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In the past year, America has witnessed the true face of organized labor and the thuggery and mob tactics that typify it. This behavior is no less than what national labor union figureheads have been promoting for decades — but in truth, they desire to see much worse. These fixtures of the Democratic political machine commonly push their followers into committing acts of criminality and brutish intimidation, while inciting hatred toward union enemies and free-market capitalism. Greed and an obsession with power have spawned a syndicalist culture that bears a striking resemblance to another well-known crooked subculture: that of organized crime.

There are union thugs and then there are those who try to give union thugs intellectual respectability.

Labor radical Craig Becker, now a member of the powerful National Labor Relations Board, is not a union thug per se. He’s more of a consigliere to union thugs.

In the spirit of Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky, Becker supports doing whatever needs to be done in order to advance the cause. Lying, cheating, and using violence are all fair game.

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  • METALheadMom 2011/09/23 18:22:57
    Unions are GREAT IF the reps know what the hell they are doing, and do not simply back up the worker just because the worker screwed up. What I see happening, is the JERKS use the Union to keep the jobs they SHOULD have lost. The GOOD employees have to suffer working with the jerks, because the jerks play the Union Card and win.

    Unions were a great idea, they just lost sight of fairness and the concept of teamwork and focused more on WINNING instead. THAT has caused MAJOR resentment worldwide. NOW, Unions are nothing more than untrained lawyers who fight just to fight. Who can respect THAT? NOT ME!!
  • keeper 2011/09/23 17:48:14
    What I would really like to know is what the capable industrious union workers think of the slacker union workers!!??
  • METALhe... keeper 2011/09/23 18:24:14
    THEY RESENT THEM. So much so, I've heard talk of actually hiring people to "teach them a lesson".....
  • keeper METALhe... 2011/09/23 20:58:30
    Very interesting... thank you
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/09/23 17:06:32
    Lady Whitewolf
    Oh, give it a break. Why is everyone so down on unions?

    Do YOU wanna work a 16-hour day at 30 cents an hour, NO safe wrking conditions or health coverage? I DON'T.
  • METALhe... Lady Wh... 2011/09/23 18:27:45
    GET REAL. Unions DEMAND by THREAT. Don't know about you, but I sure don't respect demanding people who threaten me to give them what they want OR ELSE. THAT is bullsh**.
  • 4570GOVT 2011/09/23 15:37:44 (edited)
    You are 100% Correct on this one , Reb ! Unions have a history of violence and intimidation going back to the beginning .To be fair , in the " old days " so did the employers that caused the Unions to flourish . Now days , the ONLY intimidation & violence come from Union THUGS ! I WAS a Union Member for 18 Years ( because you MUST BELONG in order to have a job ). We were not that way but MANY unions are .

    I will say that unions have some good points " BUT " in Far To Many Cases they are responsable for their own demise in America . GREED at the top bordering on organized crime tactics are the modern union -AND- violence and intimidation have DESTROYED public opinion of unions in America .

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