Top 10: Reasons To Buy A Pickup Truck

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You don't need to be a cattle rancher to enjoy the benefits of pickup trucks. Any man, be he an outdoorsman or a suburbanite, can enjoy the toughness, power and utility of these machines.

In order to save a few men from living out the rest of their days stuck in a beige family sedan, we came up with a list of our top 10 reasons men should buy a pickup.

days stuck beige family sedan list 10 reasons buy pickup

No.10 Trucks Are No Longer Penalty Boxes

Those of us born before the SUV boom recall a time when truck interiors were, to put it nicely, unbearable. Truck owners could have any configuration they wanted, provided what they desired was a vinyl bench seat and hand-crank windows. The lucky ones maybe even got an AM radio. Too bad the radio wasn’t audible due to the lack of sound deadening.

But once SUVs gained popularity, people demanded more creature comforts from these truck-based vehicles, and leading manufacturers started throwing in all the niceties into their pickups as well. Modern trucks come with more than just air conditioning and a quiet ride -- four real doors and comfortable seating for five is now common. Higher-spec trucks are becoming luxury vehicles in their own right, packing features that include navigation systems, heated leather seats and three-zone climate control. Modern trucks are now luxury-laden family haulers -- they just happen to be able to haul a boat as well.

seats three-zone climate modern trucks luxury-laden family haulers haul boat

No.9 Trucks Can Tackle Difficult Terrains

Just because modern trucks have gone soft on the inside doesn’t mean they aren’t still capable machines. Unlike modern SUVs -- many of which now have more in common with a Civic than an F-150 -- pickup trucks are still designed to conquer difficult terrain.

What this means to those of us who don’t haul cattle for a living is that a pickup truck is the perfect weekend-adventure vehicle. No matter what the road conditions, a modern pickup -- especially one fitted with a modern four-wheel-drive system and proper tires -- can push through and get you to your destination. Whether you need to traverse an off-road trail to get to your favorite remote campsite or pound snowdrifts into submission to get to the ski resort, a good, properly equipped pickup can get you there.

remote campsite pound snowdrifts submission ski resort properly equipped pickup

No.8 You Can Tow Stuff

Men may grow older, but they never outgrow their love of toys. It’s just that as we grow, so do our playthings. Just as it wasn’t exactly a good idea to ride a big wheel on the street, men’s toys -- like boats, dune buggies and race cars -- can’t be used on public roads either.

The only way to use these things (legally) is to haul them to the playfield, and there is no better way to do so than with, you guessed it, a pickup. These vehicles allow one to use a “fifth-wheel” trailer hitch, which mounts right in the bed. In addition to providing a much stronger connection, these hitches keep the trailer more stable and the vehicle more maneuverable.

bed addition providing stronger connection hitches trailer stable vehicle maneuverable

No.7 It’s More Fun With A Bed

You can’t watch modern truck commercials without seeing a pulverized mountain forcefully dumped into a truck bed, but you don’t need to work in a quarry to enjoy the benefits of a topless cargo area. Unlike an enclosed SUV, one’s cargo-carrying capabilities aren’t limited to or hindered by cabin height. Family men can toss a couple of bicycles or camping gear in the back and enjoy an outdoor adventure with the kids. Single men can do the same, though in a more grown-up way, by strapping down a dirt bike and heading to the desert. Best of all, no matter how dirty your adventures get, clean up can be done with a hose.

grown-up strapping dirt bike heading desert dirty adventures clean hose

No.6 They Drive The Country Gals Crazy -- And Some City Girls Too.

Maybe the fresh air and wide open spaces have a positive effect on their development, but country girls have a compelling natural beauty and seem more pleasant than their city-raised counterparts. And the more ravishing women we come across in the urban jungle? Country girls who have relocated from more rural surroundings.

Perhaps our own semirural upbringing plays a part in this, but we have a number of countrified ladies in our circle of friends, and they all go crazy for pickup trucks. We could be driving an expensive sports car with a sub-8 minute ring time, and these gals couldn't care less. But when we're driving a truck, suddenly we’re more popular than Charlie Sheen at the AVN Awards. We don’t know why this is, and, frankly, we don’t care. We just roll with it and enjoy the benefits. Perhaps a truck can help you out with your own social life. Maybe it won't. One thing's for sure: You'll appear a lot more attractive to these gals than if you were driving a Camry.

enjoy benefits truck social life attractive gals driving anbsp camry

No.5 Trucks Grab Attention Like Few Other Vehicles Can

While some men buy cars solely with the hope that their ride will get women to look at them, other guys buy machines designed to make everyone stare. Whether it’s an uncorked Harley, a Maybach or a Fly Yellow Ferrari, some vehicles are purchased only for their ability to turn heads.

While high-dollar exotics may turn heads in Kansas, in our neck of the woods, those rides are a dime a dozen, and even Ferraris get lost in the shuffle. But no matter where you live -- city or country -- few vehicles command the same kind of attention as an oversize pickup -- especially one that’s been modified. A full-size pickup is the biggest thing on the road outside of a semi; there’s an undeniable presence to something like a lifted F-350 with diesel exhaust stacks. Granted, the attention these trucks garner may not all be positive, but for the type of man who demands his vehicles to go big or go home, being noticed is better than being ignored.

granted attention trucks garner positive type demands vehicles home noticed

No.4 A Truck Can Make You The Hero Of The Neighborhood

Homer Simpson gained the respect of his community when he bought a pickup, mounted a shovel to the front and cleared snow for the townsfolk. But you don’t need a satin jacket or a catchy-yet-dumb theme song to earn the admiration of your neighbors; the truck itself will do just fine. Unlike, say, a Jetta, a truck can help one score a few extra Good Samaritan credits by providing the grunt to give neighbors a tow when their cars get stuck in the snow. A pickup truck makes it easier to help haul saplings -- plus a jungle gym for the children -- to the local park.

For those without a mind for community service, a truck also makes you the go-to guy when it comes time to help a buddy move. Heavy lifting is never fun, but it almost always results in a six-pack, which is hard to complain about. Just save the suds for when the truck is be parked overnight.

heavy lifting fun six-pack complain save suds truck parked overnight

No.3 Trucks Are Generally Safer

Automotive safety comes down to a number of factors, including active and passive safety systems, driver skill and more. But if you had to be in a car crash, which vehicle would you rather be in? A compact or a full-size truck? Having had the unfortunate luck of experiencing vehicular mishaps in both sorts of vehicles, we’ll go with the truck.

Yes, it’s big, and yes, it’s heavy, but assuming the driver isn’t the type of idiot who would roll the thing, a truck can typically survive a stronger hit than a passenger car. After all, trucks are designed to crash into mountains, so a scrape with something like a VW Bug is a minor inconvenience. Like passenger cars, modern trucks come with stability-control systems, smart-braking technologies and a plethora of airbags.

But passenger cars are designed to deform in order to protect their occupants; trucks, on the other hand, just plow through whatever is in the way. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but when our last minor accident saw the Camry that rear-ended us totaled, our press truck drove away with just a couple of scratches on the bumper. Maybe we were just lucky, but since that day, we were sold on the solidity of trucks. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

drove couple scratches bumper lucky sold solidity trucks mileage varyNo.2 It's The Ultimate Tool

Guys have a thing for collecting tools. Doesn’t matter whether we have an immediate use for it, but when we see something we can use to build or fix something else, we just gotta have it. And if there’s one tool that rules over all, it is the pickup. It’s both the ultimate tool and the ultimate toolbox; it can haul lumber, clear land and then serve as a repository for the tools needed to build a home. Trucks can act as both a tow and service vehicle, and have been a comforting sight for more than one stranded motorist since the dawn of the automobile. Trucks are now so common, it’s easy to overlook how important they are. But as they build and maintain the infrastructure that keeps society moving, their importance and usefulness as the ultimate tool just can’t be denied.

important build maintain infrastructure society moving importance ultimate tool denied

No.1 Every Guy Needs To Own A Truck At Some Point In His Life

Just as every guy will eventually break down and buy a motorcycle and/or sports car, every guy needs to own a truck at some point in his life. Trucks can be anything for anyone -- a work machine, a flashy lowrider or a desert-ready hot rod. And unlike a bike or sports car, which signify a pending midlife crisis, trucks, through their utilitarian nature, often bestow upon their drivers an image of strength and quiet confidence. Men who drive trucks are men who people look to for help.

Think about it, political correctness aside. Who would you turn to first for help if your car broke down on the side of the road -- thePrius driver or the guy with a pickup? Be the man everyone wants around, and buy a pickup.

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