What could cause you to sneeze blood?

D.G.rocks 2012/04/10 01:21:07
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I'm sick. it's very little blood, but still strange.
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  • nani 2013/04/08 22:31:34
    is smoking one of the cause
  • sunil 2013/01/10 09:34:05
    i have blood in sneezing. when i wash it.
  • La 2012/04/10 12:16:12
    It's not a big deal. People get nosebleeds all the time.
  • zuk 2012/04/10 05:12:05
    Allergies, dry nasal passages or sinus infection or something i think
  • Crime Time 2012/04/10 05:10:27
  • Serenity the goth. 2012/04/10 04:28:43
    Serenity the goth.
    you might be sneezing too hard but if the blood is a lot you might want to go to the hospital.
  • Renée♥ 2012/04/10 02:59:23 (edited)
    Ummm I think a disease in the lungs maybe or your nose :3
    My teacher told me this not too long ago though >.<
  • firebird 2012/04/10 02:40:24
    Allergies, dry nasal passages or sinus infection......
  • Purple Pinto ~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/10 02:17:46
    Purple Pinto ~PWCM~JLA
    Highly irritated sinuses.

    Allergy season does it to my family too.
  • The River Rat 2012/04/10 01:45:17
    The River Rat
    Your sinus are swollen and when you cough or sneeze, that inflames them even more, causing the blood vessels to be streached so that when you sneeze or blow your nose, some of them break and you bleed.
  • Christmas; In Chrome 2012/04/10 01:32:56
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Could be nothing. Could be a raging infection. I'd advise you to check sites like Web MD for a list of symptoms similar to yours.
  • Miko 2012/04/10 01:31:46
    Lots of things. Sneezing blood is an indication of fatal disorder in one of the basic systems of the body mainly GIT (Digestive system) due to one of the following reasons; It may be due to liver fibrosis or cirrhosis in one of liver's parts. As we know the liver is the main site of the metabolism in the body. Also, it may be due to ulcer in GIT wall. Furthermore, it may be because of Alcoholism syndrome.
  • BlackPoison 2012/04/10 01:26:32
    Sneezing blood through the mouth is not a good sign as it generally indicates that the blood is coming from the lungs, however if the blood is coming from the nose generally it is just a burst blood vessel in the nasal cavity, note I say generally.

    If your sneezing is due to allergies, prescribed antihistamines will be the only way to effectively control it but it will probably not eliminate it. Many people swear by natural remedies to cure sneezing, but remember, sneezing is the natural defence of the body to try and get rid of something that should not be there. A herb or a drug will only be as effective as its ability to reduce the symptoms causing the sneezing.

    Either way, you should see a doctor if you are concerned about any symptoms, and if not happy seek a second, third, fourth and fifth opinions.
  • D.G.rocks BlackPo... 2012/04/10 01:29:41
    it seems like it's coming through my nose
  • Americus BlackPo... 2014/02/07 21:36:53
    What if ur a child doin it
  • Vitalani 2012/04/10 01:24:57
    Burst blood vessels in your nose due to being sick.
    Nothing to worry about.
  • Cheyenna Nicole 2012/04/10 01:24:09
    Cheyenna Nicole
    Snot when dry can go very sticky and solid for a while if left alone in the nose. As it does it slowly expands clinging to every nook and cranny of the nostril. When dry it can lightly penetrate the thin walls of flesh inside the nostril so it can catch some small bits of blood vessels on it. and then as it goes all gunkey some of the loose blood gets mixed with the disgusting liquid ooze and it eventualy gets blown out onto a tissue etc.

    So ye its nothing to worry about!
  • D.G.rocks Cheyenn... 2012/04/10 01:25:41
    I have a runny nose though
  • Cheyenn... D.G.rocks 2012/04/10 01:27:18
    Cheyenna Nicole
    Ohh eww HAHAHA!!XD
  • themadhare ~IJM 2012/04/10 01:22:43
    themadhare ~IJM
    Rhinal hematoma
  • D.G.rocks themadh... 2012/04/10 01:25:59
    what's that?
  • themadh... D.G.rocks 2012/04/10 01:26:44
    themadhare ~IJM
    it means you're sneezing blood
  • D.G.rocks themadh... 2012/04/10 01:27:46
    because of what?
  • themadh... D.G.rocks 2012/04/10 01:29:02
    themadhare ~IJM
    probably physical trauma from sneezing when your nasal membranes are weakened from inflammation.
  • D.G.rocks themadh... 2012/04/10 01:30:25
  • lonewolf 2012/04/10 01:22:19
    it happens.

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