TSA to start searching ground transportation?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/01/01 16:29:06

While two-out-of-five Americans are going to try to avoid air travel this holiday season to avoid TSA pat-downs, strip searches and never-ending security line-ups, they might not find comfort in the glimmering Greyhound stations across the US.

Don’t think a bus or train ticket will keep Uncle Sam from making your vacation this year uncomfortable. The Transportation Security Administration says that they are turning up the heat on potential problem-causers by installing more agents in not just airport checkpoints but in terminals for terrestrial traffic as well.

"We are not the Airport Security Administration," Ray Dineen, the air marshal in charge of the TSA office in Charlotte, tells the Los Angeles Times. "We take that transportation part seriously."

How serious? The TSA’s secret counter-terrorism team that tries to topple crimes in transportation centers have run more than 9,000 unannounced checkpoints and other search operations in 2011, and the Department of Homeland Security are asking for an extra $24 million for 2012 to organize even more teams to put in bus stations and Amtrak terminals next year.

Currently the TSA commands 25 “viper” teams — what they call the two-dozen-plus Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response units that conduct the checkpoints from coast-to-coast. The TSA can’t prove that the increase in 2011 did anything to keep crime down on the ground, but George Washington University’s Homeland Security Police Institute’s Frank Cilluffo tells the Times that they need to keep the terrorists “on edge.”

As a result, however, millions of law-abiding Americans that rely on public transportation to get around — whether plane, train or bus— are also being agitated. 93 million residents are expected to use airplanes to get around this holiday season, but more and more Americans are saying they are fed up with the intrusive and questionably legal procedures that the government is conducting to try to thwart terrorism.

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  • Katherine 2012/01/31 10:08:42
    In other words, there's nowhere you can go. The police state is watching you.
  • sglmom 2012/01/05 10:43:18
    Hmm .. guess someone hasn't been in a bus station for a while (especially if they are using the word 'glimmering' with bus ...)
    Guess they are not satisfied enough with groping while flying .. now it is grope everywhere? When are they going to start demanding our papers to even pass out of our locality?
    (Shudder .. This is NOT meant to be a suggestion for the TSA .. after all .. haven't they done enough crime on their own already (and been arrested for it too?)
  • tsawatchdog 2012/01/02 08:38:26
    I'm taking the train for my vacation; I've stopped flying until the TSA is reigned in. I also started a blog, http://tsawatchdog.org, in Nov. 2010 to help document TSA abuses. The thought of my being subject to further violations of my 4th Amendment rights at the train station is absolutely sickening.

    We need to shine the light of liberty on the dark corners of TSA rights violations. If you have a TSA story to tell, please share it at my blog, http://tsawatchdog.org.

    Thank you, Sodahead, for keeping this issue in the spotlight.

    TSA Watchdog
  • wolfshadow 2012/01/02 01:42:27
    Find a bus company that won't allow the TSA into their terminals. These areas are private property owned by the company... they can only do this if greyhound and other companies allow this intrusion.
  • Sew 2012/01/01 23:35:11
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/01/01 19:15:59
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    I can understand the need to search "public" transportation from time to time, but what bothers me is that the TSA - with their minimum wage employees who meet less strict standards than most fast food places (I'm not exaggerating this) - are the ones doing this job. Highway safety has always been in the realm of local police and highway patrol departments. You know, the people actually trained and paid to protect our roads? In fact, I never understood why airport security couldn't be handled by real police officers. The feds could set the standards and let the real cops handle this, but they'd rather have more power over the states on this one.
  • Kaimeso 2012/01/01 17:56:44
  • Hobbitt / Oldsquid 2012/01/01 17:22:43
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    Screw em and drive
  • say what? 2012/01/01 17:22:25
    say what?
    Just replace this sentence with a bunch of ugly, nasty and angry words of your choice.
  • Muver 2012/01/01 16:54:44
    They must feel there is some reason to do it, I hope, otherwise a lot of inconvience for a lot of people. Sadly, these days, this sort of thing is part of traveling. People intent on doing harm
    will find a way to do it, but this might, and I emphasize Might just stop a few from killing or hurting many...And, didn't this sort of thing go on pretty soon after 9/11??? I am not sure I have a lot of confidence in the abilities of the TSA, or the people I have observed working the airports,
    but, just maybe it is better than nothing.
  • Helmholtz 2012/01/01 16:39:15
    lol -- "glimmering Greyhound station." I always feel dirty after riding Greyhound, even without the help of the TSA.

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