Two Russians Jailed For Eating A Girl

A Russian court sentenced two men to a maximum-security prison on charges that the two had murdered and eaten a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

The two men, a 21-year-old Goth-rock musician and his 20-year-old friend were sentenced to 19 years and 18 years in prison respectively.

The musician reportedly lured the victim to his apartment building, where he and his friend drowned her in a bathtub, and later cooked parts of her body in an oven. In an early testimony, they said they had killed the victim because they "were hungry."
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  • AliceAcid 2011/01/21 11:52:47
    Why bring goth-rock into this? Talk about fueling stereotypes!

    They "were hungry"? That's so strange it's almost funny!
  • ☆RogueofDoom☆ 2010/11/17 20:05:21
    that's disgusting
  • Corcey 2010/06/14 06:50:44
    I wonder what a human would taste like.............
  • dottydi 2010/06/07 21:19:55
    that s so sick, i cannot even begin to understand it. what would happen if we all felt hungry and did the same?! they should both be cooked alive!
  • santa6642 2010/06/07 12:59:25
    Food is food
  • ♫jasmine, <3 2010/05/29 13:02:21
    ♫jasmine,  <3
    They should be locked up for life in my opinion.
  • Gregory_chicklet 2010/05/26 16:41:58
    wow... thats all I can really say to that, and they should've gotten longer in there.
  • twvamp09 2010/05/23 12:55:50
    omg.......... so gross!!!!
  • Mc. Blake 2010/05/17 15:37:28
    Mc. Blake
    OMG ,unbelievable .....
  • Field Hockey Chick 2010/05/16 22:13:36
    Field Hockey Chick
    thats just gross. why would you do that
  • jellyfish 2010/05/13 17:39:38
    After Obama actually winning the presidency with zero experience, I can't say much surprises me anymore. Sad.
  • JJHoops... jellyfish 2010/05/17 19:39:36
    I totally agree......... Whats next?( is all i want to know)
  • jellyfish JJHoops... 2010/06/15 19:19:31
    More lies and smoke and mirrors :(
  • JJHoops... jellyfish 2010/06/15 19:21:03
    yup............i hear that
  • Timothy... jellyfish 2010/08/17 16:56:16
    Hilarious, I guess that proves that any story (even alleged Russian Cannibalism) can be political in nature.
  • NekoSplosion 2010/05/13 04:11:59
    My first reaction to the title, "What?"

    Somehow I don't think that we have much to worry about, though. [Other than the poor girl. :C]
    I'm pretty sure, by the looks of these replies, that cannibalism isn't going to be very popular any time soon.

    I'm just wondering how they figured that the men /ate/ her.
    That would be the /last/ thing I would suspect.
    Unless the men actually told authorities that they ate the girl, I can come up with no explanation as to how they figured it out.
    What, did they pump their stomachs just for the hell of it and find an eye or something?

  • Bryan Alwyn Jones 2010/05/10 14:28:30
    Bryan Alwyn Jones
    I knew that crazy rock music was the work of the devil
  • AliceAcid Bryan A... 2011/01/21 11:51:11
    F*** you. Yeah I said it! lol.
  • Bryan A... AliceAcid 2011/02/11 22:31:45
    Bryan Alwyn Jones
    Wow cussed out by a twelve year old that doesn't understand sarcasm.
  • Shelle 2010/05/10 12:00:36
    Like, I will NEVER be THAT hungry! This is shocking and gross! Don't they have food banks over there?

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