Tip 78: Customize Sticky Notes

Welshtaff 2012/04/14 21:31:17

Tip 78: Customize Sticky Notes
(Works with Windows Vista and Windows 7)

Almost everyone knows what sticky notes are - the yellow notes you stick to walls, computer screens, and sometimes even someone's back. There's a digital version you can use which makes things neater and probably saves a few trees. Much like a real note, you can even format your Sticky Notes by selecting text and using a variety of different keyboard shortcuts. But first, if you've never used Sticky Notes, here's how to access it on your computer.

In Windows 7, you can access Sticky Notes by clicking the Windows Start button at the bottom left of your screen, clicking All Programs, Accessories and then you should see Sticky Notes.

The Sticky Notes application in Windows Vista is actually implemented as a gadget for the Windows Sidebar, so to add it you'll want to right-click anywhere on the sidebar or on the tray icon and choose "Add Gadgets", then select the Notes icon on the menu, and drag it over to the sidebar. Notes will sit in the Sidebar or you can drag them to the desktop where they will be larger and easier to read and edit if needed.

Here's the shortcuts you can use to format your text:

Bold: CTRL+B
Italics: CTRL+I
Underline: CTRL+U
Strikethrough: CTRL+T
Increase size of text: CTRL+SHIFT+>
Decrease size of text: CTRL+SHIFT+<
Bullet List: CTRL+SHIFT+L
Numbered List: CTRL+SHIFT+L (do this twice)
Alphabetical List: CTRL+SHIFT+L (do this three times)

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