Wearing a Turban as a Fashion Statement: Fashion Do or Don't?

Fergie 2012/09/11 18:00:00
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Various styles of turbans are worn all over the world and they are usually worn for religious reasons. In the 60s and 70s however, celebrities like Joan Crawford, Faye Dunaway and Elizabeth Taylor made it glamorous to wear a turban, much to the dismay of some religious groups.

Since then, they haven't been as trendy, which is why fashion bloggers were surprised to see Eva Mendes wearing one at the premiere for The Place Beyond the Pines. I still think Ryan Gosling is her best accessory... but what do you think of her look? Is wearing a turban a fashion do... or don't?

Even though Eva Mendes had some of the best arm candy a girl could ever ask for at the premiere of The Place Beyond the Pines in Toronto, we can´t lose focus on the fact that the beautiful Latina actress is wearing a turban on her head.

eva mendes turban ryan gosling

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  • Julie 2013/02/23 19:39:30
    Fashion Do
    I think she is trying to just impress the camera becaz she is with the hottest male movie star in Hollywood. She just wants all the publicity and not give Ryan an inch of the camera fame......I do agree it is a very nice color and it goes well with the outfit. If i had a choice i would drop the head wrap though and let the hot celebrity get his moment into. Ryan you a gorgeous babe. What ever your GF does, it is not going to draw attention away....\\\
  • LittleMzFit 2012/10/01 01:03:54
    Fashion Don't
    Who needs another accessory when you have the Gos Man by your side?
  • TURTLE 2012/09/14 22:19:40
    Fashion Don't
    no way!!!!!
  • Nikki 2012/09/13 21:56:37
    Fashion Don't
    no miss eva.......no
  • darlenedoskas1969 2012/09/13 16:34:26
    Fashion Don't
    but then, I don't like hats either
  • srini 2012/09/13 16:23:51 (edited)
    Fashion Don't
    Unless you actually know how to tie the turban, and the significance of its colour!

    In the case of the Sikh (who do traditionally sport such), the meaning of the colour:
    (*) white -- ultra-religious
    (*) orange -- angry about something
    (*) any other colour except pink -- preference-only of wearer
    (*) pink -- colour-blind and/or utterly devoid of fashion-sense.

    (apt that the pic of Eva Mendes took place in Pigtown -- where bizarre is the norm)
  • Psycho-Is-Near-MMFWCL 2012/09/13 16:15:24
  • S123 2012/09/13 14:46:13
    Fashion Don't
    If it really is copying the religous ones.
  • Cn2012 2012/09/13 14:44:26
    Fashion Do
    I say yay! take the religious symbolism away from the turban and save the world! Lol.
  • Fashion Do
    ♥☆ ـــاطمةfēmàłėفـــــ☆♥
    mybe coz im amuslim...... so i see it beautiful
  • sean 2012/09/13 07:13:30
    Fashion Do
    very stylish, sexy and beautiful..on all women..i have also seen them on men..that makes them look handsome..and it helps them if their bald..looks better then a baseball cap with a suit on. turbans turbans
  • janewhite219 2012/09/13 03:13:28
  • Michelle 2012/09/13 02:35:00
    Fashion Don't
    They don't look too bad, in my opinion, and I wouldn't judge someone for wearing them... they just aren't really my kind of thing.
  • NeutronBomb 2012/09/12 23:15:43
    Fashion Don't
    I wouldnt call that a turban though in fairness
  • Michaela★ 2012/09/12 20:36:50
    Fashion Don't
    I mean I admit she is probably one of the few people who can maybe pull this off, hell, when I first saw the pic for a second I thought it was just her hair in some weird bun updo....
  • Monkey D. Luffy 2012/09/12 18:37:51
    Fashion Do
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Tried it once and it looked great :)
    It's nothing religious.
  • Sass 2012/09/12 16:34:55
    Fashion Don't
    It's always been UGLY girls!
  • jefferson.r.burton 2012/09/12 16:30:02
    Fashion Do
    She looks good in or out of anything!
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/09/12 16:23:29
    Fashion Don't
    I always thought the Turban on women made them look old. I'm 65 and should know
  • PokerFace 2012/09/12 16:09:54
    Fashion Do
    what? im just lost in ryan gosling's face, he's just wow :D
  • Bibliophilic 2012/09/12 15:19:15
    Fashion Don't
    Not for me, but some people can pull it off rather well.
  • Juan O'Mara 2012/09/12 14:30:10
    Fashion Do
    Juan O'Mara
    id rock a turban but id have a 100 rnd belt for my RPD tucked inside of it incase of zombies
  • Playerazzi 2012/09/12 13:51:42
    Fashion Do
    She looks cute in it.
  • georgia 2012/09/12 13:22:24
    Fashion Do
    I think its unique and eye-catching, I definitely would want to try those!
  • James 2012/09/12 13:15:51
  • Tunnel Vision 2012/09/12 12:31:15
    Fashion Do
    Tunnel Vision
    How else are we gonna cover up the fact that we did not feel like combing our hair?
  • Telly Samba 2012/09/12 11:36:05
    Fashion Do
    Telly Samba
    Or don't. Who cares? Not my head, not my business.
  • lurx: the soda jerk 2012/09/12 10:52:12
    Fashion Do
    lurx: the soda jerk
  • BoredCo... lurx: t... 2012/09/12 14:32:21
    Must be his laundry for the week.
  • Buoyant... lurx: t... 2012/09/12 15:18:53
    Buoyant Leadraft
    That is so revolting.
  • Buoyant... lurx: t... 2012/09/12 18:54:03
    Buoyant Leadraft
    He is fine just as long as he does not try to board a plane and want to come to the US and live.
    That thing looks like it should be patted down and sprayed with Lysol®.
  • lurx: t... Buoyant... 2012/09/12 19:02:24
    lurx: the soda jerk
    ...you do realize that he's not a Muslim?

  • Buoyant... lurx: t... 2012/09/12 19:34:57
    Buoyant Leadraft
    Yes, i realize they are not Muslim. Look what they did to Canada.
  • lurx: t... Buoyant... 2012/09/12 19:42:55
    lurx: the soda jerk

    ...the horror!!!
  • Buoyant... lurx: t... 2012/09/12 19:49:58 (edited)
    Buoyant Leadraft
    Disgusting! You know damn well that these filthy turbans people innocently wear are just crawling with bacteria and bugs!
    I weep for Canadians and their tolerance!
  • lurx: t... Buoyant... 2012/09/12 19:57:49 (edited)
    lurx: the soda jerk
    "I weep for Canadians and their tolerance!"

    weep canadians tolerance

    ...thank goodness that could never happen here.
  • Buoyant... lurx: t... 2012/09/12 20:00:47
    Buoyant Leadraft
    Sweet Jesus lurx! ...the moment i turn my back, this is the kinda crap that happens? *sigh*
  • Neutron... Buoyant... 2012/09/12 23:17:27
    I hope your trolling
  • Buoyant... Neutron... 2012/09/12 23:18:58
    Buoyant Leadraft
  • Neutron... Buoyant... 2012/09/12 23:19:43
    well its hard to tell on here

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