Were you ever spanked by a switch?

American eagle 2010/06/18 17:08:25
and were you told to go get your own?
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  • Tim 2015/01/26 14:32:13 (edited)
    Yes. I lived with my grandmother from 14 years old until I finished high school and she didn't hesitate to whip my rear end when necessary. She would make to go to my bedroom, drop my pants & undershorts, lay facedown on my bed and wait in that position until she came up to spank me. I was to be "mooning the ceiling" when she came into the room. I'd lay there for at least half an hour, if not longer. To me, that sucked just as much as the spanking itself! She would cut the switch herself so it was fresh and brand new to use on me, since I was forced to wait for my spankings.
  • Sheila 2012/06/27 00:57:49
    A couple times by my grandmother when I stayed with her. Used one on my two girls once when they wandered off from our camping site and I had nothing suitable with me.
  • chris 2011/05/31 15:42:41
    Ohh Yes!! By dad all the time!
  • Greio 2011/05/27 01:51:38
    Hell yes!
  • jgh57 2011/04/14 19:55:40
    Oh yeah. I'm from the South. The home of the darned switch trees.
  • AndrewMarkham 2011/02/06 21:13:40
    my mother never missed a chance to spank me. I am from the uk and the switch as such was an unknown quantity(thanfully) i got my bare bottom spanked with the hairbrush, house slipper and good old tomato cane, which my mother would fetch out of our greenhouse and whip the crap out of my bare backside. my ex got the yardstick from her canadian mother.so bad that she had to sleep face down. so it would seem that there are many variations on which implement to use, but i think that anyone over 40 who did not get spanked should consider themselves very lucky or perhaps exceptional.
  • Aмєℓia 2010/12/13 00:53:07
    My mom would make my brother go get the switch to beat me with. It sucked, because at least 90% of the time, i was getting spanked because i had hit my brother or something, so he would find the one that he knew would hurt the most. I definitley learned my lesson.
  • Trip 2010/09/14 19:49:20 (edited)
  • Trip Trip 2010/09/14 19:51:57
    I started out getting spanked with a thin paint stirring stick or wooden spoon. But when I was 7 I burned a hole in the living room rug. That's when she started using the hairbrush for spankings and continued it until around age 12.
  • Gradientsky 2010/06/25 00:03:25
    no but it is effective on younger siblings
  • The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA 2010/06/24 04:21:57
    The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA
    switch, tv cord, paddle, tennis racket, baseball bat, flashlight, back-scratcher, belt, curtain rod, pvc pipe, guitar, flagpole, pool net, bamboo pole, claymore sword, lead pipe, pointed stick, dead albatross, several cans of spam, rolled up newspaper (what made this really sting was that it was the liberal rag "The L A Times"!!), and bare hand! If I missed anything, it was probably due to selective memory loss, sorry! sting liberal rag times bare hand missed selective memory loss sting liberal rag times bare hand missed selective memory loss
  • vicb626 2010/06/21 17:18:09
    I think my parents violated the Geneva Convention on several occasions, based on the different apparatus used to discipline me (I kid, I kid). But it was a great deterrent seeing that I rarely ended up on their bad side.
  • Laugh Lines = L. L. L. 2010/06/20 21:41:18
    Laugh Lines = L. L. L.
    Yes I have not forgotten how it would sting.
  • RedCloud 2010/06/20 01:38:40
    when i was little my parents would do that as a punishment so me and my brother didn't like to fight bcz we knew that ment THE SWITCH!!
  • VerlinU.ChuckGilliam 2010/06/19 22:23:54
    Almost daily, but I would call it a branch, not a switch!
  • lzypplsuk 2010/06/19 21:57:53
    yes but not by a parent!! LOL .....it was hot ;)
  • Erica 2010/06/19 21:05:09
    No, but my mom threatened me with it.. she told me to go get my own switch just in case.. I tried to then she yelled at me for going outside! What the hell mom!?
  • christine95~sumgirl 2010/06/19 19:33:00
    never gotten hit by parents only class"mates"
  • Pele Emerging 2010/06/19 17:57:32
    Pele Emerging
    Nope. Dad used his hand, which was more than enough. Mom took one of those paddles--the kind that have the little rubber ball attached by a long rubber band. When the band had broken so many times, the thing could not longer be fixed, she took it, made a horrible face on it, and called if GEORGE. George was not a popular thing in our family, but I didn't have as close an acquaintance with him as my brother and sister.
  • Lofasz 2010/06/19 17:12:05
    Nope. Belts and wooden spoons were what I got beat with. nope belts wooden spoons beat
  • jc 2010/06/19 17:08:35
    Never with a switch.Only once when I was around 10 my pops removed his leather belt and beat me.He had a good reason(I had thrown snow balls with rocks in them at traffic).
  • mythofbrokenhome 2010/06/19 16:44:31
    This is hilarious because I speak about it in release of my new book, "The Myth of the Broken Home". I will never forget the day my mother told me to walk in the backyard and find me a switch. She says she doesn't recall but I even remember the tree.

    April Gabrielle mother told walk backyard switch recall remember tree april gabrielle
  • JCD aka "biz" 2010/06/19 15:58:45
    JCD aka "biz"
    There are lots of sadistic parents. Don't forget to laugh at them when they are old and sick, and need your help.
  • melissa 2010/06/19 15:44:36
    When I was a little,and I did something wrong without warning man my mom let me have it with a switch and a belt. I learned my lesson because I know if I did something that I'm NOT suppose to do my mom will give it to me. I can SAY spanking did me some good because if my mom did not spanked me when I did something WRONG I
    would not know RIGHT from WRONG because she did I'M now the women that I am today.
  • Mindlesspartyhack 2010/06/19 15:13:53
    Yes on both counts
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2010/06/19 14:33:39
    Bob, the reasonable one
    Nope, it was a wide brown belt!!! and it only happened once....I learned quickly...my older brothers obviously were a bit slower on the intake of the lesson provided...heh,heh....
  • Pele Em... Bob, th... 2010/06/19 17:54:46
    Pele Emerging
    The advantage of being the youngest child is that you can learn from your siblings mistakes. (hehehe).
  • julie 2010/06/19 14:06:17
    Yes I was spanked by a switch and I had to get my own. If it wasn't green enough I had to get another one. My mom always made sure to aim for my bare skin.
  • kato 2010/06/19 14:00:03
    i was never spanked, i was beaten, i was abused , i was hanged upside down from the garage ceiling for 30 minutes at a time or untill i passed out, tied to a pole and hit with a wip made out of car tire, i was tied to a tree and fed like a dog. one day i was hit with a wip so many times i didnt sleep all night from the pain and bruses the whip left me. my mother used to lock me in a room with a lock from the outside and leave me there for days. this didnt stop til i was 11 years old when i ran away from home and sheltered myself with my grandmother.
  • JCD aka... kato 2010/06/19 16:00:05
    JCD aka "biz"
    These monsters should have been locked up in jail for life.
  • kato JCD aka... 2010/06/19 20:55:35
    you know what is so crazy that i have alot of family and not one single person stood up for a child, i dont know if it was because they were scare as well or what but i remember them just watching as i was beaten worse than someone beats an animal. im 30 years old now and i have a 2 year old son who as you can imagine its and energizer bunny but i can never even think about spanking em. when he gets into trouble all i can honestly do is try to explain to em with words that he did something bad. but spanking em or hit em as i was hit, NEVERRRRR!!
  • The Bir... kato 2010/06/24 04:30:18
    The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA
    were your parents heavy drinkers, or drug users, or from a family on a farm or something weird happen to them? the level of abuse is an indicator of something very deeply rooted in your families past. sorry it happened to you, but good for you for not continuing the legacy. do you even still have contact with your family??
  • kato The Bir... 2010/06/24 20:47:34
    no, none of of parents drinked or use drugs but they are farm people from a small town, old customs, married at avery young age you know. i dont know if they went thru anything as bad as they did to me because they never talked about it so i dont know. but it is sad that if you went thru anything as bad that you would wanna give that to your kids you know. i lost contact with all of my family after i ran away at 11 years old, up until 2008 they finally found me and tried to get in touch with me and i think they did that because they heard that i had a family and a son. so i talk to them every now and then but honestly i was left with such deep scars on the inside that when i see them its like im talking to strangers you know. with time i been able to use those bad memories to make a better man of myself, i finish school, went to college, run succeessful business and i have a beautiful family now. they have asked me for forgiveness but honestly only god can forgive them for what they did to a child. i see my child play and be a kid and as naughty as he maybe i dont dare to put my hands on em, dont get me wrong im not saying i wont punish em for being naughty hahaha! but i use other methods as sitting em down and talk, taking his toys away of the tv rather than beat em up like a creature you know.
  • The Bir... kato 2010/06/25 15:23:41
    The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA
    The farm thing kind of figured, lots of stories , maybe not as severe as yours come from the farm scenario. But congrats to you for being a good human and getting past your past, I'm sure your kids are! farm figured lots stories severe farm scenario congrats human kids
  • kato The Bir... 2010/06/25 16:34:57
    thank you!
  • Meryl 2010/06/19 13:55:33
    In my first and second year of school while having the misfortune of attending a catholic school. Nuns used a switch on my bum and I have never nor will I ever forget it and the wrath I feel towards them and the entire bunch.
  • toesdooletle 2010/06/19 13:50:31
    You can name it ,I was spanked by everything.
  • santa6642 2010/06/19 13:33:54
    yes and a cat o nine tail
  • Daniel 2010/06/19 12:42:09
    Switchs, boards belts, and wire across my foot. My mom was really made about the wire idea, because I couldn't walk for days.
  • Terri3GS..Allergic to Stupi... 2010/06/19 12:02:22
    Terri3GS..Allergic to Stupidity.
    Both...my grandmother kept us in line, LOL

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