Valentine's Day. Ladies and Gentlemen: Love it or Hate it

blueskyseas 2009/02/13 21:22:38
I'm male and I like it
I'm female and I like it
I'm part of a couple and we like it
I'm part of a couple and we don't care
I'm male and I don't like it
I'm female and I don't like it
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I have never had any real disappointments on Valentine's Day, because I've never expected much from it. I see it as a made-up holiday. I found out as a young teen-ager that it was originally a Catholic Saint's Day, and people used to just make cards and write notes. Then the commercial side came into it, and now T.V. ads make it into a big deal so you will buy their stuff.
When my husband and first met, we opted out because it sets you up for high expectations and possible disappointment. I just think of it as a good time to remember what it is I love about him and to tell him that he is appreciated.

And I see it as an excellent chance to buy great chocolate on sale on February 15th!

Valentine's Day isn't important because it's what you do every day that matters.

appreciated excellent chance buy chocolate sale february 15th ignore important
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  • MJ 2009/02/15 00:20:33
    I'm male and I don't like it
  • Nonicknameunlessyouknowme 2009/02/14 00:23:11
    I like it for the economic boost in February but I don't like it because of the fights its starts between couples when someone is disappointed because of this holiday. I also believe that every day should be one in which you celebrate the love in your life and say how you feel to those you love. Time flies when you are having fun and being in love sure is fun. Before you know it the one you love may be gone so don't take him/her for granted anytime.
  • bluesky... Nonickn... 2009/02/14 01:29:10
    ..."every day should be one in which you celebrate the love in your life and say how you feel to those you love."

    Well said!

    celebrate love life feel love
  • ♥Kristen♥ 2009/02/13 21:35:14
    I'm female and I don't like it
    I hate it because all of the sappy "I love you" and "Be mine forever" crap... bull... but I do like the fact that chocolate is on sale cuz I love me some chocolate... =)
  • bluesky... ♥Kristen♥ 2009/02/13 22:25:01
    Amen to the Chocolate!!
  • ♥Kristen♥ bluesky... 2009/02/13 22:26:22
    You are awesome!!
  • bluesky... ♥Kristen♥ 2009/02/13 22:50:56
    Chocolate is awesome!!!
    chocolate awesome
  • ♥Kristen♥ bluesky... 2009/02/14 01:11:27
    I know right?!!!!! We have something in common!! common
  • MOLLOY 2009/02/13 21:34:49
    I'm female and I like it
    We need love, we need to be loved badly it is essential, we need
    the reminder, people are unfortunately turning into robot, so this
    occasion is just wonderful, to say I love you. love loved badly essential reminder people turning robot occasion love this is the hunger we are witnessing lately, so we are very short
    of love of giving.
  • bluesky... MOLLOY 2009/02/13 22:27:25 (edited)
    I think it is good as a reminder.
  • MOLLOY bluesky... 2009/02/13 22:56:13
    I appreciate immensely your kind answer.
  • runningintriangles 2009/02/13 21:28:29
    I'm female and I don't like it
    It's kind of one of those pointless days... but I like the day after... all the chocolates are on sale ;P
  • bluesky... running... 2009/02/13 22:35:18
    Yea for chocolate!

    yea chocolate
  • BlueStar Belle 2009/02/13 21:25:25
    I'm part of a couple and we don't care
    BlueStar Belle
    Take it; leave it... Who needs it? Hallmark!
  • bluesky... BlueSta... 2009/02/13 22:31:50
    Hi BlueStar Mom! Hope you're havin' a
    bluestar mom hope havin
  • BlueSta... bluesky... 2009/02/13 23:24:45
    BlueStar Belle
    Thanks, Bluesky... hangin' with my honey. We're on vacation together for a week. Now THAT's a Valentine's gift!

    Hope you're doin' super, too!

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