There Was A Time When America Did NOT Bow To Islam?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/02/23 04:56:43

Cast your gaze upon this country’s oldest war memorial; the Tripoli Monument (fantastic photo set) Erected in honor of the fallen in the 1st Barbary War. The [very] first defensive war between the United States and Islamic Muslim Jihadists (circa 1800′s), AKA the Barbary Pirates.

Santiago Matamoros at the Amillennialist Contra Mundum blog writes:

America’s oldest military monument, carved of marble from a quarry used by Michelangelo. Dedicated to those who perished in our Republic’s first War of Self-Defense Against Allah, the First Barbary War.
Interesting images on the monument dedicated to defending America against jihad.
Are those Buddhists? After all, why would Religionists of Peace appear on an American war memorial?
Obama says, “Respect Islam.” Paul says, “It’s our fault.” Romney says, “There’s nothing inherently violent about Islam.” That’s utter nescience (or worse, treason).

‘Respect’ the ‘inherently violent’ totalitarian ideology Islam, because it’s entirely ‘our fault‘ that a power hungry, barbaric warlord in the making –Mohammed, stumbled out of a cave centuries ago with plans to conquer the globe by spreading his false religion Islam –at the point of a sword. I think I’ll pass…

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  • Rabbit 2012/02/23 07:31:14
    Because our government has been infiltrated by Muslims and Communists. Multi culturalism does not work...it's how Rome was taken down, from the inside.

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