What are top three things that can go wrong in a date?

Dan~R.W.A.C~C.F.M 2010/09/14 23:48:02
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  • viper1951 2010/09/28 13:34:51
    one of you could show up that always been my problem
  • MONI 2010/09/26 15:12:55
  • Jill 2010/09/20 22:53:22
    Bad breath
    bad attitude
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/09/15 21:09:10
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Having a blind date. You never know what you'll get. I've been fixed up by friends with girls at times with whom I've had nothing whatever in common except (and I'm making an assumption here) that we were both human. Someone who is rude and someone who spends the whole time talking about themselves.
  • chrissy 2010/09/15 14:26:56
  • greg9356 2010/09/15 04:45:09
    1. You meet her husband/boyfriend. (ouch)
    2. You thought it was just going to be a quiet little fart, but it was big and wet!
    3. She's got boy junk under her skirt!

    (been there, done that)!!!
  • Nonicknameunlessyouknowme 2010/09/15 02:46:12
    1. One of the daters drinks too much, to the point of vomiting and/or making a scene.
    2. Someone falls asleep during the date.
    3. Poor hygiene and bad manners.

    One date had a temporary cemented front tooth and once we went to a restaurant where he ordered chicken and another time we were eating pizza and his tooth kept falling out. It was hilarious to me, but he was mortified. It was funny when he pulled the tooth out of his slice of pizza. It was just laying there like one of the ingredients. I should have taken that as a sign of disaster to come but I married the bum, instead.
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2010/09/15 02:22:05
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    Uncomfortable silence
    Bad breath
    They call the next day after a really bad date.
  • Serenity>RWAC 2010/09/15 02:21:47
    They don't pick up the check or at the very least their half

    they chew with their mouth open

    They have an oozing zit on their face lmfao
  • Howdy:D 2010/09/15 02:04:27
    There are so many things! I'd be here all night.
  • Captain Sticky 2010/09/15 00:54:42
    Captain Sticky
    Arriving too quickly.
  • FencerCat 2010/09/15 00:22:42
    Well, these are hints to end the date. If the other person says it's been a bad day, run. I mean RUN. If you do something by accident that could be potentially harmful to you(fall off a curb, walk into a door, hit your head on something) and the other person laughs, RUN. And the real deal breaker for me (sorry if this offends others, I don't mean to and it's only my personal opinion) is if the other person starts complaining about his/her ex. Yes, I had all of these things happen to me. ON THE SAME DATE! I should have had a clue the thing was going to go south when he started out talking about how bad his day was, and then went on all through dinner about how terrible his ex wife was (until that point I didn't know he was divorced). At one point I got up to go to the restroom and bumped my head on a low-hanging tiffany lamp that hung over the table. He laughed and said he was glad it wasn't him that did that. I gave serious consideration to sneaking out the back door and calling my mom to give me a ride home.
  • LOTR_HP~RWAC~CFM 2010/09/15 00:03:25
  • Serenit... LOTR_HP... 2010/09/15 02:22:40
  • Joker~RWAC/CFM 2010/09/14 23:57:59 (edited)
  • Phillip 2010/09/14 23:52:14
    Absolute incompatibility, faux pax, and disasters like flat tires, car wrecks, and food in your lap.
  • Dan~R.W... Phillip 2010/09/14 23:53:21
    Lmao! That would turn anyone off.
  • $always and forever$ 2010/09/14 23:51:08
    $always and forever$
    you accedantally spit food on someone
    you spill your drink
    you have bad breath
  • Dan~R.W... $always... 2010/09/14 23:53:41
    Oh yeah thats bad.

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