Underage sex: Bad or good? What age is okay?

aashbbyy 2007/10/29 23:11:22
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what do u think about it???
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  • Hicham 2009/07/18 08:38:20
    when she get married only,,,or she will be bitch cause she will sleep with many man,,,untill she married,,,

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  • RichardFast 2012/03/04 18:27:11
    Nobody can tell you what to do with your body. Just use good judgement and be informed.
  • Hicham 2009/07/18 08:38:20
    when she get married only,,,or she will be bitch cause she will sleep with many man,,,untill she married,,,
  • Taylor 2008/09/30 22:39:38
    Its not bad if you use a condom but it still hurts lol
  • girl.who.cares 2008/07/29 06:05:00
    it isnt other people's choice if some one has sex if they do they do and it is done yes they should get puniched but not sent to gail ..come on its just sex not rape if a girl really loves the boy she is with then they both deicied they wanna do it just were a codom...THATS IT...no question
  • Daly 2008/06/14 18:40:29
    people should not be having sex until they are about 20 or older, having sex in your teens is just horrible, if u become pregnant, your on your own no turning back.
  • lynzel 2008/03/24 23:43:52
    why isnt anything being done for the girl that participates in consensul sex (boyfriend-girlfriend) the boy goes to jail and has to register as a sex offender but why not the girl and why are our prisons being filled with kids having sex with there girlfriends? concerned mom
  • birdiegrl 2008/03/24 13:01:51
    1 in 4 girls today have Sexually Transmitted Disease. This is happening because parents are not talking to their kids about the bad things that can happen to them.

    Nationally Representative CDC Study Finds 1 in 4 Teenage Girls Has a Sexually Transmitted Disease
    -- 3.2 Million Female Adolescents Estimated to Have at Least One of the Most Common STDs --
    -- Other Studies Featured at 2008 National STD Prevention Conference Show Missed Opportunities for STD Screening and Innovative Solutions for STD Prevention and Treatment --
  • strawberries219 2008/03/18 21:00:07
    well my mother had me when she was 15....but she taught me not to have premarital sex.
  • gamman 2008/03/18 15:55:38
    there are consequences for every action including 'underage sex' which includes pregnancy, STDs, emotional scaring, et al. Most adults aren't sufficiently ready for these let alone a child, IMHO.
  • Jen**GPAC** 2008/03/18 15:46:45
    it's a bad thing.. and when you can support and take care of a baby on your own.. then it's a good time.
  • Mollybdamned American Atheist 2008/03/17 22:44:10
    Mollybdamned American Atheist
    of course it's bad, but it happens. Young people seldom look at the future and how their actions today affect them later. That just goes with age.
  • EF 2008/03/17 22:41:54
    Over 18 - I guess you can't stop them. But they would be smart to wait until marriage.
  • wimbley 2007/12/26 18:32:43
    I wouldnt say there is a certain age to who can have sex or not, because there isnt. The only thing I could state is that as long as that person loves the other, by all means, fuck your brains out. I oppose of people who take sex as a game
  • t-bone 2007/12/19 11:50:32
    i think it is at 15 years old
  • Maria 2007/11/23 18:21:44
    none of these should have underage sex. they should wait till wedding day.
    better than worst. screw around no fun at all .
    alot of dealing with hurts by break up, take advatange, get repuations, pregant etc...
    all kids need to know to view the wedding is the best thing than hop around.
    best of all they need to graduation High School and then head off to college to get a job and build a life. a screw around such a waste huge of your time.
    if high school girls sky high sexual then get on Depo injection then not want to have pregant.
    alot of guys didn't want to be father at young age. they want to go college to have a goal. having kids stop your goal.
  • Elizabeth 2007/10/30 05:26:44
    Noone unerage should have sex it leads to pregnancy of you dont have birthcontrol or condoms but those wont always work.what about aids?people need to use their heads and think this stuff through.age limit:18 or19
  • Tiff 2007/10/30 00:32:54
    Peeple underage think that they are ready for sex but they really aren't mature enough to deal with it. I've seen it mess people up
  • Magzilla 2007/10/29 23:52:38
    Define "underage sex". I had a discussion about this earlier with someone. I think the age of consent should be 14, mainly because of those sluty girls who lie about their age and get with older men. I don't know a single guy who would ask to check a girls ID before he sleeps with her. He would trust her to tell him the truth so I don't see how he can be held responsible for her actions. What age is okay is up to the person really. I think the questions you should be asking yourself before you make such a big decision are:
    1. What are your parent's rules if you still live with them?
    2. If you still live with them can you be open with them about it?
    3. Can you afford to pay for condoms and birth control?
    4. What will you do if you get pregnant?
    5. Do you fully understand how this decision can affect the rest of your life?
  • aashbbyy Magzilla 2007/10/29 23:54:35
    u got a point
  • EF Magzilla 2008/03/17 22:44:31
    14 is to young. Been there, done that. It's wrong.
  • Magzilla EF 2008/03/17 23:27:41
    I am not saying it is a good age, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of young people do make that decision that young and they lie to older people about their age. They should be held accountable for their actions.
  • EF Magzilla 2008/03/18 15:45:07
    Their parents should teach them and be held accountable.
  • Magzilla EF 2008/03/18 17:09:37
    To a certian degree

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