Town Designates Easy Parking Spots for Women: Is It Sexist or Sweet?

mrosen814 2012/07/11 22:00:00
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The German town of Triberg is now designating parking spots for men and women. The parking spots assigned to women are much easier to maneuver compared to the men's, less convenient designated spots. The mayor of Triberg went on to state, "As a rule, men are a little better at such challenges.”

Nonetheless, several studies find that women are indeed better parkers than men. For a British study that came out this year, researchers monitored 2,500 drivers in 700 parking lots in Britain for one month. While women took longer to park, they were more likely to leave their cars in the middle of the spot. Women proved to be better at finding places and more accurate in lining up the car before backing in. Also, they were more likely to use parking strategies recommended by driving instructors.

Triberg, in Germany, is leaving the more challenging spaces for male drivers
woman in car

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  • Elmo~WA... Skylari... 2012/07/14 22:55:15
    Well I think that's stupid.

    yes, I read it. It's a slightly sexist, possible joke from a man you've never met and never will meet. Why bother getting so worked up about it? I mean, seriously, have you heard his whole speech? Have you seen him say that and and watched the look on his face? How do you know that he wasn't just making a joke? People take the media far too seriously. People twist words to make them seem like something they aren't.

    And why do the elderly need it, but not the young?
  • Skylari... Elmo~WA... 2012/07/15 01:13:35
    Skylaris Alanis
    I said the handicapped and elderly. Handicapped could be anyone any age. But as young people, we're in our prime, so unless we're an exception (example: a terminal injury or autism) then we do not need easier parking spaces. We are the most able bodied people in our race.

    But no, I don't know this man, but he is a political figure, so I know him from his views and public statements. He is a PUBLIC individual. I don't have to know him personally to know he's a chauvinist. That doesn't even make sense.
  • Elmo~WA... Skylari... 2012/07/15 08:53:24
    I didn't mention the handicapped, because I agree that they need larger parking spaces for easier movement or to get wheelchairs out of their cars. Perhaps we are, but four year olds aren't exactly the smartest or most able bodied people.

    You are still missing the most important point. The parking spaces will bring about some good, so why bother fighting it?

    So you think that all public figures are chauvinistic?
  • Skylari... Elmo~WA... 2012/07/15 11:54:41
    Skylaris Alanis
    Don't be stupid hon. You know I didn't mean 4 year olds, they can't even drive. -________- .The only good those parking spaces would bring is to the handicapped and the elderly, and they should be turned into special handicap spaces for that reason. Any other reason than that is absurd. And no, I don't think ALL public figures are chauvinists, why would I think that...? Many public figures are women.
  • Twinky Elmo~WA... 2012/07/14 23:37:29
    "Don't get your knickers in a twist; the suffragette movement was 100 years ago. We have equal rights and we're not treated differently."

    urm... so how does having different parking spaces for men and women mean we're treated the same?
  • Elmo~WA... Twinky 2012/07/15 08:58:32
    People go on and on about treating disabled people with equality, that we're no better than them just because we can walk... They get bigger parking spaces.

    Our society is far too quick to label things as racist, sexist or a form of bullying, and hope to get some compensation out of it. It's a few stupid, god damned parking spaces, they're probably only a few cm bigger. They'll make it a little bit easier to park, and leave more room between cars to minimise accidents when opening car doors and make it a little easier to get any pushchairs out.

    Who cares what the reasoning behind it is? If it makes life easier, it's all good. Everyone needs to take a chill pill and get over it, because they're already there and there's nothing you can do about it. Unless you want to go through life constantly outraged at things people have said, just let it all go. You're going to have men say much more chauvinistic things to you in your lfie, that will make a few parking spaces pale in comparison.
  • Twinky Elmo~WA... 2012/07/15 14:36:58
    So, what you mean is, "yes its sexist but who cares?" Not No is isn't sexist.
  • stevegt... Elmo~WA... 2012/07/14 17:15:11
  • Elmo~WA... stevegt... 2012/07/14 19:40:51
    Yeah! We don't have time to learn how to park. I don't see why people are so outraged at this. If anything, it gives mothers more room to get prams out of the car, and will probably lesson the damage done to other cars when kids carelessly fling the car doors open.
  • Twinky Elmo~WA... 2012/07/14 23:38:48
    what about single fathers?
  • Elmo~WA... Twinky 2012/07/15 09:05:08
    Singlen fathers can aprk and multitask and control their kids well enough to stop any accidents from happening because men are entirely superior to women. (Y)

    See, that's sexist. Bigger parkign spaces aren't.

    This is the only way I can actually see this issue as sexist. Not agasint women, but against men who are crappy parkers or who have kids in the car.
  • Teresa 2012/07/14 12:11:57
    Just simple ridiculous. If I'm not able to park, I shouldn't be driving. What we need is better lighting at parking lots, but for everybody, not only women
  • Ian 2012/07/14 10:17:13
  • dr9nfly 2012/07/14 07:36:52
    What they need is parking for cars and parking for SUVs/huge trucks. Nothing ticks me off more then when I go to my car (that's right between the lines) and see the SUV next to me is on their line making ME crawl in through the passanger seat after I leave my gum under the handle of their door.
  • Drug Free 2012/07/14 06:51:23
    Drug Free
    Lets put it this way: Women are just as bad drivers as men.
    It is the bad drivers everyone is concerned about.
    As for the skills required for operating motor vehicles I would surmise women are more intimidated by the challenges involved and tend to be far more cautious than men.
    When it comes to parking skills and the various challenges involved I have personally witnessed some women really struggling to manouver their motor vehicle correctly ( my mother was one of them in that particular aspect of operating a motor vehicle but other than that she was a very good driver....she was just so worried about hitting another vehicle when parking and driving in general )
    Probably the best source of information would be from the driver training schools and the driving instructors....and more importantly the motor vehicle insurance companies.
    More than likely they would have plenty of interesting case studies and revealing stories concerning just how many people ( both men and women ) fail dismally regarding the simple skills needed to operate a motor vehicle.
    But yes the old saying: "Women Drivers"???....does have a degree of validity to the meaning of that old saying.
  • Chris 2012/07/13 23:33:50
    car wreck
    Just don't speed. That's what kills. Not parking spaces.
  • addie 2012/07/13 23:33:21
    If they made them for Chinese driver's I would be in total support!

    That is because I do not hate women, while the Chinese people...who cares.
    I'm just making a point, I hate everyone.
  • Georgia50 2012/07/13 23:19:22
    I would give women the parking spaces that are best illuminated at night.
  • stevegt... Georgia50 2012/07/14 17:15:34
  • Illjwamh 2012/07/13 22:22:03
    The whole "Women can't park" stereotype simply stems from the fact that women take the time to make sure they're doing it right before going through with it, leading impatient men to assume they must not know what they're doing.
  • Ian Illjwamh 2012/07/14 10:19:50
    Well done, good and bad driver all over the place,nothing wrong with women driver, they are just like any psychopaths (joke)
  • Wonder Woman 2012/07/13 21:56:30
  • Twinkle 2012/07/13 21:49:35
    I live in Germany my mom loves it I Think it sweet but a little sexist also but hey we all are little sexist..
  • mind-pilot 2012/07/13 21:11:34
    Europeans call it "chivalry". Yanks call it sexist. It's probably chivalrous(sp) to allow a lady a closer spot. Under better lighting. It would probably work best in the states with all the rapes and gang bangers and crime. But yanks are so crude and selfish they'll probably complain about first come and first serve.
    Cheers to the Huns for making the women more comfortable.
  • Ian mind-pilot 2012/07/14 10:20:37
    Good point.
  • Arse-Whole mind-pilot 2012/07/14 10:36:55
    I agree completely. But American women did this to themselves. The strong, independent, fetus discarding American woman of today can handle herself. Right?
  • mind-pilot Arse-Whole 2012/07/14 16:08:10
    Oh come on, you're that lazy that you lost good manners? The yanks were the ones that tossed the mothers out there into the work force. Not, necessarily the women. It forced the households to buy more cars for work. More clothes for work. Babysitters got money. It' was the lazy yankee male that wouldn't take two jobs who forced them out to work. Give 'em a break. Their women. Open a bloody door every now and then. It's called: "chivalry"(sp) There's lots of rapes, murders and robberies out there in the states. Men, stealing from women and babies?
  • Arse-Whole mind-pilot 2012/07/14 17:50:42
    Read my initial vote and reply to this thread. I'm about as traditional and "chivalrous" as they come. I'm not gonna run down the list of favors I do for women (all women) on a daily basis but the hardest part of chivalry is the opposition from WOMEN. It's not even an issue in Texas but when you hit major cities across the U.S. you can get an earful from some snobby bitch just for trying to hold the door. I was once called a sexist pig for saying "yes ma'am" to a waitress at the Hard Rock in Vegas. Go lecture some other "Yankee male" about their manners.

    What does rape and theft from babies have to do with lack of chivalry? How did women joining the work force cause these things? Are you that sexist you think women just need to sit at home and tend to the babies?
  • mind-pilot Arse-Whole 2012/07/14 19:16:33
    No, I've never had any difficulty with a woman for opening a door, being polite, taking off my hat. Yanks usually have no clue about gentlemanly manners. My hats off to you for being chivalrous. I have no clue "why" you have difficulty with women outside of Texas.
    As far as the rapes go, if the vehicles were parked closer to the lights and store enterances it would be a little, more, difficult for a gang-banger, or murderer or child napper to do his thing. I thought that was already understood.
  • Arse-Whole mind-pilot 2012/07/14 21:25:08
    It is understood. You just seemed to tie it in with women working.

    Again, I voted "sweet" in the poll and could completely get on board with that kind of law. Sadly, this is now a country where any one of 50 special interest groups would sue the hell out of any local government that tried to implement that kind of policy and boycott any company that patronized it.
  • mind-pilot Arse-Whole 2012/07/14 22:26:07
    You rock dude! Keep up the good work. Chivalry is not dead. We're proof of that. Cheers to the other women that appreciate you. In Texas or out side of it.
    I'm not against working women. I'm against treating a woman like a man unless that woman wants to act like a man. I've never met a woman who doesn't like the door being opened for them. I'll think of you if I ever encounter that.
  • K Jones 2012/07/13 20:56:18
    K Jones
    And now men can ding up each other's cars and us women can keep ours nice, haha... (well, if I lived in that town.) Every dent in any car I've had was put there by a man (but I still love you, guys!) Totally sexist, though, seriously. I do feel for men, they get a lot of unfair pressure. But then with the wage thing, that isn't fair. Like the stupid cartoon on this page-it came close, but all my jobs have been more complex, with plenty of heavy lifiting and more intellectual know-how, and men still get paid a lot more, and since we get jacked with higher costs for goods and services, (and some men expect all that expensive maintenance when they go for that type), ultimately, we get about 25-30 cents on the dollar, not figuring in the maintenance. That said, the parking is unfair to men. And how do they assign the transgender parking? I would think with the gender identity of the person. Or just go back to every person for him or her self...
  • edifyguy 2012/07/13 20:26:06
    Giving women better parking spots is just downright gentlemanly. Awesome.
  • Ian edifyguy 2012/07/14 10:23:05
    Are you sure a good lawyer can make a good killing out of this,sound good.They should have parking near the store,to make them feel safe at night or day, but it does come over has being sexist.
  • edifyguy Ian 2012/07/14 17:07:16
    Your remark doesn't even make sense, as your grammar and word choices are both odd. I find it sad that someone in the birthplace of the English language can't figure out how to use it correctly.
  • Ian edifyguy 2012/07/14 19:09:33
    You do not have to find it sad, Welsh is my first language,English being my second.
    Wales is not the birthplace of the English language.Twpyn fawr i ti,mae rhaid i ty siarad cymraeg.
    Translating it from one language into another sometimes is hard, mind you you are a legend in you own mind,you started being rude you pig ignorant prick.
  • edifyguy Ian 2012/07/17 20:48:44
    I am sorry; I saw UK and assumed Britain. That was my mistake. I am sorry for offending you with my assumption. Yet again I am reminded to never assume anything.
  • Ian edifyguy 2012/07/19 18:53:00
    Forget it, all forgotten.
  • edifyguy Ian 2012/07/20 14:56:02
  • kahtan grery 2012/07/13 20:20:59
    kahtan grery
    you can say as you like

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