Toothpastes That Eat Teeth

Toothpastes That Eat Teeth:
(thanks to Trish from the Aurum Group for supplying this information)

The RDA value ( radioactive dentin abrasion or relative dentin abrasivity) is figured for every FDA approved toothpaste. However, this is rarely mentioned in the marketing efforts of the manufacturers, since a few of them are quite abrasive.

The ADA (American Dental Association) has adopted a standardized test. Basically, extracted human are irradiated with mild neutrons, mounted and stripped of enamel. The teeth are then inserted into a brushing machine and brushed at a constant pressure and stroke speed. The rinsewater is then measured for its radioactivity and recorded. Thus after a few calculations, a score or index is given to the toothpaste. Any value over 100 is considered to be abrasive. The ADA recommended limit is 250, whereas the FDA limit is 200. Other factors that are taken into consideration are the size, quantity, and surface structure of the abrasive itself.

The RDA table:
0-70 = low abrasive
70-100 = medium abrasive
100-150 = highly abrasive
150-250 = regarded as harmful limit

Toothpastes RDA Value

Straight Baking Soda 7
Arm & Hammer Tooth Powder 8
Arm & Hammer Dental Care 35
Oxyfresh 45
Tom's of Maine Sensitive 49
Arm & Hammer Peroxicare 49
Rembrandt Original 53
CloSYS 53
Tom's of Maine Children's 57
Colgate Regular 68
Colgate Total 70
Sensodyne 79
Aim 80
Tooth and Gum Care 83
Colgate Sensitive Max Strength 83
Aquafresh Sensitive 91
Tom's of Maine Regular 93
Crest Regular 95
Mentadent 103
Sensodyne Extra Whitening 104
Colgate Platinum 106
Crest Sensitivity 107
Colgate Herbal 110
Aquafresh Whitening 113
Arm & Hammer Tarter Control 117
Arm & Hammer Advance White Gel 117
Close-up with Baking Soda 120
Colgate Whitening 124
Crest Extra Whitening 130
Ultra Brite 133
Crest MultiCare Whitening 144
Colgate Baking Soda Whitening 145
Pepsodent 150
Colgate Tarter Control 165
Colgate 2-in-1 Tarter Control/White 200
FDA Recommended Limit 200
ADA Recommended Limit 250

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Yikes! I've been brushing with Pepsodent for over 30 years. I'm really surprised at some of the highest ones.
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  • imran 2009/07/14 07:59:25
  • Connie imran 2009/07/14 16:49:02
    You're very welcome. Thanks back atcha for the link =)
  • Kara 2009/02/07 16:42:04
    Teeth are an important part of our body. Thanks for the information. My dentist has me use ACT, which is an enamel restoring mouth wash. teeth important body information dentist act enamel restoring mouth wash
  • Connie Kara 2009/02/07 18:14:57
    I thought about trying that stuff as my teeth are prone to cracking, but my dentist poo pooed the idea when I mentioned it to him. Has it seemed to make a difference for you? Not sure if there is anyway to tell that or not, at least not short term.
  • JO4USA 2009/02/06 21:38:25
    Cool post, thanks for the info.
    Looks like Baking Soda's where my budget will be soon enough!
  • Connie JO4USA 2009/02/07 01:37:06
    You're more than welcome =) We used to use baking soda to brush with when I was a kid, looks like we might be going back to it now as well.
  • JO4USA Connie 2009/02/07 02:43:52
    I talked to my Dentist about the mouthwashes, gargles or whatever to use. Of course he recommended an $18 one from him. So I asked for his cheapest alternative.
    Salted water.
  • Connie JO4USA 2009/02/07 03:56:35
    $18??!!! good gravy, no way could I bring myself to pay that much for mouthwash! Makes sense that salt water would be a good alternative since it always seems to help soothe and heal a sore throat. I just might switch to that too as the alcohol in the regular mouthwashes can't be good for our mouthes. Thanks for the tip.

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