What Are Your Plans for Dinner on Valentine's Day?

Living 2012/02/07 23:24:28
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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and we all know what that means. Time to share your thoughts on the day of love with our special Valentine's Day Quick Poll!

And after that, prepare to swoon your lover, of course. You know, flowers, chocolate, all that good stuff. Valentine's Day started out as a holiday to honor Christian martyr Saint Valentine but it has gradually evolved into a day dedicated to showing affection to your own loved ones -- particularly of the romantic persuasion. Got special plans for the big day? Share your thoughts on the most anticipated holiday for lovebirds and romantics alike!

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  • Berry 2012/02/12 06:32:46
    Go out to an expensive restaurant
    Well i wouldnt call it an expensive restaurant but me and juan are going on to a dinner thing with his parents so yeh
  • Missydynamite 2012/02/11 18:53:42
    Stay home and cook
    Just like i do every day for my family
  • Liset Gonzalez Veliz 2012/02/10 16:13:55
    Stay home and cook
    Liset Gonzalez Veliz
    If I could I would order a Pizza and maybe cook something like popcorn flavored and some good chicken soup *(because I am a feeling a little under the weather with a cold) Dominos Pizza and chicken soup Dominos Pizza and chicken soup Dominos Pizza and chicken soup
  • TheMadChameleon 2012/02/10 13:58:29
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    Well, go to one of my school's dining halls, technically.
  • Anna E 2012/02/10 13:56:44
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    Anna E
    We have Valentine's Days periodically through the whole year. We don't plan anything till the 14th, so it depends what we are in the mood for.
  • Rocky 2012/02/10 13:48:51
    Go out to an expensive restaurant
    We are going out but not to an expensive restaurant. We'll probably stop at the neighborhood piney bar on route 9 in South Jersey. That's always a hoot! It is as if evolution stopped a few steps back on the scale in this place.
  • Mallory c: 2012/02/10 13:16:52
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    Mallory c:
    Either that or I'll go somewhere with my boyfriend. (: I love him so much. :DDD <333
  • Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET 2012/02/10 13:05:34 (edited)
    Go out to an expensive restaurant
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Well more average priced versus expensive. But its a favorite place of ours and really nice for Vday. We would do the romantic at home make a dinner thing, but that's our everyday, eating at home all the time. So going out is actually a nice occasion.
  • harley oldman 2012/02/10 11:14:44
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    harley oldman
    In general ....Pretty much nothing........!
  • The Third Reich 2012/02/10 10:04:46
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    The Third Reich
    My plans are same as last few Valentine's Days. Do the sort of things I'd normally do (work, eat, etc), buy a card & box of chocolate from an "anonymous" person/secret admirer and leave it at the door of the lonely desperate single mom in the apartment down the hall, and come home, eat whatever I have, relax, and spend some time with my only lover my whole life. I named her Lefty, because she really comes in "handy" when I need her.
  • Don's way 2012/02/10 06:49:51
    Stay home and cook
    Don's way
    rather make my own goodies
    home chef
  • arief Cerberus Lucifer 2012/02/10 06:48:52
    Stay home and cook
    arief Cerberus Lucifer
    i can cooking many food.. eastfood,seafood,chinesefood,... food and many more:)) i can do it
  • Vyvyan 2012/02/10 06:46:16
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    I have work on Valentine's Day, so I won't have any time to plan anything special.
    My fiancé and I have an anniversary on that day, but because I am indeed at work on tuesday, we're having a movie night on sunday to "celebrate".
  • blackrings70 2012/02/10 05:30:52
    Go out to an expensive restaurant
    Well, more like reasonably priced.
  • FoxFairy 2012/02/10 05:17:08 (edited)
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    To be honest I have spent more Valentine's Days alone than I have with someone...might just refuse to cook and get take-out. Even when I had someone the guy I was with never ever thought much about the day...I actually am none to fond of it myself. It seems like a sit around in PJs eating chocolates and watching movies that make cry sort of day. I hate valentines day
    I hate valentines day
  • Rocko 2012/02/10 05:13:47
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    absolutely nothing
  • LoveBug 2012/02/10 04:21:58
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    Or whatever gets made. I'm not going anywhere... or eating with anyone special.
  • Nessa 2012/02/10 02:23:54
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    i just broke up w my boyfriend about a week ago so yeah..ill probably go hang out at the mall and nearby park w my sisters that day. im feelin it, good plan!!! XD
  • Berry Nessa 2012/02/10 03:06:46
    Why did u break up with him
  • Nessa Berry 2012/02/10 09:01:26
    he was too negative and ignorant :/ so i told him we should just be friends. oh well i tried to understand him but sometimes things dont work out. i dont regret the decision ^^
  • Berry Nessa 2012/02/11 20:02:17
    Oh i hope u dont mind me asking but what grade are u in?
  • Nessa Berry 2012/02/12 05:12:03
    i dont. college freshman, u?
  • Berry Nessa 2012/02/12 06:30:45
  • Berry Nessa 2012/03/27 00:26:43
    oh im in highschool in 10th grade
  • Sarah Alexander 2012/02/10 02:00:10
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    Sarah Alexander
    I'm more of an other. I'm doing whatever and probably working Xb I have training all day so I'll have to catchup on work so whatever happens haha
  • Nat™ 2012/02/10 01:01:16
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    I was going out to eat, since my "boyfriend" said he was taking me but guess what? He dumped me today. Oh, well. Single is the way to be on Valentine's.
  • ILovePotter 2012/02/10 00:47:42
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    Im eating pizza on forever alone day :3
  • Jennifer 2012/02/10 00:46:56
    Stay home and cook
    Just another day in paradise :O)
  • Lydecho Rain (Лидия) 2012/02/10 00:20:57
    Stay home and cook
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    I don't know. It's not as fun for people who are somewhat heartbroken
  • cupcake 2012/02/10 00:14:40
    Stay home and cook
    nice dinner, good wine followed by great sex
  • T-town 2012/02/09 23:50:14
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    or just do what most ppl do.. have sex
  • ♥Bribri♥ ~Killjoy!~ IchLieb... 2012/02/09 23:44:24 (edited)
    Go out to an expensive restaurant
    ♥Bribri♥ ~Killjoy!~ IchLiebeDichCody(: {08.13.09}
    Expensive? Probably not. But a restaurant? Hopefully. My boyfriend better take me out...I just bought some really cute heals...
  • The polite zombie 2012/02/09 20:40:26
    Stay home and cook
    The polite zombie
    My lover is WAY to good a cook.
  • Ghostie Of the Night 2012/02/09 20:37:31
    Eat whatever's in the fridge
    Ghostie Of the Night
    Actually nothing. Just wishing Freddie Highmore a happy birthday. :)
    Anyone else knows who the heck I'm talking about???

    freddie highmore cute

    Charlie Bucket, Jared Grace, Arthur Bigantoll? Yeah... ;D
  • Aspect ... Ghostie... 2012/02/09 21:54:11
    Aspect of B
    He was born on Valentine's Day? :O
  • Ghostie... Aspect ... 2012/02/10 12:28:27
    Ghostie Of the Night
    Yeah! He's going 20 this year! :D
  • Aspect ... Ghostie... 2012/02/11 06:40:13
    Aspect of B
    So that pic is a little out of date. ._.
  • Ghostie... Aspect ... 2012/02/11 08:47:41 (edited)
    Ghostie Of the Night
    yeah I know :)
    this is a recent one in 2011. It's a still from a movie. :P

    freddie highmore the art of getting by still

    He hasn't changed much at all.
  • Aspect ... Ghostie... 2012/02/11 16:11:40 (edited)
    Aspect of B
    You're right. :o
  • Ghostie... Aspect ... 2012/02/11 23:46:00
    Ghostie Of the Night
    Yeah... :3
    From this...

    freddie highmore gif

    To this...

    freddie highmore gif

    I always love his acting skills btw, he's totally on the top 5 child actors! (i mean was). Everyone knows him, but not his name. :P

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