This is a Poem I Wrote for My Dad

keeper 2013/01/21 00:04:10

For Dad

I've seen the sun, i've seen the star.
Father you were, and papa you are.
You've shown me the truths.
You've shown me the way.
You are my tomorrow.
You are my today.
You have allways been my dad.
You made me happy; sometimes sad.
But you allways made me be myself.
I thank you for this hidden wealth.
You made me your son; I can't help say
I'll love you forever and a day.
You make me want to know you more,
And that is why we need the shore
of the sea that brought us close.
So we will live together soon;
Over the clouds, beyond the moon.
We shall have our future ties,
to lift our hearts, and make us rise
Above this temporal state...

JVW 1985

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  • betz 2013/01/21 00:15:59 (edited)
    OH keeper...that is so beautiful. I know both of our fathers were very special people to us. I miss my father as I know you do your's. What a great tribute to whom I know had to have been a special dad. Thank you keeper for sharing something so personal.

    I love you dad

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