What Are You Giving Your Significant Other for Valentine’s Day?

ABC News U.S. 2013/02/13 21:00:00
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Cards, candy, flowers and dining out -- all of these are synonymous with Valentine's Day. The average annual spending on gifts for this once-liturgical celebration is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and if you believe the data, roughly 30 percent of those dollars will be spent online.

Still, the convenience of online and mobile shopping doesn't stop many of us from putting off making dinner reservations or finding a gift for someone to celebrate the once-a-year romantic ritual. So, with only a day left before the holiday, we compiled a short list of apps to help the Valentine's Day procrastinator in all of us.

celebrate once-a-year romantic ritual holiday compiled list apps valentines procrastinator

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  • Al in St. Lou 2013/02/18 21:27:06
    Something else
    Al in St. Lou
    A three-night trip to Chicago and a pearl necklace.
  • Livvy 2013/02/17 18:22:11
    Something else
  • SlaveWaterNymph 2013/02/16 18:51:58
    Something else
    a clean home, and kneeling when He got home. :)
  • BrianPaul4 2013/02/16 18:00:08
    Something else
    A kiss
  • Dave 007 2013/02/16 16:15:42
    Something else
    Dave 007
    Our dog died that day...Not a good day.
  • dlsofsetx 2013/02/15 20:47:15
    Something else
    Nothing.I have no significant other.
  • Leona Hill 2013/02/15 18:13:49
    Something else
    Leona Hill
    I don't have a significant other.
  • Zepland 2013/02/15 18:04:39
    Something else
    I gave my husband a plant with for his office. A little love note attached.
  • nicki marie 2013/02/15 17:39:26
    Something else
    nicki marie
    Heheheheheh ;) Something for the bedroom ;)
  • David 2013/02/15 17:21:20
    Something else
    An invisible box of chocolates. To my invisible Valentine. I bought it with my invisible money at an invisible store.
  • SUPREME COSMIC POWER, (SCOPO) 2013/02/15 16:21:24
    You can't fail with chocolates and love, too! LOL!
  • Bob 2013/02/15 14:50:31
    Something else
    Dog food. My mutts are my only family for now. :-)
  • Mike 2013/02/15 13:37:45
    Something else
    ME!...I was her's the entire day....it was awesome! ........Isn't sad that we have to say SO instead of Wife or Girlfriend.....So Stupid if you ask me....just sayin,.
  • BAMCIS Mike 2013/02/15 14:56:01
    it is stupid, since only men and lesbians come on this site we should all just say wife/girlfriend
  • David (oYo) 2013/02/15 12:03:16
  • Carlo 2013/02/15 11:26:50 (edited)
    Something else
    You seen the cost of flowers in this economy? jk The new rule is dont give them for Valentines, save a few bucks and give them just because any time before. They apparently got together and thought this was the better thought. Scratch the candy as well, that's just an invitation to get "am I fat" questions. A teddy is nice too, or the stuffed one. lol
    Just dont forget the card and never give a ring unless you are proposing. Step it up a notch with the dinner and make reservations well in advance. Always make love to her like you did when you first met, every Valentines without fail. Thats the way you did, when you were better than you are now, gentlemen.
  • Elmo~WAWU~Bn-2~ 2013/02/15 09:10:57
    A gift
    My best friend and I were each others valentines this year. I gave her a teddy, a picture and a special-made cupcake :)
  • Moodybloo70 2013/02/15 08:07:38
    Each year it changes...this year chocolates.
  • Tasinahri 2013/02/15 04:02:59 (edited)
    Something else
    The answer is "None of the Above" simply because I do not HAVE a significant other.
  • Witkh13 2013/02/15 03:27:57
    AND something else.
  • macy 2013/02/15 02:58:48
    Something else
    Valentines Day is too commercialized. I'm single, anyway. But I got my SAT scores for Valentine's Day...
  • Claybern 2013/02/15 01:41:36
    Something else
    I will give my wife a kiss and a hug and tell her I love her with all my heart. And say happy Valentines Day.
  • solly :) 2013/02/15 01:22:55
    Something else
    solly :)
    i didn't get anything .. cuz i don't have any date ..
  • bill.fleming.77 2013/02/15 00:08:55
    Something else
    For my 6 years old daughter. I got her a box of chocolate covered fresh Strawberries. I am hoping she shares with Dad. :-)
  • 1philb 2013/02/14 23:38:28
    Something else
    A geat meal, fine wine, live entertainment and dancing. A memorable event lives in your memory forever or at least until you get Alzheimer's , flower and chocolates are soon gone and forgotten.
  • Casey 2013/02/14 22:40:47
    Something else
    A phone call
  • stevie.luplow 2013/02/14 21:51:17
    Something else
    We gave each other cards. That's about the most we do for each other
  • BigD_U.S.M."HD"Vet. 2013/02/14 21:32:04
    Something else
    I am without a "Significant-Other" Woman @ this juncture...
  • Tennessee3501 2013/02/14 21:13:27
    Something else
    A romantic candlelight dinner at Burger King! LOL !
  • blackrings70 2013/02/14 21:07:36
    Something else
    I got mine a watch and I got a dozen roses and a cameraL:D!!!!
  • RachelA7X 2013/02/14 20:51:23
    Something else
    I made him red heart biscuits and made him a card. I also bought him a latte at school XD
  • polock 2013/02/14 20:43:32
    Something else
    A card and her choice of dinner out., that all we can afford. but I love Her just the same.
  • Cal 2013/02/14 20:33:29
    Something else
  • The Tre... Cal 2013/02/14 22:51:00
    The Tree of Life
    Precisely my thought! :)
  • Concerned Citizen 2013/02/14 19:26:36
    Something else
    Concerned Citizen
    She was happy receiving this most practical gift!

    ruger 38  laserguard
  • blackri... Concern... 2013/02/14 21:10:07
    SA -SWEET!!!! .380? I want a Sig .380, but $$$$:/
  • Concern... blackri... 2013/02/14 21:15:58
    Concerned Citizen
    Yup,....just the right size!
  • tomwebe... Concern... 2013/02/15 09:57:35
    That's more beautiful than roses and a box of Belgian chocolates.
    Remember: One to the head, two to the heart.
  • Concern... tomwebe... 2013/02/15 16:20:46
    Concerned Citizen
    Hopefully,.....none of that will ever be necessary.
  • tomwebe... Concern... 2013/02/15 16:24:41

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