TRADITIONS: when did women start changing their last names when they got married?

stevegtexas@aol.com 2011/12/23 22:26:04

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TRADITIONS: when did women start changing their last names when they got married?
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  • DON'T 2011/12/27 17:28:46
    they dont wher a am asdfghjkl
  • stevegt... DON'T 2012/02/24 18:02:19 (edited)
  • amy 2011/12/26 01:23:49
  • wtxwoman 2011/12/24 20:23:31
    I think it started before 1400. Until then, there were no last names. Men were known by their trade and women by their fathers and husbands. For instance, John the carpenter became John Carpenter.
  • Erin Innocent 2011/12/24 15:11:02
    Erin Innocent
    i actually have friends who, when they were married, combined their name
    now they have 2 last names with a hyphen between them
    its so cool :3
  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2011/12/24 11:20:35
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    Nobody had last names until the 1500's. If you didn't know their first name you would just say "Hey You"
  • SssstarsssS 2011/12/24 07:18:45
    yeah what she said...
  • sjalan 2011/12/24 02:07:12
    It started farther back than 16th century Europe. When moving from one tribe to another the woman was considered chattle and became XYZ of the Tribe of ABC. This tradition was know to exist in the time of Hamurrabi and is mentioned in his Law Code circa 1750BCE.
  • GLaDOS 2011/12/24 00:52:55
    Depends where you live. There are some countries where a woman is forbidden from taking her husband's name. In some countries, the husband can take the wife's name, such as in Japan, where it is more likely to happen if the wife's parents have no son.

    They don't have to, in the United States, now.
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2011/12/24 00:40:53
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    In the Cherokee Nation it was tradition to become part of your wife's family and clan.
  • Lady Wh... Nam Era... 2011/12/24 12:22:29
    Lady Whitewolf
    YUP! Cherokee / Blackfoot here....
  • Chase Martin 2011/12/24 00:08:52
    Chase Martin
    In a patrilineal culture like that of America's or any Europeans, the female move into the males clan (house/family). I really don't know how it started but this is the reason...i think
  • I'm History 2011/12/23 23:54:32
    I'm History
    Historically, A married name is the family name adopted by a woman upon marriage. When a woman assumes the family name of her spouse, the new name replaces the maiden name. But that is no longer the law.
    In 1946 a revision to the Constitution guarantees that "women and men have equal rights", including in the use of their birth name. Upon getting married, a woman keeps her maiden name (nom de jeune fille). She may, under her maiden name, for example, open a bank account, sign cheques, obtain a passport, etc. However, marriage grants a married person the right to assume his or her spouse's last name also.

    Miss Allen marries Mr. Brook
    So now her name could be Miss. Allen Brook, or Miss Brook,or Miss Allen like it was, either way is legal now,
    well since 1946 that is, as it took a while for us men to let go of our gender pride, I mean after all we were the boss of women once, hell even the bible gave us domination over women, lol!!!
  • Mr Marvin 2011/12/23 23:32:30
    Mr Marvin
    Started when fathers first gave their daughters in marriage. The husband is head of the household so they use his name for Mr & Mrs.
  • LADY LIBERTY SILLY WORDSMITH 2011/12/23 22:55:28
  • Veritas 2011/12/23 22:41:12
    I don't know. I only know I decided to take back my maiden name after 15 years. I only know they took their husband's name because women were thought of as property. I am not property, so I took my name back.
  • Lady Wh... Veritas 2011/12/24 12:23:19
    Lady Whitewolf
    **raves Vertias**
  • The Dramatist 2011/12/23 22:40:02
    The Dramatist
    I believe the tradition started at a time when women didn't work outside the home, therefore a man interested in marrying the daughter of a working father needed to 'claim ownership' of the daughter thereby making her HIS wife and 'legal property'. When this happened is beyond me.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2011/12/23 22:37:47
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    When they started having last names to change.
  • Bill 2011/12/23 22:35:23
    When money was invented.
  • stevegt... Bill 2011/12/24 15:39:44
  • Bill stevegt... 2011/12/24 15:42:53
    Merry Christmas Steve.
  • TMan 2011/12/23 22:34:34
  • stevegt... TMan 2011/12/23 22:35:51 (edited)
  • TMan stevegt... 2011/12/23 22:38:05
  • stevegt... TMan 2011/12/24 15:40:48
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/12/23 22:31:57
    Lerro DeHazel
    When some men realized that their women has something special "down there" and they wanted to warn everyone about the obvious "ownership, thereof" . .. .
  • Tropiceagle33 2011/12/23 22:28:44
    When i was born this was existing already so i do not know...Perhaps it's because it is said that men will leave his mother and his father and will attached to his wife or they will become one....

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