There's a Velveeta Cheese Shortage: Do You Eat the Stuff?

AdriHead 2014/01/07 21:23:45
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The world is getting less cheesy! According to Advertising Age, Kraft Foods is dealing with a Velveeta shortage. And apparently, it has something to do with the fact that it's "dip season."


In an email, Kraft spokeswoman Jody Moore said "Given the incredible popularity of Velveeta this time of year, it is possible consumers may not be able to find their favorite product on store shelves over the next couple of weeks... Our retail customers are aware of the situation and we expect it to be a short-term issue."

What do you think of this cheesy shortage? Will you be directly affected by the lack of Velveeta in your life? Are you even an avid Velveeta eater?

Read More: http://adage.com/article/news/dip-dilemma-kraft-ru...

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  • CocaColaCandy 2014/01/07 21:32:16
    No, not really
    You mean the flourescent orange, vaguely cheeselike substance that doesn't even have to be refrigerated but costs almost as much as real cheese? Nope.

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  • 1N2LEATHER 2014/06/14 22:45:51
    No, not really
    Gross. One of the worst things I have ever had in my mouth coming rom someone that has had a lot I their mouth. LOL
  • amiahedmondson 2014/04/01 15:24:38
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    yes, i love the mac and cheese
  • Al in St. Lou 2014/03/18 18:23:40
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    Al in St. Lou
    What else are you going to use to make dip with Ro-Tel? And it's better than the powdered cheese for Mac & Cheese.
  • Grace Rose 2014/01/22 01:48:11
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    Grace Rose
    It makes great homemade macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and cheesy salsa...oh man, now I'm jonesin for some Velveeta, and I don't have any :(
  • Concolor2001 2014/01/21 21:31:45
    No, not really
    Yuck. I'm partial to 8-year-old Vermont White Cheddar. Or a good smoked Gouda. Or any of a number of actual, real CHEESES. Velveeta is disgusting.
  • Claudine 2014/01/20 00:51:10
    No, not really
    Krap Foods will never thouch these lips :/
  • Daniel Hughey 2014/01/13 20:56:36
    No, not really
    Daniel Hughey
    A better question is it an income based food? Do you think anyone in congress eats it?
    Or anyone who is rich? No, I don't think so.
  • PM 2014/01/13 13:21:15 (edited)
    No, not really
    This is just a ploy by Kraft to raise the price of this package of dyed yellow chemicals.

    Now, just what classification of fake cheese is Velveeta? Is it Cheese Food? Is it Cheese Product? Or is it Cheese Spread? IDK? Maybe there should be a new fake cheese classification called "Immitation Cheese, or Cheese Substitute"!
  • Diogenes... Still looking. 2014/01/13 10:44:09
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    Diogenes... Still looking.
    Did the cows go on strike?
  • MicheleAshley 2014/01/13 03:33:15
    No, not really
    Never eaten it at all.
  • Gxoxo 2014/01/12 17:58:00
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    When I was broke leaving by myself in college. That's all I would make lol fast and cheap and... Easy!
  • txtumlinCelebratesCyberFriends 2014/01/12 15:26:17 (edited)
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    Only twice a year! Super Bowl and a birthday night celebration. So twice a year is not too bad for the processed junk. Lol - Velveeta   sausage dip
  • Kristen *Guru* Lynn 2014/01/12 14:24:04
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    Kristen *Guru* Lynn
    It's the best fake cheese ever!
  • Dave 007 2014/01/12 13:08:30
    No, not really
    Dave 007
    Are the people in Wisconsin on strike because their beloved Packers lost?
  • Ally 2014/01/12 11:36:02
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
  • Insightonsite 2014/01/12 10:50:38
    No, not really
    Don't they give that stuff away at food banks?
  • Twisted Princess 2014/01/12 03:09:58
    No, not really
    Twisted Princess
    I don't notice the difference between V and any other cheese I use.
  • Lady Serena 2014/01/12 01:49:38
    No, not really
    Lady Serena
    Eww *shudders*, no thank you.
  • MiaBella 2014/01/12 00:35:12
    No, not really
    Did all the factories run out of plastic???
  • Major Mel 2014/01/11 18:21:41
    No, not really
    Major Mel
    That is the worst excuse for cheese I've ever tasted. It's absolutely awful!
  • Dgjot~PWCM~JLA 2014/01/11 12:26:29
    No, not really
    Ewwwwww. That s**t is nasty.
  • Jedi Master Ashakta Li 2014/01/11 11:34:27
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    Jedi Master  Ashakta Li
    It makes the best mac & cheese.
  • Earthling 2014/01/11 02:57:55
    No, not really
    I'm not sure what a Velveeta shortage (or oversupply, or neutrally adequate supply) has to do with cheese. A shortage of Velveeta is not a shortage of cheese, any more than a shortage of Bud Light is a shortage of beer.
  • Major Mel Earthling 2014/01/11 18:23:15
    Major Mel
    Good analogy! Both Velveeta and Bud Light suck big time!
  • Ben Richards 2014/01/11 00:18:49
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    Ben Richards
    It's great for those occasional nachos. It's as real as 90% of the other stuff on the market these days.
  • kcandi 2014/01/10 22:43:57
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
  • Thomas 2014/01/10 18:16:19
    No, not really
    Wow. I didn't even know they still made Cheese Substitute.
  • Murph 2014/01/10 17:39:04 (edited)
    No, not really
    They're not taking global climate change into account. Once this Polar Vortex dissipates, the Velveeta shortage will work itself out.
  • cranejumper 2014/01/10 14:18:40
    No, not really
    grilled cheese
  • Earthling craneju... 2014/01/11 02:59:19
    What does that have to do with Velveeta?
  • craneju... Earthling 2014/01/11 18:48:05
    Okay take two pieces of bread butter both slices of bread on one side place to the side open Velveeta cheese package and carefully slice about two 1/4" thick slices of Velveeta take frying pan and heat on medium heat for a couple minutes after two minutes carefully pick up fring pan and turn away fro heat and spray pam so nothing sticks to pan place one piece of pre buttered bread butter side down in the pan let cook a little bit thirty seconds about, put pre-sliced Velveeta cheese on top of bare side of cooking bread, place second piece of pre-buttered bread buttered side up on top of Velveeta. with spatula lift up one corner first piece of bread to see if it is cooked to your satisfaction. If it is carefully flip sandwich over with spatula and cook second side until it is done to your liking. When done remove sandwich from frying pan and place on plate and garnish with a dill pickle spear or two next to sandwich. Enjoy there are different variations . Try adding thin slices of ham, tuna, jalapenos, onions etc.etc.etc.... grilled cheese sandwiches can be very versatile. All of the above has one thing in common VELVEETA CHEESE as this thread has asked
  • Earthling craneju... 2014/01/16 05:59:38
    Velveeta is not cheese.

    In 2002, the FDA issued a Warning Letter to Kraft that Velveeta was being sold with packaging that described it as a "Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread", which the FDA claimed was misbranded because the product declared milk protein concentrate (MPC) in its ingredients listing. Velveeta is now sold in the US as a "Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product", a term for which the FDA does not maintain a standard of identity, and which therefore may contain MPC.

    Not cheese.
  • craneju... Earthling 2014/01/16 08:03:27
  • Earthling craneju... 2014/01/17 06:46:13
    I don't refer to toilet paper as "a tree". If you like Velveeta, great. Fill a bathtub with it and jump in. Live it up. But you'll never get me to call it cheese.
  • craneju... Earthling 2014/01/17 15:42:11
    Thank You
  • Fallout 2014/01/10 14:03:00
    No, not really
    I'd maybe eat it if someone served it to me. I prefer fresh healthy foods.
  • Coffeenoir 2014/01/10 13:51:35
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    Love it!!!
  • sherjohnlockian 2014/01/10 04:13:37
    Yes, I love Velveeta!
    We use it often, but I tend to lean more towards other cheeses.
  • kitty 2014/01/10 03:48:52
    No, not really
    Regular Kraft and homemade M&C; all day everyday
  • vitaminanime 2014/01/10 02:32:51
    No, not really
    real cheese tastes better and isn't loaded with artificial chemicals

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