What are 3 things that piss you off about other drivers?

GoDucks5 2012/03/10 22:03:32
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  • PumpkinMuncher 2012/03/10 23:54:07
    Only 3? I could write a book on things I hate about drivers.
    1. Tailgaters that tailgate for no reason
    2. People that go under the speedlimit
    3. OLD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
  • Lorelei Lee 2012/03/10 23:54:07
    Lorelei Lee
    1. Texting or talking on the phone.
    2. Little dogs on their lap while driving.
    3. People that just can't drive.
  • Cat Gaurdian 2012/03/10 23:54:05
    Cat Gaurdian
    Talking on their cell phone
    Driving slow
    Not watching what they are doing
  • jimbo999 2012/03/10 23:52:52
    1 - they exsist
    2 - they're all around
    3 - they won't leave me the hell alone
  • Junichi 2012/03/10 23:50:42
    just driving way under the speed limit like 10-15 minutes and tailgating with bright on
  • Billy the kid 2012/03/10 23:50:23
    Billy the kid
    Bad manners. Bad manners and -er... bad manners.
  • Jack's Pearl 2012/03/10 23:47:45
    Jack's Pearl
    Um, cell phones, cell phones and cell phones! I don't want to die because someone can't wait to make a stupid phone call! LAME!
  • Tim 2012/03/10 23:10:00
    People who don't think to consider what effect their actions might have on following traffic - like those who dawdle through traffic lights, causing others to miss the phase. They show a total lack of consideration for other road users.
  • Brian ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮ 2012/03/10 22:57:14
    Brian ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    1. People who drive slowly in the left (fast) lane.
    2. People who drive under the speed limit.
    3. People who slow down or stop when there's no need to.
  • Mz Understood 2012/03/10 22:41:31
    Mz Understood
    Not paying attention to driving (i.e. texting, talking on the phone, applying make-up, shaving, reading, and the other various crap I've seen them doing.)
    People who come flying out of a side street/parking lot right in front of you only to drive 10+ miles under the speed limit. (Why the hell were you in such a hurry to get in front of me?!?!)
    People who drive the speed limit or under in the passing lane. UGH!!! MOVE YOU AZZ BACK OVER!!!
  • VERYwiseguy 2012/03/10 22:27:59
    Just 3? Texting,talking on cell and not looking in their rear view mirror being aware of what they're doing to others behind them.
  • ghostrider 2012/03/10 22:26:47
    Only one thing really ... that they, too, are on the road/street (LOL LOL LOL)
  • *!H3LLOKITTY!* 2012/03/10 22:17:32
    Stopping When Theres Is Nothing To Stop For.
    Someone Turning Left An No One In Front Of You Is Passin So You Go Ahead Of Them Then Someone Decides To Pass Right In Front Of You
    Running A Red Light When Obviously Theres Someone Going Past A Green Light
  • Jack the Dude 2012/03/10 22:14:41
  • GoDucks5 Jack th... 2012/03/10 22:18:27
    Bicyclists think they own the road.
  • Jack th... GoDucks5 2012/03/10 22:19:02
    Jack the Dude
    They just think no one will hit them. O.o . Lol.
  • jacktown kid 2012/03/10 22:10:50
    jacktown kid
    no turn signal not dimming the lights and flipping u off
  • Chase Martin 2012/03/10 22:10:35
    Chase Martin
    1.driving slow in the fast lane then refusing to get over so i can pass.
    2.not using turn signal
  • mr echo 2012/03/10 22:10:16
    mr echo
    slow driving ,slow reactions to the lights ,selfish parking
  • Marine 2012/03/10 22:10:08
    1. When they drive just under the maximum speed but you can't overtake them.
    2. When they don't use their blinkers.
    3. When the car behind you stays really close but never overtakes you.
  • Chase M... Marine 2012/03/10 22:11:10
    Chase Martin
    hahaha, this is weird...mine is the same order as yours!
  • beachbum 2012/03/10 22:10:04
    Not sure I can name only 3 things..............

    Pulling out in front of me when there is absolutely no one behind me

    Going slow in the inside lane

    Riding my bumper
  • Tori Childers 2012/03/10 22:09:37
    Tori Childers
    Music that's so loud I can hear it when my windows are up, those who drive too slow, and get in front of me without signaling.
  • Mark 2012/03/10 22:09:15
    1) Poor lane discipline
    2) Phoning/texting whilst driving (especially when there's a passenger doing nothing)
    3) Noisy music/exhausts
  • Sam DePecan 2012/03/10 22:06:44
    Sam DePecan
    The Illegal Aliens . . . They don't understand the right-of-way laws in the United States . . . In California, in particular, they do kill a lot of pedestrians and they do cause a lot of Tax-Free; All-Free; No Questions Asked, automobile crashes.
  • spiderpanda 2012/03/10 22:06:21
    music blasting from the speakers (only if its rap or hiphop. if its rock i dont care :D), slow drivers...thanks to the elderly, and people who cannot pay attention to anyone else.
  • Twinkle 2012/03/10 22:06:15
    I cant drive I have to be 18 or older where I live to drive. :/
  • SavingPeopleHuntingThings 2012/03/10 22:06:08
    when they smoking(like my grand dad)
    if they r drunk(that never happended to mee!!fewww)
    and when they r driving fast
  • VERYwis... SavingP... 2012/03/10 22:29:14 (edited)
    Smoking? You mean in a car when you're a passenger getting a ride.Well it's a tradeoff if you don't have another option for a ride.
  • SavingP... VERYwis... 2012/03/10 22:32:54
    my grenddad smoks before i get in the car so it smells aufull
  • VERYwis... SavingP... 2012/03/10 22:40:29
    smoke air freshener Merry Christmas Grandad. lol
  • SavingP... VERYwis... 2012/03/10 22:43:25
    uuuummmmmm.....merry christmas?? really?
  • VERYwis... SavingP... 2012/03/10 22:44:14
    With whatever he smokes.
  • SavingP... VERYwis... 2012/03/10 22:45:08
  • Zammo 2012/03/10 22:05:36
    That they have a car, that they're on the road, and that they exist.
  • VERYwis... Zammo 2012/03/10 22:36:53
    Sounds like my girlfriend.lol She always says there's too many people on the road! I say we're one of them.Since we moved from Jersey 20 yrs. ago the population has boomed and many roads are only.2 lanes in Jersey 4 or more with passing zones we have to adjust a 15 min. window driving because of who might be in front of us.School buses stop every 100 ft. in front of homes.WHY can't these kids walk and meet in one place like we did? It makes no sense because they sit in their parents car or neighbors anyway.

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