WellPoint Wants Women With Breast Cancer to Die

Think that's hyperbole? Guess again. Reuters found that WellPoint, an insurance company with 33.7 million policyholders, runs a program that automatically detects women who've been recently diagnosed with breast cancer so that they can immediately cut off their coverage. The best part? Our so-called "health care reform" initiative would do nothing to prevent this, courtesy of aggressive lobbying from insurance companies. Here's hoping you don't ever get sick!

reform initiative prevent courtesy aggressive lobbying insurance companies hoping sick

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE63L2LS20100422

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  • lilwogboi 2010/04/23 12:22:35
    Instead of wanting those women to die, why don't they just help them cure Breast Cancer?! Jebeni pakao!

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  • nephthes 2010/05/02 21:24:54
    I currently work as a waitress and I simply can't afford good or even decent health insurance. Thankfully I never get sick often. Well I suppose even if I did, I probably wouldn't go to the doctor unless it got really bad. Here's to good health!
  • Gwish 2010/04/23 18:21:58
    Thats the most biased poll i've ever seen!
  • Willski 2010/04/23 18:00:16
    i doubt it's that they want them to die, just they want to save money.
  • Erica 2010/04/23 17:01:09
  • greg9356 Erica 2010/04/23 17:32:47
    Sorry, I hate to say this but, the U.S. health care system is motivated by profit, not compassion! Wanna live? PAY UP SUCKA!!!
  • Erica greg9356 2010/04/23 21:07:48
    and that seriously sucks! why waste all the time and money doing research if the sick people will have no access to it!?
  • greg9356 2010/04/23 16:33:56
    Can't happen in Canada!
  • isabella 2010/04/23 16:28:29
  • Gavrila 2010/04/23 15:56:31
    Wellpoint is a joke and will stay that way.
  • Hebertprime 2010/04/23 15:46:54
    Same thing would have happened in Canada...
    Isn't socialized medicine great?
    We're no better off and have less money now, Thanks Obama!
  • greg9356 Hebertp... 2010/04/23 16:45:01 (edited)
    No one in Canada is ever denied health care services.
    Doesn't matter what you've got, where you caught it, or when you caught it.
    Preexisting conditions only apply in "Workman's Compensation Claims". ie The Government won't pay you "lost time" wages if injury or illness is not work related.
    However, you're never denied treatment and you never have to pay out of pocket for your care.
  • Erica greg9356 2010/04/23 17:02:18
    so does this mean if i lived in Canada.. got pregnant.. and started going into labor, i wouldnt have to pay a medical bill? can you explain it for someone that has no idea.. please..
  • Hebertp... Erica 2010/04/23 17:14:42
    You'll pay for it with higher taxes.

    Buddy of mine went to Canada RV-ing with some friends.
    The licensing for the Canadian RV was around $1300 if I remember correctly, the same process in Texas costs around $200.

    Also I've been told that the $5 footlong from subway is $9 in Canada.
  • Erica Hebertp... 2010/04/23 17:24:59
  • Hebertp... Erica 2010/04/23 19:46:47
    Life sucks sometimes.
  • googling Hebertp... 2010/04/23 17:44:42
    come on now, Subway offers 5 buck subs sometimes.:P
  • Hebertp... googling 2010/04/23 19:48:09
    Oh no, the subs are $5, it just comes out to $9 after taxes.
    But come on, a $4 tax on a $5 item is reasonable, right?
  • greg9356 Hebertp... 2010/04/23 21:21:49
    You'll never loose your life savings, your home, your children's college fund,
    or any other asset, because of medical bills in Canada. You will never be refused treatment based on your ability to pay
    Sure the taxes are somewhat higher here, but I don't have to watch a loved one die because I can't come up with the money.
    I'll gladly pay the taxes.
    Another reason our taxes are higher is because we only have a population of about 35 million. I'm not certain, but I think the population of the U.S. is around 350 million. A slightly larger tax base. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Hebertp... greg9356 2010/04/26 02:55:04
    I have not had any of the aforementioned issues here.
    And with taxes that high, I am surprised Canada has that high a population.
  • LittleM... greg9356 2010/04/26 16:41:25
    Nope, because you wait so long for care, you'll be dead. That's why so many Canadians come to the US for care.

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