Today Is Pi Day! Is It an Awesome Tradition or a Nerdy Celebration?

The Big Question 2012/03/14 07:00:00
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  • Flowers 2012/03/14 13:13:00
    Awesome Tradition
    The Calculation for Pi is universal. No matter which unit of measurement you use, the same result will be 3.1415926..... THAT is fantastic.

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  • Aahz_OneAndOnly 2012/03/17 02:41:36
    Awesome Tradition
    Knowledge is Power!!!

    Go Joe
  • Nika 2012/03/16 20:20:06
    Awesome Tradition
    Celebrated it in math class.
  • desert_flowerxx 2012/03/15 22:09:43
    Awesome Tradition
    It is cute.
  • Flamingolady 2012/03/15 13:22:12
    Nerdy Celebration
    Totally missed the day.
  • padfoot 2012/03/15 05:16:28
    Nerdy Celebration
    Ack....My whole school had a "celebration" about Pi. My God....Most boring thing I've ever done:(
  • Rachel 2012/03/15 04:45:23
    Nerdy Celebration
    ... and awesome at the same time. :-)
  • Sildy 2012/03/15 03:04:37
    Nerdy Celebration
    While some might recall it from school...most just don't care @ it, lol sorry math nerds = )
  • Laurel~BlackSunrise 2012/03/15 00:50:17
    Awesome Tradition
    it's approximately 3.14 times the fun of every other day!
  • ehrhornp 2012/03/15 00:27:46
    Nerdy Celebration
    Today is the first I heard of it.
  • Jiorgia 2012/03/15 00:01:34
    Awesome Tradition
    damnit i missed pi day.
    stupid being ahead by 20 hours, making my life miserable (i would of missed it anyway but still) :(
  • Brad 2012/03/14 20:56:04
  • Todd's Love 2012/03/14 20:48:45
    Awesome Tradition
    Todd's Love
    any excuse 2 celebrate is a GREAT excuse 2 celebrate life & all thats in it.

    besides, we've got 'talk-like-a-pirate-day' (Pastafarian religion) why not a day 4 pies? XD
  • I<3Edward 2012/03/14 20:43:29
    Awesome Tradition
    I love nerds :)
  • Todd's ... I<3Edward 2012/03/14 20:49:15
    Todd's Love
    i thought u loved edward? :'(
  • I<3Edward Todd's ... 2012/03/14 20:52:24
    :) who said he wasn't a nerd....
  • Todd's ... I<3Edward 2012/03/14 20:57:24
    Todd's Love
    LAWL nice

    i wouldntve known tho
  • Rogue_Loner 2012/03/14 20:00:54
  • Todd's ... Rogue_L... 2012/03/14 20:49:28
  • Anya of 3 Bees 2012/03/14 19:45:28
    Nerdy Celebration
    Anya of 3 Bees
    As I consider myself a nerd ... this is a good thing! Off I go to bake a Blackberry and Peach Pie to celebrate ... can't wait for dessert.
  • AmberA 2012/03/14 19:38:50
    Nerdy Celebration
    But that's no reason why it isn't awesome as well. (:
  • Bronar 2012/03/14 19:33:48
    Awesome Tradition
    Are Pi's a minority? If so we can assume Chuck Shumer is working on a national holiday for them. Which is the way it should be! I'll bet people who don't love Pi are all racists!

    sorry...got carried away...
  • AM Bronar 2012/03/14 20:09:25
  • Bronar AM 2012/03/14 20:11:00
    Go Chuck Shumer. Every day should be bj day!!! Didn't Clinton try to get that one through though?
  • AM Bronar 2012/03/14 21:33:38
  • animeknight16 2012/03/14 19:33:43
    Nerdy Celebration
    In my opinion it's not really nerdy it's just not something I would celebrate and i treat it as a regular day because there's not a huge life changing meaning to it..
  • Bibliophilic 2012/03/14 19:32:16 (edited)
    Awesome Tradition
    Awesome and nerdy- they can come together at times.
  • Joseph 2012/03/14 19:23:20
    Awesome Tradition
  • Christi 2012/03/14 19:20:07
    Awesome Tradition
  • Vicky 2012/03/14 19:08:04
    Awesome Tradition
    its awesome we have a party in class i made 27 miniature apple pies :)
  • Linkums 2012/03/14 18:58:02 (edited)
    Nerdy Celebration
    Hard to choose since "awesome" and "nerdy" are like the same thing to me.

    It's also White Day in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China, the day where the boys give chocolate back to the girls who gave them chocolate on Valentine's Day.
  • AM 2012/03/14 18:53:52 (edited)
  • ErinGoBragh87 2012/03/14 18:44:14 (edited)
    Awesome Tradition
  • Idiot repubs 2012/03/14 18:41:03
    Nerdy Celebration
    Idiot repubs
    Both really.

    The fact that you can take a circle and divide its area by it's circumference and get a number that never ends.....................It's awesome!!

    Kramer amazed seinfeld
  • Crime Time 2012/03/14 18:35:54
  • doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/03/14 18:35:04
    Awesome Tradition
    Oh yeah! Happy Pi Day! :D
    yeah happy pi
  • lori 2012/03/14 18:22:13
    Awesome Tradition
    my favorite meyer lemon pie
  • JoeKnows 2012/03/14 18:19:25
    Nerdy Celebration
    The truth is that Pi Day only happened once, but remains a holiday constant that never repeats itself. Therefore, Pi Day... is every day.
  • FordCrews 2012/03/14 18:15:12
    Nerdy Celebration
    And here I was thinking it was the Ides of March.
  • ☆SPIDERPIECES☆: HERO of PHAET 2012/03/14 17:42:34
    Awesome Tradition
    Pi is ok.

    It's another 216 digit number that's driving me insane.

    pi 216 digit number driving insane
  • ally 2012/03/14 17:35:28
    Awesome Tradition
    It's traced back to Julius Caesar. Good thing, too. The next day, March 15th, didn't turn out great for him.....

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