The Young Woman

Keen Tojones 2011/12/08 03:50:10


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The Young Woman
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She's my baby. Only 21. Has a baby of her own. A beautiful little brown girl who is a genius.

My daughter...oh god, how I've worried about her.

There is a terrible effect on children when they watch their mother go crazy. My daughter watched that. She went through some very hard times when she was small.

But she's got the street smarts of a shark and a heart as big as Dallas. She's beautiful and talented. When she sings, that's when I know that we have a strain of African DNA in our blood. I'm built like a black woman, though I'm so white...my kids are white too. I had a white grandmother with the eyes of a black woman. There are clues. But my daughter's voice gives me chill bumps and suddenly, it all makes sense.

My daughter sings so beautifully.

She recently left the state to start a new life. I hope she makes it, and makes it well.

My daughter's are tough people. But they don't look tough. All three are beautiful. And gifted creatively.

I'm proud of them. They make me laugh and they inspire me. They've been there for me, as I tried to be there for them.

My oldest daughter is the intellectual of my three girls. But she's also creatively talented. My next to the oldest also sings and she's super talented as an artist. She's also hilarious.

My baby, my youngest, she gets to my heart. I guess I relate more with her.

I wish good relationships for my daughter's. When they are old enough.

Of course, my oldest daughter is married. I can still remember her as a 3 year old asking me where babies come from. We'd just left Burger King, and she was in the back seat. I looked into the rear view mirror, watching her munching on fries.

I think I said something like, "Well, a man and a woman fall in love, get married and then they kiss and later they have a baby."

"Oh, no!" She cried out. "Babies come from Burger King!"

As I thought about what she'd said it occurred to me that we'd just left Burger King and she was a baby.

Made sense to me.

She was once, this oldest daughter of mine, deemed "lazy" and "average" by a teacher. I took her out of the school and taught her at home for a year. I didn't see anything lazy or average about her. She became so self motivated that homeschooling her was a breeze. I didn't have to make her read Louisa May Alcott. I didn't have to make her work the equations or attend to other readings. She just did it.

She has a masters degree now. Very bright young woman.

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