Was Jesus Christ a white man?

Watchman Christen 2011/06/17 12:09:58
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I live
in the Philippines and when I travel through the city I see pictures all over the
place of a very handsome blond haired blue eyed pal white skinned Jesus Christ,
this deception literally blows my mind!
Because the bible describes Christ as a very ugly dark skinned, dark
eyed, dark woolly haired OT Jewish rabbi named Yehoshua/Yeshua=Joshua the
Messiah! Is Christendom worshiping another gospel of another Christ?

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  • <--That guy 2011/07/11 08:02:32
    <--That guy
    Since he was born in modern day Palestine, I highly doubt it.
  • Imani 2011/06/20 17:07:59
    He had to have had more of an olive skin tone.
  • Vision of Verve 2011/06/18 02:09:55
  • mrscas 2011/06/18 01:58:42
    It doesn't matter what Jesus looked like to me but he probably looked like the Jewish people of today.
  • mm 2011/06/17 18:36:16
    Jesus was semitic. From what I know, the presentation of Jesus as non-semitic comes down from early Christians using the representation of Apollo as a model. As with many Christian beliefs an icons, earlier religious beliefs were incorporated to make conversion to Christianity easier.
  • RoryCanadia 2011/06/17 18:24:52
  • Stacie 2011/06/17 14:41:13
    Jesus was Jewish, so his hair was brown or black and his skin was olive toned.
  • OneLastWord 2011/06/17 14:27:05
    He was a Jew! Back then the Jews had darker skin, “Mediterranean look". Jews migrated all over the world (If my history is correct) and spread Judaism in Western and Eastern Europe and mixed with other races, don’t have to have dark skin, big noses, and have a loud-mouthed mother to be Jewish. Only Hollywood needed to make him white to sell moves like The Ten Commandments. But, Charlton Hesston was a Jew.
  • Souheil 2011/06/17 14:24:13
    He has never blond hair.All the icons with blond hair are not true.He has a dark woolly hair.however His blood and death are the important.please visit my web www.souheilsamibayoud.com
  • gouki 2011/06/17 14:19:26
    for all i care he was Tye-dye with polka dots.

    it's what he did that counts.
  • T. Roll 2011/06/17 14:18:59
    T. Roll
    Given where he was born. ...most likely not. But it was a hard sell in Europe so they whitened him up to make him more palatable.
  • loversAddiction 2011/06/17 14:05:18
    thats funny cause im from america and ive never seen a blonde blue eyed version, but yes they were from the middle east by that time there could have been different appearences of different people in different areas, but he prolly looked like a typical middle eastern
    this is the most common version i have seen...
    people areas prolly looked typical middle eastern common version jesus
  • Watchma... loversA... 2011/06/17 14:30:17
    Watchman Christen
    perhaps but I believe that the Hebrews would have been a darker skinned people back then!!!

    And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. Revelation 1:15

    The texture of his hair was as wool
    hair of wool and skin of bronze. Who else has hair of wool? seriously? .

    texture hair wool hair wool skin bronze hair wool brass

    regular brass

    wool hair wool skin bronze hair wool regular brass burnt brass

    burnt brass

    what do you think?
  • loversA... Watchma... 2011/06/18 00:39:50
    maybe idk, but in revelation he would have already been in heaven so idk maybe he didnt look exactly like he did on earth, ill be honest ive not read revelation so idk where that verse is coming from exactly,
    but i believe that no matter what he looked or looks like, we will know him when we see him...
  • Watchma... loversA... 2011/06/18 01:18:04 (edited)
    Watchman Christen
    when he returns he will look like he did when he left so i do not think he changed in between do you? just a thought!!!
  • loversA... Watchma... 2011/06/18 14:00:01
    ehh yer prolly right on that one :)
  • METALheadMom 2011/06/17 13:58:29
    Never met the man, but if he lived where it is said he lived, yes, he would be middle eastern.
  • Watchma... METALhe... 2011/06/17 14:00:44
    Watchman Christen
    Yes and I pray you meet him in the very near future!!!
  • authorgirl 2011/06/17 13:29:21
    he wasn't white, guys. he was in the middle east, he couldn't have been. his whole family had been there sense....well, the beginning of time, really. i think people just paint him white...well, there could be a lot of different reasons as to why they do.
  • OMG.HELLO.IM.BRADYN 2011/06/17 13:13:55
    Question: Is there any extra-biblical evidence to account for the existence of such a historical figure?

    Josephus only mentions him in a passing comment, whilst going into much more detail about other supposed Jewish messiah's and messianic claims at the time.
  • Watchma... OMG.HEL... 2011/06/17 13:38:36
    Watchman Christen
    Extra-biblical references to Jesus and Christianity

    Extrabiblical Evidence of Jesus Christ

    This is just something quick I pulled up from the net but there is much more out there!

    Be blessed
  • sjalan 2011/06/17 13:09:35
    Jesus's human parents were BOTH from the Family of David. Both had the ethnic heritage of middle eastern Hebrew physical charteristics.

    It isn't that "Is Christendom worshiping another gospel of another Christ?" much more to the point "Is Chritendom worshiping the Christ at all???"

    Answer - In reality they are not at all.
  • Watchma... sjalan 2011/06/17 13:12:51 (edited)
    Watchman Christen
    Praise him my precious brother and thank you so so much for this undisputable truth!

    In Messiah
  • sjalan Watchma... 2011/06/17 13:15:00
    And by your answer you mean? I'm a little dense.
  • Watchma... sjalan 2011/06/17 21:57:34
    Watchman Christen
    "Is Chritendom worshiping the Christ at all???" No because Christendom is apostate!!!
  • Watchma... sjalan 2011/06/18 02:07:35
    Watchman Christen
    OK now you got me thinking!!! what actually do you mean by {"Is Chritendom worshiping the Christ at all???"}
  • sjalan Watchma... 2011/06/18 05:58:14
    Ok you want it brief? Christendom beliefs that the spirit creature come to Earth as a human Jesus and then becomes The Christ are all part of one triune god head. That is a false doctrine. As you said Christendom is indeed apostate.

    At all times in his time on Earth, Jesus as the Christ, stated very plainly NOT to worship him but to worship only his Father God. In the Bible Jesus's name as the Christ is one Greek word with a modifier. The only word used in the Bible for God's Name is the Tetragrammaton. Which in the King James version 1610 is Jehovah. (See Psalms 83:18) AT NO TIME did Jesus as the Christ claim he was equal to his Father nor part of his Father. He did state that He and his Father were one, but that refered to the goals of his ministry and his subjection to his Father. When refering to the beginning of the end of the system of things, he made it even clearer that he was not equal to his Father when he said "of that day no one knows -- only the Father" Logically if Jesus at anytime during his existance was equal to his Father or a part of a triune god head, he would also know that day.

    Really very simle. All a person has to do is read the Bible for the facts contained within it and it really shows how wacked out Christendom really is.
  • Watchma... sjalan 2011/06/18 07:16:03
    Watchman Christen
    Wow that's great because I believe the exact same thing Yeshua was not Yah our Elohim, he is our Elder! Brother, and the trinity is a false doctrine from hell which has deceived all of Christendom for the last 17 hundred years or so!

    please check out my question {Was Christ or the apostles Trinitarians?}

    I can't get anyone to touch this question with a 10 foot pole! maybe you can start it off!!!

  • Watchma... Watchma... 2011/06/18 16:26:03
    Watchman Christen
    Sorry now I understand!!! I meant to write indisputable truth!!! Wow I would have be a little dense also............
  • Flowers 2011/06/17 13:09:16
    Jesus christ is a made up savior by people who simply wanted to control the people. Hebrews were being conquered over and over by different more powerful entities and the leaders had to give the people something to hang on to. Yahweh (in original text that was the name for god) was a spiteful and vengeful power that treated it's worshipers like cattle or ants to be toyed with. I'm sorry but reading history that wasn't written by religious leaders shows a much more angry ruler then people try to portray. there probably was someone who did SOME things that are accredited to J.C BUT we are told fables and tall tales and they pretend they are true accounts
  • No
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    Jesus was a Jew!
  • Watchma... ☆The Ro... 2011/06/17 12:58:26
    Watchman Christen
  • gouki ☆The Ro... 2011/06/17 15:24:29
    wasn't he the king of jews ?
  • Watchma... gouki 2011/06/17 21:58:05
    Watchman Christen
    Yes he was and is!!!
  • will 2011/06/17 12:45:56
    Don't confuse white as a race. Jesus was born into a Hebrew/Jewish race, but He had a pale complexion. The pictures that you are used to seeing is an artist interpretation and most European artists used models, most likely from their own country, so they were white skinned. Jesus was a man of races, as God created man in His likeness, so even if Jesus was black, He still would had been worshiped, and die to save all of humanity.
  • Watchma... will 2011/06/17 12:50:50
    Watchman Christen
    I agree but why didn't these artist just paint a darker skined Hebrew Christ? because the RCC was racist and didn't want a Hebrew savior!
  • Watchma... Watchma... 2011/06/17 12:57:25
  • will Watchma... 2011/06/17 13:11:50
    I'm not sure of the mind set against races, especially against African races during the time when these paintings were done, but perhaps they were not treated kindly, but not in the same sense as modern day man, but more like the way women are seen as less than equal to man, or poor people are mistreated. If a man or woman was beautiful, and rich, they were treated highly. So this was most likely the reason Jesus was depicted as beautiful white male with blond-brown hair and blue eyes. The same thing can be said of early German soldiers that were under Hitler, because the Germans, believed that blond haired, blue eyed people, especially the men,were more intelligent and better than their own and other races.
  • Watchma... will 2011/06/17 14:10:23
    Watchman Christen
    I understand what your saying but Yeshua was not beautiful, and rich, he was ugly and poor do you get my point?
  • will Watchma... 2011/06/17 15:06:01
    Yes I do, but since there are various translations to the bible, I really don't think it matters in the eyes of God. Jesus very well could had been detestable, but humanly, our instincts only favor beauty, as the cliché goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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