Wat 3 things would u take if ur house was on fire?

kiwi 2009/03/25 19:43:50
i would take my..........
me my parents and my sibblings
me pets cloths
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  • Heather 2009/03/25 21:09:07 (edited)
    None of the above
    I would TRY to get all my fav cloths my pets and my family oh and MONEY!!!!! and you know if it reaches my room go out the window! oh and another thing I would take would be all my food
  • Tex 2009/03/25 20:10:14
    me pets cloths
    My cat, clothes, and me. They're all pretty easy to grab.
  • KARI 2009/03/25 20:02:08
    i would take my..........
    u said things and not live things sooooo my babies food and clothes and diapers.
  • Eddie 2009/03/25 19:50:23
    i would take my..........
    My 2 cats and my snake.
  • Bored Stiff 2009/03/25 19:47:30
    i would take my..........
    Bored Stiff
    Baby, husband, birds!

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