USA houses made of wood: Good or Not?

music7car 2011/08/31 19:11:55
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We've all seen them in movies and this year I saw them with my own eyes: american houses completely made of wood.

This has been bothering me for quite a long time now because the USA is every year hit by so many earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and floods that all of these little "doll houses" (as me and my friends call them) are always being destroyed.

I think that if you live in a country that is hit by sooo many natural catastrofies your home should be the first thing to be ready to endure them, so at least they should be built with rocks and not wood, right?

When I talked about this to my father he told that it was so that people would be able to afford them and therefore have a roof above their heads at a lower cost, but if you do the math, isn't buying a cheap house and paying for the numerous reconstructions of it, having it fumegated due to termites, and paying for many water damages or mold problems more expensive than just buying a house that isn't going to be blown away by a simple breeze?!

I think somebody needs to remind the americans of the story of the wolf, the three little pigs and their three little houses ...
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  • luiscreech 2013/12/14 07:44:19
    Good thing
    In many parts of the world, homes are usually constructed on the availability of building materials. Similarly in the US, wood is cheaply available and convenient for making homes, so there are plenty of houses constructed with it. Wood homes can be very attractive and you can find such homes in various cities of US. If you are willing to have home in US one of the beautiful locations like South Florida, then contacting a builder like Leonard Albanese at LinkedIn profile could be of help to you.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2011/08/31 23:45:16
    Good thing
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Yes American houses are made of wood. This should not be a shock to people. Masonry homes, while more durable, are expensive and take a long time to build. Wood frame houses can be quite durable if good quality materials are used.
  • cmdrbnd007 2011/08/31 20:22:36
    Good thing
    Houses have been made out of wood for a long long time. It is cheap, available, and renewable. The US is quite large and not all areas are subject to earthquakes. It seems to me that houses burn down in all countries not just the US.
  • moderated 2011/08/31 19:58:24
    Bad thing
    ask the firemen, they will tell you why
  • T1 2011/08/31 19:48:04
    Bad thing
    concrete would be much better.
  • zbacku 2011/08/31 19:47:21
    Good thing
    Mankind has been making homes out of wood for thousands of years.
    This is one of the most insane posts yet.
  • music7car zbacku 2011/09/06 14:41:27
    Thanks for giving you're opinion, but if you think that this post is insane, you have to take a better look at what is around here, cauze believe me there are worst ...
  • Rocky 2011/08/31 19:24:01
    Good thing
    There is a new product that will reduce the flamability level of wood. It is sprayed on when the frame is completed, then as the roof and other wood products are added on, they too are sprayed with the retardent. Most homes these days are already built of products treated with the product. The only problem I see is that most Company's that build homes, want to charge extra for that treated material, above what THEY had to pay to purchase it.
  • moderated Rocky 2011/08/31 19:59:24
    than why do we keep hearing about wooden houses on fire in US?

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