Were you ever spanked by a switch?

American eagle 2010/06/18 17:08:25
and were you told to go get your own?
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  • vidor 2010/06/18 21:22:59
    well, she was more of a Domme actually.
  • DillyD55 2010/06/18 21:09:14
    Yes, my father was strong on his discipline with a switch. We had a forsythia bush that provided the source. We had to go get him one when he wanted to discipline us. We tried leaving the leaves on or taking them off and it didn't seem to matter, it still hurt like the dickens. But, we never committed the same act again that got us into that trouble in the first place. I and my other siblings have grown up to be responsible adults with no childhood anger about being whipped, just a strong understanding of consequences of unbecoming behavior. Children now misbehave and are put in time out or have privileges taken away only to have them to be repeat offenders.

    strong understanding consequences unbecoming behavior children misbehave privileges repeat offenders
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2010/06/18 21:06:11
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Yes. A belt was the primary tool though. Got a paddling at school and a whipping when I got home. Yow!
  • Leah Torchma... 2010/06/18 21:09:12
    That's why I tried to stay out of trouble at school...lol..cuz I knew I'd get it at home too!
  • SA Leah 2010/06/19 16:14:12
    Me too! LOL I can count the times my dad spanked me on one hand, for the first 25 years of my life. I was spanked 5 times by the age of 25 years old. I didn't like getting in trouble. My mom just had "the look."
  • Leah SA 2010/06/19 16:21:04
    LOL...I know 'the look'...and I inherited, and perfected, it...after you lay the groundwork, most of the time that's all it takes :)
  • SA Leah 2010/06/19 16:26:37
    My adult children STILL cringe when I do that! I also inherited "the look...from my mom.That's all it took! haha
  • Leah SA 2010/06/19 16:36:13
    Mine too!
  • moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust" 2010/06/18 20:49:09
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    Oh, yea. Switches hurt like hell. Mama didn't whip me often, but when she did, she did it right. lol
  • Cymech Dragon 2010/06/18 20:48:26
    Cymech Dragon
    Yeah, when I was very young... parents learned early on it didn't really hurt me all that much long enough, so it became a belt. Eventually turned into physical fighting between my dad and me, but things got better over time.
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2010/06/18 20:47:07
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Just once and now I rarely ever talk back to authority.

    I was always pretty well-behaved with authority but at one point in time I had a real problem with it.
    That set me straight.
  • darlene 2010/06/18 20:39:20
    Absolutely, my mother picked a switch and peeled off the bark! Let's just say I'm fifty two and I've never broke any laws! lol absolutely mother picked switch peeled bark ive broke laws lol
  • memebev1 darlene 2010/06/18 23:21:35
    Boy they sure would make a believer out of you for sure huh??
  • darlene memebev1 2010/06/19 03:25:08
    Spare the rod and spoil the child! lol
  • Marie-Jacqueline 2010/06/18 20:32:00 (edited)
    I don't know the word switch.
    Reading the stories here I understand that it is an object of punishment. Something to hit you with.

    I was spanked by my parents but they never used an object to hit me with.

    Using an object isn't about punishment anymore; that is totally abusing the power parents have over their children.
  • Royal W... Marie-J... 2010/06/18 22:50:50
    Royal Warrior
    My parents used switches, as they felt that using their hands, made them abusive of the power of the hands of authority, which they felt should be reserved to reward or correct (as differentiated from punishing). I was never beaten, (i.e. punished to excess,) I rarely felt the switching after 5 or so minutes.
    But the sting of a switch was certainly an attention grabber, when I had 1)lied to any authority about my actions 2)stolen, even if from the cookie jar at home, 3)endangered anyones safety in a way I had been warned about.
    These three were about the only things that got switching. Other things got corner time (time out facing a corner, standing up, boring as all get out) pulling weeds (helped my mom and gave me somthing boringly productive to do) cleaning the mirrors and windows (again, as above) or some such.
    We regularly had assigned household chores, but those were reserved for Mom to do, or to assign as punishment.
    Switches are small, young limbs of a tree, shrub or bush, still lithe enough to bend and twist. They will sting like the dickens, leave a welt, but never cause internal damage. That last is why our G.P doc recommended them. He said that any paddle or even the human hand of an adult, could cause internal damage to small children (and even when school-aged I was extremely small, I weighed 42 pounds entering 4th grade) but that a switch NEVER would, when applied to the butt. And the butt was the only place our parents EVER hit us.
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2010/06/18 20:30:29
  • Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥ 2010/06/18 20:30:12
    Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥
    Nope ..not the girls..but my brothers had the belt>>>
  • 00P 2010/06/18 20:27:49
    No my Dad always used his belt!
    believe it or not I'm drinking a Merlot tonight...it is very good.
  • Donnie 00P 2010/06/18 20:45:45
    That's not fair, here's an extra bottle to help you be happy. fair extra bottle happy
  • ♥♥Hearts♥♥Of♥♥Hearts♥♥ 2010/06/18 20:25:35 (edited)
    Yep and by belts... and a paddled once..O.o I hated it ....Now that I'm older I've finally outgrown all of those :D *clap clap*

    Sadly only to be replaced with her stinging hand across my face.... *sigh*
  • andy 2010/06/18 20:20:31
    yeah and the tree of choice was willow man did they hurt.
  • jacose 2010/06/18 20:19:22
    no, i was grounded most of my childhood...as far as spanking, my dad preferred to use fists
  • BoredCollieDogRIPmissDyouRm... 2010/06/18 19:52:21
  • Scarlett48 2010/06/18 19:50:08
    Oh yes many times. My mama would always say go bring me a hickory and if you get a small one I will go get it and you will wish you had got the one I told you. She would take all the leaves off except for on the end. But it was called a hickory not a switch. That was my mamas weapon of choice. LOL!!!! Always made me dance a jig. I know a lot of people do not believe in spanking but I also made my daughter go get her on hickorys also. I could always tell out of her friends the ones that got spanked and the ones that got time out. Time out is a joke.
  • fisherman 2010/06/18 19:45:52
    just once...my pappy got so pissed at me he told me to go out and find a switch so he could beat my ass . i told him to go to hell , which only enraged him further . he told my brother to get a switch and the little sonmabitch brings back something that looked like a giant redwood . i said screw this and ran out the front door and didnt come back for a week .my feet just wont stand there and let my ass get hurt .
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2010/06/18 19:40:56
    My grandmother required us to pick our own switch, which should be still green so it wouldn't break. Hmmm!! memories, thanks Grandma for caring enough to instill religion and discipline into my life.
  • Nimara 2010/06/18 19:35:37
    I was never spanked...and you don't have to believe me, I don't care.
  • Royal W... Nimara 2010/06/18 22:54:31
    Royal Warrior
    Lots of people that way. Some it works well on, others (and I am one of these) are stubborn enough, that a physical punishment is NEEDED, or we become brats when young, and felons when adults. I had parents who understood that, and while I was never punished to excess, I WAS punished when I was asking for it by deliberate disobedience. THANK GOD for the parents I have.
  • Nimara Royal W... 2010/06/18 23:01:18
    Yeah, but I am not disobedient. I may talk back sometimes, but I am not out doing what other kids do.
  • Royal W... Nimara 2010/06/20 03:10:21
    Royal Warrior
    See? It works for you. Boy, not me. Different temperaments.
  • Nimara Royal W... 2010/06/20 22:06:51
  • ME 2010/06/18 19:29:41
    That was the worst part of it; getting it myself (and if it ain't good enough Mama would pick one).

  • Beck∞♥☮♫♫♫∞ 2010/06/18 19:26:33
    lol...i was and i had to go get it too..i swear my mother could make you walk or crawl up a wall with a spanking.
  • ME Beck∞♥☮... 2010/06/18 19:30:07
    lolol; the sheer thought of it sent me!
  • Beck∞♥☮... ME 2010/06/18 19:35:40
    lmao lol..
  • fisherman Beck∞♥☮... 2010/06/18 19:50:04
  • ME fisherman 2010/06/18 20:12:19
    ...and now, as a parent, I find myself saying the same thing (but haven't switched enough).
  • Beck∞♥☮... fisherman 2010/06/18 20:19:17
    lol thats soooo true! I remember one time i asked my mother after she had spanked me..."are you done" OMG wrong thing to say, i was about 15 and let me tell ya...she made sure she was done lol....every swat had a word attached to it. DO..YOU..THINK...IM ...DONE...I ..DONT...THINK...SO...
  • fisherman Beck∞♥☮... 2010/06/19 22:21:16
    i remember my mom getting barking mad at me and went after me with a stick..got me cornered and whacked me until the damn stick broke in half . the look on her face sent me into convulsve laughter...MISTAKE.. SO..YOU..THINK..I..AM..FUNNY.... LAUGH..THIS ..OFF ,as she finished the job with the unbroken part .

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