Top 10 Most Ticketed Cars: Is your car a cop magnet?

SenorBabyMan 2009/02/06 22:21:46
Yes. My car is a cop magnet
No. My car is not a cop magnet
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Here's a list of the top 10 most ticketed cars. If you own any of the vehicles below, perhaps you may want to trade in your car. These cars attracts more cops than a donut shop.

1. Hummer H2
2. Scion tC
3. Scion xB
4. Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG
5. Toyota Solara Coupe
6. Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG
7. Scion xA
8. Subaru Outback
9. Audi A4
10. Toyota Matrix
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  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2009/10/13 10:46:04
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    car cop magnet nope
  • Depp78 2009/02/26 20:51:54 (edited)
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    My car is not on any list. Not a cop magnet - which is good (I think after double the speed limit you pass go, don't collect $1000, and right to jail) It not going out of business or get models slashed.
    I love you car! limit pass collect 1000 jail business models slashed love car limit pass collect 1000 jail business models slashed love car

    maybe they just don't bother trying to catch me.
  • biggman100 2009/02/17 00:18:40 (edited)
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    I can honestly say i dont think it is the car as much as how it is being driven. I have driven at least 5 of the vehicles on this list, half of them in situations that should have gotten me pulled over but never did. For example a subaru outback that i drove for about 4 months with an invalid inspection sticker, an Audi A4, and Mercedes CLK63, both with dealer plates for personal use, one of which i drove for a year with dealer plates, which in NY is supposed to be a big no-no, and a solara with a headlight out for almost 5 months. I never got ticketed for any of those things, but i always drive the speed limit, and dont do the stupid stuff that i see other people do. It might also be that i dont get bothered because i live in a small town and know most of the cops.
  • nomorerepukes 2009/02/16 23:08:19
  • Gabi 2009/02/11 14:45:20
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    haven't been pulled over once car cop magnet pulled
  • nomorer... Gabi 2009/02/16 23:12:17
  • Gabi nomorer... 2009/02/26 17:09:53
    yup, 1967 442, it's a beauty. oh trust me, i've had tons of offers, but i'm not giving up my beast, no way, it's priceless. i live in michigan.
  • Thanos "In Darwin I trust" 2009/02/11 10:39:52
    Yes. My car is a cop magnet
    Thanos "In Darwin I trust"
    Toyota Celica GT, its either that or my boobies.

    car cop magnet toyota celica gt boobies
  • buckleystyle 2009/02/11 06:24:49 (edited)
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    thank the lord, i can't afford a ticket. The last ticket I got was for 403 dollars and all I did was not stop long enough at a red light before making a right turn. :|
  • Nate 2009/02/10 23:19:45
    Yes. My car is a cop magnet
    Pfff tell me about it.

    car cop magnet pfff
  • JIUstudent 2009/02/10 17:11:05 (edited)
    Yes. My car is a cop magnet
    car cop magnet

    This is what my car looks like with dark tint. Driving around in DC, MD and VA with this car gets me pulled over all the time. Thank God I don't be "ridin' dirty"! The cops never want anything, "Uh, uh, mam, we got a report over the radio that a similar car was used yesterday in a crime and we had to check it out" WHATEVA! Or, "Your tint is too dark, you're going to have to get that tint taken off" WHAT?
    F@$* off and find something better to do!
  • biggman100 JIUstudent 2009/02/17 00:23:35
    Be glad you dont drive it in NY. Because of a new law, if the tint is too dark and you have been told to remove it twice, they can impound your car and remove the tint. The law was made after a couple people with dark windows shot cops, because they couldnt see that the guys were armed through the tint.
  • JIUstudent biggman100 2009/02/17 20:51:27 (edited)
    I am glad I don't drive it in NY!! The thing is I got the tint done in Maryland, and the tint level is legal there, however, being that Virginia and DC are minutes away, I'm driving through there everyday, and DC cops are the worst. They sweat you so hard over the tint. The tint level is too dark for DC, but I'm like I have Maryland tags. They don't ticket me but they always say that I need to lighten it up or I will be ticketed next time. It's really not worth the hassle but it's a shame you can't ride in any type of vehicle with dark tint without being damn near harassed!! The tint works wonders in the summertime, keeps the sun out of my kids eyes.
  • biggman100 JIUstudent 2009/02/19 01:10:01
    I agree with you that you should be able to tint the windows on your car and not be harassed, but i can also see where the cops are coming from. Half the cops that are shot in this state couldnt see the weapons in the car because of the dark windows.
  • Walter925 2009/02/10 10:04:48
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    My Dodge Caravan is not a cop magnet because I drive within the speed limits and know where they are at. Everyday I drive over 60 miles both coming and going to work. They pulled me over only once and that was because someone down the road was driving in a vehicle like mine. I am Safe!!!
  • kritprepnerd 2009/02/10 01:50:50
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    based on the list my car is not a cop magnet but i think it is i mean i get millions of tickets a year
  • princess 2009/02/10 00:44:02 (edited)
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    Only if I were speeding.....
    car cop magnet speeding
  • ghtown 2009/02/09 23:36:05
    Yes. My car is a cop magnet
    i have a Pagani Zonda F do you know how much I've been pulled over?
    but i just tell the cops i was in a hurry for a race and they just let me go.
    car cop magnet pagani zonda ive pulled cops hurry race
  • actualunderground 2009/02/09 20:06:17 (edited)
  • bambam actualu... 2009/02/10 23:16:36
    Haha way to announce it sodahead :)
  • alazyangel 2009/02/09 18:07:35
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    Suzuki Esteem
    car cop magnet suzuki esteem

    I think my crappy car is safe~
  • SAM 2009/02/09 17:46:30
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    Never got a ticket before.

    car cop magnet ticket
  • Kirk 2009/02/09 17:45:09
    Yes. My car is a cop magnet
    Yes my car is a cop magnet it is a 2001 Ford Mustang I've even had it painted several times yet they still find me right now it's painted a metalic blue
  • LDBeyes 2009/02/09 10:20:51
    Yes. My car is a cop magnet
    car cop magnet

    Glad it's not on the list!
  • squashems 2009/02/09 04:44:45
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    haha :) not at at all

    car cop magnet haha
  • Becky 2009/02/09 03:57:03
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    But after the cops see me driving my new Subaru Legacy GT a few times, it will be.
  • Zach 2009/02/09 02:59:03
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    I'm good

    car cop magnet
  • biggman100 Zach 2009/02/10 05:54:24
    Id be careful. I saw a new beetle the other day pulled over at least twice, but then again when i went by him he was stopped by a cop, then a couple miles later he flew by me and got stopped again.
  • The Rock 2009/02/09 02:03:16
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    The Rock
    I also think maybe it's still some of the driving habits of who is driving the car. I don't think police target just the make of a car. Because I see a lot of idiots out there that should not be driving a car or any motor operated vehicle.
  • Matt 2009/02/09 02:00:58
    Yes. My car is a cop magnet
    Ticket red Chrysler Crossfire 2-seater. Knock on wood, I've been lucky so far.
  • thakatchaser 2009/02/09 01:28:54
  • No Name 2009/02/09 01:14:45
  • Eliza 2009/02/09 01:01:01
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    How can a car be a cop magnet?
  • musiclovingirl 2009/02/09 00:40:36
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    I drive a 2007 Chevy Aveo car cop magnet 2007 chevy aveo
  • Jakki 2009/02/09 00:35:54
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    A 97 Ford Escort
  • babyjazz "In my HEART I trust' 2009/02/08 23:52:27
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    babyjazz "In my HEART I trust'
    Nope. :] car cop magnet nope
  • True~Male 2009/02/08 23:41:24
    No. My car is not a cop magnet
    It's a 07 Honda Accord car cop magnet 07 honda accord
  • 168290 2009/02/08 23:40:02
  • Grape :) 2009/02/08 23:12:46
    Yes. My car is a cop magnet
    Grape :)
    Mine is on the list.
    But I don't do any moving violations, so on the list yes, but realistically for me, its not.
  • Dead grandmother 2009/02/08 23:02:00

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