Under Dumbo I mean Obamacare If your homeless how do you apply and who pays for it?

bigi1950 2013/09/19 23:43:27
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Tax payers Yes
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Cant find a answer and my Representatives in Washington haven't answered.
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  • Fae~the wicked faerie of PHAET 2013/09/20 00:55:30
    Tax payers Yes
    Fae~the wicked faerie of PHAET
    You qualify for medicaid still, just like before.
  • Patty Sears 2013/09/20 00:45:06
    Tax payers Yes
    Patty Sears
    But hopefully the person will get well and get a job.
  • Klippit... Patty S... 2013/09/20 16:21:20
    Klippity Kloo Kla
    Having a job, and needing medical care when sick are two seperate things. Anyone without a job should just curl up and die when sick, huh.
  • Patty S... Klippit... 2013/09/21 08:40:40
    Patty Sears
    I said get well first. Then with job they could eat sleep live better healthier and get health insurance.
  • Matt 2013/09/19 23:54:46
    Tax payers Yes
    A couple of ironies . . .
    obamacare irony
    obamacare irony

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