True or False: Taiwan is not a country

MarkP 2011/07/18 15:01:41
Yes, obviously
No, and I can tell you why
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When researching a blog post, I was shocked to find out how many countries there are in the world. I also discovered that Taiwan is not a country - well, it might be, or it might not...

So, without launching a Google search, just answer straight off: Is Taiwan a country?

You'll also be surprised to learn that there's a country called 'Reunion' ( if you include sovereign states in the list of countries)

Total number of countries in the world= 195/196 and including sovereign states this number rises to around 250.

Here's the blog, Well Travelled:Ten countries you haven't visited

Read More: http://www.adventuresportsholidays.com/blog/2011/0...

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  • PandoraBoxe 2012/08/27 13:47:24 (edited)
    No, and I can tell you why
    WHY WHY WHY do you ask a true or false question and yet give us only the option for yes or no. THAT IS AN EPIC FAIL!

    Of course it is TRUE that Taiwan is a country, The Republic of China formerly Formosa!
  • Sister Hoover of the Immacu... 2011/07/18 17:03:06
  • Will on the road again 2011/07/18 16:35:35
    Yes, obviously
    Will on the road again
    I am not sure what would make it officially a country, but in my mind, it is treated as one, so that is my answer.

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