:52:30
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    I don't remember.
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2010/03/14 06:37:01
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    I spent most of the day finishing packing up to move to a state away from all my family and friends to where I knew no one. My best friends did surprise me by showing up to help. One of them even gave me one of those cookie cream things and put a candle in it since I didn't even have a cake. It was so sweet.
  • MeMyself&Kai 2010/03/14 05:29:18
    Never had one.
  • Toodleloo SodaHead 2010/03/14 05:13:01
    Toodleloo SodaHead
    Woo, my sixteenth was yesterday! =D I can answer this question properly!

    I went to school and did nothing. Came home and ate cake and ice cream. Along with some very spicy pizza. Then, I slept. Yay birthday for meh!
  • CallMeDora(: 2010/03/14 05:09:48
    im not 16 yet lol
  • tammerz/zɹǝɯɯɐʇ 2010/03/14 05:09:17 (edited)
    I don't remember. So obviously I didn't do anything very exciting. :p
  • kaitiesue 2010/03/14 04:49:42
    I'm not going to be 16 until next March 24th. But, I'm going to go to NYC w/ my cousin and best friend and dance...
  • ♥ツ♫Mira Adorkable♫ツ ♥ 2010/03/14 04:37:23 (edited)
  • 아만다 ♥ AMANDA 2010/03/14 04:25:50
    아만다 ♥ AMANDA
    Nothing really... It was a normal day. Except with some family, cake, icecream and chips.

    I always wished for an awesome sweet sixteen... but then I realized they are too cliche and can be quite expensive. Especially for spoiled brats.
  • Mary ♥ 2010/03/14 04:09:04
    Mary ♥
    im not 16,yet.
  • dreamwriter12 ✲the libraria... 2010/03/14 04:05:35
    dreamwriter12 ✲the librarian of ρнaεt✲ in grammar I trust
    My sixteenth birthday was a very special one to me. I'm an only child, and I don't have any other family members with a birthday around me. I know it sounds weird, but I felt like I was missing out, because I never had anyone to share it with. My best friend had already turned 16 earlier the same year that I turned 16. But her family wasn't big on birthdays, so her dad usually just gave her some money, and that was about it. So that year, I decided to make it special for both of us. My whole family surprised her with a double birthday for both her and I to have together. We invited her dad too, who was more than happy to come. She couldn't believe it, and we had a blast. It was awesome.
  • Dugie45 2010/03/14 03:04:34 (edited)
    I don't remember, I just turned 65 today. I think,haha Soda head makes me feel younger though.
  • CandiceIsHere 2010/03/14 03:01:16
    I had a birthday party at the skating rink
  • g!anna 2010/03/14 02:45:35
    First thing was I went to my first driving lesson.
    Later, I went to the beach with some friends, and then teen night at Jenks.
    It was a good birthday (:
    driving lesson beach friends teen jenks birthday
  • Naui 2010/03/14 02:04:06
  • mist 2010/03/14 01:47:39
    weird my names megan to, my 16th is in exactly 23 days. (:
  • lee 2010/03/14 01:25:12
    I can't remember is was 44 years ago. I'm sure we had ice cream and my favorite cake, and I'll bet we went fishing. We always do.
  • undisciphered 2010/03/14 01:13:07
    I was in CUBA and had a pinacolada.. which was not that good because I don't like coconut
  • gangsta4life 2010/03/14 00:25:19
    nothin, here isn't so important like there
  • King Anti-Christ 666 2010/03/13 23:59:46
  • Viper 2010/03/13 23:59:26
  • Lari 2010/03/13 23:48:45
    oo I can remember it perfectly, it was just last year :P
    I was locked in my room till 10am.. so my friends and family could set up the house for a party, I love setting up stuff D:
    Then talked with ppl and stuff till 2pm when my parents ditched me to go out shopping.. I ditched my house with a few friends and played with water balloons and stuff.. at noon I pigged out on pizza and hit the mall, ended the day with a movie
  • Maria 2010/03/13 23:26:47
    ahh nice memory just went to beach and then ate seafood and then lay on hammock to read good book before sunset ahh memory beach ate seafood lay hammock read book sunset ahh memory beach ate seafood lay hammock read book sunset ahh memory beach ate seafood lay hammock read book sunset ...just realx and have my cake eat it LOL
  • Nanapie 2010/03/13 23:00:56
    My dad took me to get my driver's license and then I drove my best friend and myself to the local drive-in hamburger joint. That was a very long time ago and I don't think I'll ever forget it. Hope you'll never forget yours!

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