What are some reasons your boyfriend wouldn't text you all day????? :/

Elaine~!*♥suicidalprep♥*!~ 2009/12/23 00:34:20
No job. No school.
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  • loren 2012/06/05 04:38:48
    so sence my boyfriend didnt text me all day thts really not a big deal right??

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  • hey it's Emily ;) 2014/03/29 14:48:00
    hey it's Emily ;)
    Probably death of a family member
  • kathy 2013/10/20 17:01:44
    My Boyfriend Has Been Ignorinq Me All Day Yesterday What Does It Mean? ;o
  • tyler 2013/07/14 01:39:42
    DNB that 3 reasons D for dead phone N for no time B for busy
  • breona tyler 2013/07/31 02:27:04
    My bf will text me back one time and when i will text him and he will not text me back and i call him to and he will not call me either
  • Maggie tyler 2013/10/06 03:07:37 (edited)
    Well my boyfriend has this thing where he's always playing a video game. And to me, its beginning to seem like his B for busy, is more important than me. I mean, for the past week, the most texts I've gotten in one day was maybe 3-5. And one time he actually met up with me, and said he would've responded to my good morning text, but he looked at it, thought that it was cute, and was too tired to respond.
  • Ayuana Maggie 2014/06/18 16:41:50
    I know what it feels I have a new before my first and he sometimes make me sad when I text him he says he busy when I text him twice he say sorry playing a video game I'm like so that's more important and I cry and get upset he haven't text me yet
  • Anetone Simanu 2013/04/14 12:47:49
    Anetone Simanu
    i love my partner so much but for me personally sometimes i text her frequently one day then i don't text at all the next day, because i don't want to seem too needy, the last thing i want is my partner to roll her eyes when she gets too many texts from me, i know it sounds stupid but i try to balance it out. Men can be controlling or paranoid, so i sometimes wait for a text, if not, its all good, cos it makes it more special when u meet up the next time you see each other
  • joy Anetone... 2013/06/28 14:32:33
    Maybe he doesn't like texting people
  • deonna.harris.77 2013/03/07 18:02:35
    Because he dont wont to talk to me im guessin
  • joy deonna.... 2013/06/28 14:39:10
  • breanna 2012/06/05 19:03:16
    Sometimes we gotta understand jus cause our partner may not text us all day 24/7 doesnt mean they dont love us r cheating we gotta realize they have a life n other things goin on thru out the day n need to let them breath and give our partner time to miss us n not push them away by constantly wanting to talk.
  • Felicia breanna 2012/07/12 23:37:40
    This helped me a lot........this is my first real relationship and i wasn't sure if i had did anything wrong ...
  • brianna breanna 2012/12/28 16:12:17
    What if he hasent talked to you for 3 days...
  • Susana brianna 2013/02/28 21:51:13
    That's Happened To Me:/ My Boyfriend Would Always Txt Me During School And Now He Doesn't Even Send One Text..
  • joy Susana 2013/10/18 20:57:07
    I know right
  • joy brianna 2013/06/28 14:42:08
    Because he hates texting people because it wastes his time so he doesn't like to text people
  • koka brianna 2013/07/22 02:56:59
    depending on your age, he could have been grounded with no phone/ comp. he could have lost his phone. it could have broke. numerous things. just keep open mind. its not always bad.
  • deonna.... breanna 2013/03/07 18:01:53
  • jona breanna 2014/12/20 14:05:04 (edited)
    But I'm scared if he's mad at me. I don't know if I did something wrong. We haven't been through a fight yet. He does a have a really bad cold like me I'm just scared. Can someone text me back. We go to the same school and now we're on our Christmas break for 2 weeks so I'm really scared
  • loren 2012/06/05 04:38:48
    so sence my boyfriend didnt text me all day thts really not a big deal right??
  • Maggie loren 2013/10/06 03:11:41
    The same thing just happened to me. I mean, I've met his parents and they know that were dating. So he goes to an airshow today that I was supposed to go with him to, but he said his dad invited two friends to go, and there wouldn't be enough room in the car. Then he didn't text me all day.
  • RacheallRenaissance<33 2010/01/04 20:09:18
    Phone got taken by the teacher xD
    cause of me
    hes a jerk and is now an ex :]
  • Heptarch 2009/12/24 13:23:08
    Maybe I'm not really getting the question...

    Why WOULD he be texting you all day?
  • Elaine~... Heptarch 2009/12/24 15:34:55
    No I mean like not one message all day...
  • Heptarch Elaine~... 2009/12/24 16:11:23
    Ah, I see.

    Well, ask him.
  • koka Elaine~... 2013/07/22 03:01:07
  • joy Heptarch 2013/06/28 14:34:49
    Because he is your boyfriend
  • Heptarch joy 2013/06/29 01:03:19
  • joy Heptarch 2013/10/18 20:54:35
    Because he's your boyfriend
  • PrettyJude 2009/12/23 20:38:07
    sleeping. busy with family affairs. doesn't want to.
  • Munster 2009/12/23 06:10:14
    Sometimes guys just forget about that or maybe he slept in late and didn't want to do it just as he was getting up. Maybe the battery died or maybe he just wants some time to himself. Perhaps, he's having one of those days and doesn't want to talk to anyone. Could be hanging with friends and lost track of time. Ya' know, the usual.
  • Atticus... Munster 2009/12/23 15:27:56
    Atticus Finch
    She knows this for a fact cuz i used to do it to her all the time before we lived together lol.
    cuz lived lol
  • Munster Atticus... 2009/12/23 23:46:23
    So true :D
  • nah 2009/12/23 03:51:49
    Sometimes they have lives and they just don't want to talk all the time. I wouldn't want to talk to my boyfriend all day, especially not through text. Texts get boring. I dunno, it's not that big of a deal really. :)
  • Kristy 2009/12/23 02:18:36
    Visiting family. Went to Mexico & couldn't text, or else he's be charged extra [I live near the border. It's a legit reason for me as long as he can prove he was there]. Couldn't get reception. Busy doing something important.

    If you're boyfriend hasn't texted you all day, it's nothing to be scared about. There's a million reasons he didn't text or text back.
  • Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    Well if he doesn't have a job how is he affording the cell phone bill? Maybe they turned it off?
  • ObsesseDxx Lady Ju... 2009/12/23 01:32:21
  • MonkeyOnMyBackIsTheLastestT... 2009/12/23 01:03:49 (edited)
    guys need breathing space sometimes they dnt like being on the phone* 24/7 like girls do
  • james s... MonkeyO... 2009/12/23 01:13:30
    james shaken not stirred
    Good answer.
  • ©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2009/12/23 01:03:40

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