What About Adult Children That Turn Their Backs On The Only Parent Who Provided For Them?

Bald N Beautiful 2010/04/30 02:20:40
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  • tooner259 2010/04/30 03:20:50 (edited)
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    I raised my daughter myself,and now she`s turned her back on me.BTW,she`s 31!
  • Bald N ... tooner259 2010/05/13 04:16:52
    Bald N Beautiful
    My abuse begin at the age of 2, I left my place of birth at the age of 20, but never did I turned my back on my Mother, in 2003 I returned to my place of birth and brought her back to the US to live with me, I lost my home, my employment just to care for her, she became very ill on 02/11/2009 I went everyday to the hospital to see her, she even abused me while she was in the hospital, and I refused to walk away from her, she never asked me to forgive her, but I did, I love my Mom, but not the way she treated me
    but I still stood by her. You stay strong and trust in God.
  • tooner259 Bald N ... 2010/05/13 04:22:22
    I will wait,till I die.
  • Bald N Beautiful 2010/04/30 02:24:54
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    Bald N Beautiful
    If a son or daughter has forgotten the heart aches and trials of being raised by a single parent, and then they forgot them not even a phone call of hello how are you, their friends and associates should know about these people. For if they can turn their backs on the one person who have raised them up to what they are and they turn their backs on that person they will do the same to you. Family is first and foremost, You never forget the bridge that carried you across.
  • Linda Bald N ... 2012/10/30 18:38:25

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