The Vatican’s pornographic bathroom?

~ The Rebel ~ 2011/12/18 12:46:55
Rumors that the Vatican is filled with perverse artworks are as old as the palace itself. Most of the stories are fabrications. But one is not: In 1516, the Renaissance master Raphael decorated a bathroom within the Papal Apartments with erotic frescos. Today, the wicked gallery is called the Stufetta della Bibbiena, the “small heated room of Cardinal Bibbiena,” after the worldly official who commissioned the work. It was, of course, a different era, when Bibbiena, like most papal officials, was a patron of the arts more than a servant of God. He was also the author of risqué plays and an erudite man-about-town. Like his peers, Bibbiena was entranced by the ribald pagan imagery that was being unearthed in Imperial Roman ruins. He asked his friend Raphael to decorate his lodgings in the fashionable classical style, complete with naked nymphs being spied upon by lusting satyrs, with no anatomical detail hidden.

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  • Lady Serena 2012/11/09 07:59:36
    Lady Serena
    They (the Vatican) are a bunch of hypocrites, so i'm not surprised that it's still there instead of torn down and remade in an image more to their supposed "liking". But that's just my opinion.
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2011/12/18 15:18:11
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    I remember in the USA when a woman showing her knees was considered Porn! Hell a scene of the actress Jane Russel and actor Jack Buetel, in the Outlaw was banned as porographic , and all they were doing was fully clothed rolling around in a hay stack...As people become educated to the facts of reality, the more they allow...
  • VioletY... Clay Sl... 2011/12/20 06:41:46
    How old are you?
  • Clay Sl... VioletY... 2011/12/20 21:27:17
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    I dont know what my age has to do with anything.. However I am 74 years old, so yes I remember movies from the 1940's
  • VioletY... Clay Sl... 2011/12/21 03:25:02
    Um, yeah it has to do with you mentioning you remember when seeing a woman's ankles was pornography. If you don't want to discuss your age, then try to refrain by bringing it up in discussing the olden days.
  • Clay Sl... VioletY... 2011/12/21 18:04:45 (edited)
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    Even if I was 20 years old, I can read and study history.. My age has nothing to do with it.. Period.... Hell people quote the bible, and they were not around when it was written.. Do you ask them if they were there.. Jeeeeeeeez,, some ding dongs........

    It was a comparison of what was thought of as pornographic, from time to time, and how things are viewed in the modern world as to back in the dark ages...How old would I have to be to make a comment on Neanderthal Man?????LMAO
  • VioletY... Clay Sl... 2011/12/21 18:53:48
    If I knew you would be such a child about it, I wouldn't have asked.
  • Clay Sl... VioletY... 2011/12/21 19:41:51
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    I am curious as to why you think my age has anything to do with the subjects????

    And I didnt hesitate to tell you my age,, who is being childish now????
  • ~ The R... Clay Sl... 2011/12/21 20:17:16 (edited)
    ~ The Rebel ~
    I'm curious as to why she asked! I've been told don't put personal info on the net!
  • Wahvlvke 2011/12/18 13:46:08
    Time have a way of changing.
  • Jay Theyme 2011/12/18 13:19:48
    Jay Theyme
    You call that 'Pornography'? Sorry, I do not.
  • Clay Sl... Jay Theyme 2012/11/09 14:19:15
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    Those catholics were some wierd ones back when... they kept stuff like this and it is still in the Vatican, locked away..

    Bronze sculpture hidden in the Vatican treasury of the Cock, symbol of St. Peter. Inscription reads "Savior of the World."

    hidden vatican treasury cock symbol peter inscription reads savior world
  • Jay Theyme Clay Sl... 2012/11/09 18:47:52
    Jay Theyme

    No, there would be absolutely nothing 'weird' about the Vatican collecting a massive collection of millions of artifacts, artwork, ancient literature, statues and millions of items of artwork.

    *No, it is not a symbol of Saint Peter and nobody thinks it is. However, if one of these were stored in a Vatican it would be a fantastic example of what might be early Gnostic 'satire' (or something else)

    And nope, it would definitely not be 'weird' anymore than your local museum is 'weird' for collecting and preserving such things. (and actually spending tremendous time and money on them too).


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