Today's my dad's birthday... first birthday in heaven :'( I hope it's a great one up there<3

Isabella 2013/01/27 03:26:49
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  • Asim 2013/02/05 17:02:50
    He's got great company. Be good :)
  • Maleficent 2013/02/03 22:41:46
    I'm sorry for your dad. and happy birthday to him.
  • webcrawler 2013/01/31 00:28:09
    I hope he has a good birthday
  • Keith 2013/01/29 17:23:36
    Sorry. I hope he is celebrating.
  • Ameera 2013/01/28 09:00:03
    aww so sorry. may he rest in peace
    stay strong <3
  • 2789847 2013/01/28 02:26:53
  • No One 2013/01/28 02:10:03
    No One
    I'm sorry Isabella!
  • Chrissi 2013/01/27 23:43:02
    My whole family is joining him.
  • AnonymousDino$aur 2013/01/27 22:46:50
  • Karlheinz 2013/01/27 22:24:21
    no such thing as heaven, But r.i.p too him.
  • john.dutyiii 2013/01/27 21:39:14
    Happy birthday to him.He's in the place we all want to be and you'll see him again someday :-)
  • JessDeCristo 2013/01/27 19:12:34
    Here's wishing your dad a happy birthday. My dad's 1st birthday in heaven was on july 1999, and my mom's was on 05/03/2002 , and my wife 's mom passed away last august, she'll have her 1st birthday on february 15. You have a lot of company.
  • TiffanyBelle 2013/01/27 19:00:44
  • jan 2013/01/27 18:58:34
    It's my dad's birthday and first birthday in heaven as well. What a coincidence. Happy Birthday to both of them.
  • CobaltRose96 2013/01/27 18:36:34
    Sorry for your loss. Tuesday will be the 6th anniversary of my grandmothers passing, but she'll always be in my heart, as I'm sure your father is in yours. :)
  • ProudMom 2013/01/27 18:01:24
    Sorry your dad isn't here with you. I lost my dad two years ago. I know he's in a better place.
  • User Deactivated 2013/01/27 17:38:26
    User Deactivated
    I'm sorry you had to celebrate his life without him being there in the flesh. You will always have him in your heart.
  • Sonny 2013/01/27 16:28:58 (edited)
    Happy birthday to your dad, I'm sure he's looking down on you and saying awww that's my lovely daughter to his other angel friends. he knows that you think of him and you will make the right decisions in life regardless of him not being there and take good care of yourself. he believes in you. always keep that in mind
  • 630R63 2013/01/27 15:22:27
  • Brandon 2013/01/27 14:42:31
    Don't worry. You'll be with him soon enough. 2 Samuel 12:22
  • Debra Smith 2013/01/27 13:45:56
  • john brenni 2013/01/27 13:38:21
  • pammie 2013/01/27 13:29:57
    Sorry to hear that .... Happy birthday to your dad ...hope he is resting in peace
  • Dan Green 2013/01/27 13:01:02 (edited)
    Dan Green
    What makes you think he's in Heaven?

    I do hope he is resting in peace, where ever he is.
  • Brandon Dan Green 2013/01/27 14:44:01
    You are really a sad person. To try to debate religion or question salvation to a person who is talking about their lost father.
  • Soft Wh... Dan Green 2013/04/05 13:11:41
    Soft Whispers
    Your comment/opinion wasn't nessisary on this poll, talk about cold and heartless, do you even have any compassion at all, this young girl misses her dad terribly and you say that...do you even have a heart?
  • Luke 2013/01/27 12:48:47
    Happy Birthday to Dad....
    I'm sure he's smiling down on you now.
  • Dan 2013/01/27 10:51:30
    Sorry to hear that.
  • betz 2013/01/27 09:45:54
    It's tough isn't it Isabella? My father will, in March, celebrate his 5th birthday in heaven. I'm certain all of our wonderful father's are helping your dear father celebrate. God bless them all. My thoughts are with you.
  • Fenris 2013/01/27 09:34:24
    You have my condolences!
  • GoDucks5 2013/01/27 09:11:32
    I'm sorry for your loss, happy birthday to your dad though.
  • susan BN-0 2013/01/27 08:51:29
    susan BN-0
    I'm sorry for your loss,happy birthday to your dad up In heaven.
  • Cat 2013/01/27 07:43:19
    My husband had his first one in Heaven last August. Maybe they all threw you dad a party, who can say?
  • vdehl 2013/01/27 07:22:39
    Condolences. I missed my dead parents also. My mom died on May 5th, 2011. My dad died a while back in 1998. I miss them both. How good their birthdays in heaven are is really a question mark. It depends. I guess everyone likes to be remembered. flores para los muertos
  • sglmom 2013/01/27 07:21:00
    My sympathies on your loss ..
    Remember the positive times you and your father enjoyed ..
    that will let his spirit know his daughter is well .. and fine ..
  • Jerry 2013/01/27 06:57:26
    ..... " Isabella, this must be a tough time for You, just know, that Your Dad is being reunited with other loved Family members that are also in Heaven, and with Your strong Faith, continue to walk the path of righteousness, and don't follow the 6 lane super highway of the non believers, if at any time You want to instant message me, while I'm online the same time as You, please do, I'm a Born Again Christian, Full Gospel, and I will try my best to get You through times like this, please, try not to reflect on deceased Family members, it's not healthy, ....... " let go, and let God " ........ time and time again, in the Holy Bible are accounts of persons, or even groups of people, that called on God, through prayer, to spiritually strengthen Them to overcome dismal odds, " the Lord, will move mountains to take care of His Faithful people, when You pray, make sure You end Your prayer, ( In Jesus Name ) ......... there is such power in including God, Jesus Christ and The invisible, Holy Spirit ........ know also, Your personal Guardian Angel will protect You, in times of crisis or even sorrow, and I am here also, if You want to share privately with me, please instant message me, and not post, where All Soda Heads are knowing what You are going through right now......... " God Bless and Keep You, Isabella " ........
  • ASithLordsPoet/angelpoet17/ 2013/01/27 06:40:31
    happy birth day to your dad
  • Chokmah 2013/01/27 06:39:01
    They have great birthdays in heaven with lots of cotton candy!
  • Broken 2013/01/27 06:29:21
    So sad for you. I join you in hoping he is in Heaven.
  • ruru 2013/01/27 05:59:39
    Nice of you to mention your dad on his birthday. Bet he was proud of you.

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