The Top 10 Things We're Thankful for This Thanksgiving: What About You?

Fun 2010/11/22 19:17:04

SLIDESHOW: 10 Things We're Thankful for This Year

The Economy Is Improving
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The Economy Is Improving

The AAA says Thanksgiving travel will increase 11 percent from last year, with more Americans feeling better about the slowly recovering economy. Hey -- slow is better than nothing!
  1. The Economy Is Improving

    The Economy Is Improving

    The AAA says Thanksgiving travel will increase 11 percent from last year, with more Americans feeling better about the slowly recovering economy. Hey -- slow is better than nothing!

  2. Royal Nups 2011?

    Royal Nups 2011?

    We're thankful for Prince William proposing to his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton. We love us a royal wedding!

  3. The Election Is Over

    The Election Is Over

    Election 2010: Hateful rhetoric on both sides and a former witch running for Senate. Glad it's over.

  4. "Twilight: Eclipse"

    "Twilight: Eclipse"

    Less than two weeks until the DVD release of "Twilight: Eclipse." Thank you, Summit Entertainment: We need our R-Patz/K-Stew fix!

  5. The Pope Is OK With Condoms -- Sort Of

    The Pope Is OK With Condoms -- Sort Of

    Pope Benedict XVI has finally conceded that condom use is acceptable "in certain cases." That's a good start!

  6. "Little Fockers"

    "Little Fockers"

    Six years after "Meet the Fockers," we're looking forward to the Dec. 22 release of "Little Fockers." Sure, it's going to be silly, but that's the whole point.

  7. Florence + the Machine

    Florence + the Machine

    We're grateful to "Saturday Night Live" for featuring Florence + the Machine this weekend. How awesome is this chick?

  8. Anne Hathaway Spoofs Katie Holmes on "SNL"

    Anne Hathaway Spoofs Katie Holmes on "SNL"

    Maybe we have "SNL" on the brain, but Anne Hathaway's breathy impression of Katie Holmes was pitch-perfect.

  9. "Fringe"


    We're grateful to Fox for "Fringe," in our opinion the best show on TV. Please start watching it before it gets canceled!

  10. Mom's Turkey

    Mom's Turkey

    We've noticed lately that a lot of people like to hate on turkey for being "too dry." Clearly, Team Turducken doesn't have our mom's recipes for gravy and stuffing!

The Top 10 Things We're Thankful for This Thanksgiving: What About You?
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Thanksgiving is almost here, which gives us good reason to pause and reflect on what we're grateful for this year.

Sure, we're thankful for our friends (who never fail to put up with our you-know-what), our family (there's no one a girl can count on like her mom) and our hubby (who actually made dinner last night!).

But on the heels of the Great Recession, we're also grateful to receive a paycheck every two weeks (yes, the economy is improving, albeit slowly), for the conclusion of a nasty, divisive election season and for at least one sign of social progress -- the Pope is finally OK with condoms ... sort of.

Click through our slideshow and let us know: What are you thankful for this year?
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  • Daryl 2010/11/23 16:15:23 (edited)
    None of the above
    Thankful to the Creator for all my blessings and my adversities which help me develop into a better man.

    Can't we celebrate Thanksgiving without a heavy dose of leftism poisoning this religious holiday?

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  • concealo weapono 2011/11/24 20:17:40
    None of the above
    concealo weapono
    You know what? I really hate thanksgiving. It has to be the most pointless and unnecessary holiday of the year. We take a day out of the year to stop and think about being thankful? Why cant we be thankful all year for things we have? And what if youre life is in the toilet, and you really cant think of a single thing to be thankful for? People ingest gluttonous amounts of food, for what purpose? To show how much you can stuff yourself? Is thanksgiving just an excuse to watch yet another day of football? And then of course there's the black friday nonsense. America is so programmed to go spend , spend, spend, money it doesnt have on things they dont really need. People waiting in line for a week to get into Walmar. For what? Is a tv or game system really worth all that, even if you are saving a little money? Is that all your life is about? Buying things? To hell with thanksgiving. if i never touch turkey again in my life it wont break my heart. What a useless waste of time...
  • Rocky Real 2011/04/06 10:27:12
    Rocky Real
  • hasher 2010/12/02 13:13:06
    i meant to say allof the above and more im thankful we still live in acountry where we can still speak our minds and worship god how we choose although there are some people on the left who want to shut us up aint gonna happen
  • John 2010/11/30 00:46:28
    All of the above
    Number one for me is God's mercy.
  • CHARLESS 2010/11/29 18:49:26
    All of the above
    I have so much to be thankful for that my answer should be all and more.

    None of the above should have been last since all of the above includes none of the above.
  • Rodo2 2010/11/29 03:18:43
    All of the above
    I am thankfull for all of the above and for the country we have and all the things we enjoy in the
    USA, we the economy, immigration and politics problems, we are still better than any other
    country, we have what many others do not have and I am greatefull for it.
    It is a day to love, care and forgive, to anjoy your family dinner together at least one day out
    of the year, it is better than Christmas.
  • cowboy 2010/11/28 19:36:46
    All of the above
    With out all these we have nothing.
  • Nat Turner 2010/11/28 16:48:23
    Nat Turner
    I'm almost sixty and I look 30.
  • Person 2010/11/28 01:59:57
    None of the above
    I have no idea. I'm thankful for all of them, but a lot more too.
  • Mel 2010/11/27 22:53:35 (edited)
    All of the above
    No amount of money in this world can replace our health, family, or friends! I have to say that I am shocked that only 6% are thankful for their health! You have nothing else without your health, people!
  • Ed From Ohio 2010/11/27 20:46:46
    All of the above
    Ed From Ohio
    I am thankful that are country still has an entrepreneurial heritage.
    Kool article on the real origin of thanksgiving here http://edfromohio.com/about/p...
  • CaseyWelch 2010/11/27 17:36:48
    None of the above
    im thankful for friends, family, school, shane dawson, eminem, shane dawson, books, shanaynay, paris hilton-shane, and.... how many was that??? oh and chicken terriaki!
  • dave aka lambsev 2010/11/27 16:39:26
    All of the above
    dave aka lambsev
    Jesus mediating the way to eternal life for me and whosoever will.
  • paris 2010/11/27 08:53:21
    All of the above
    I'm thankful I'm a part of that 2% in this world that owns a computer. I'm also thankful for the fact we can all voice our own opinions, it's still a free world here. I'm thankful that I have a home, food, and some good health, and a wonderful husband. I have friends I love. I have some free time for myself, after working so hard all of my life.
    I'll be very thankful if we can get a president into office, that keeps some of this that way. I deserve what I've worked for.
    Thank you God, for this day.
  • matt 2010/11/26 23:41:58
    You know I think it's great to have a semi-secular holiday for families all around the U.S. and I think Canada celebrates to but I wish we could find something more appropriate than the raping, pillaging and enslavement of native Americans. Call me cynical if you want.
  • granny 2010/11/26 21:40:27
    All of the above
    lifes to short to not be thankful it is just that simple...life is ups and it is downs and God never promised a rose garden...
  • Jortmans 2010/11/26 18:28:06
    All of the above
    I'll join most of the people here. I think it is important to be thankful for everything in this live.
    I think Hume onces wrote that all existence is contingent. Considering the fact that I could not have existed, I'm quite happy I do and therefore very thankful for everything that comes with existence.
    When seeing existence as a package deal of good and bad, I'm sure everyone would opt for existing.
  • granny Jortmans 2010/11/26 21:41:03
    amen to that...
  • DonnaFallis 2010/11/26 18:20:27
    We lost our dad this year, but we still have our mom. My kids and grandkids are all well and happy. I have the best husband on earth...and I do have great friends and a firm belief in God, so all is good!
  • granny DonnaFa... 2010/11/26 21:42:43
    sorry about your dad...but glad to hear that you believe in God amen for that...all is good isn't it?
  • taco 2010/11/26 17:23:51
    All of the above
    and that Michael Jackson aint singin no more. i would never wish for somebody to be dead, but i just cant stand him! in my opinion, the worst micheal jackson song would be thriller.
  • lcky9 2010/11/26 16:50:13
    All of the above
    and all the things I am NOT thankful for except the turkey are listed above on in the pictures.. BTW WHO would listen to the POPE?? Epically when it comes to ones health??
  • Mike 2010/11/26 13:38:26
    All of the above
    I will add GOD and Country
  • granny Mike 2010/11/26 21:43:15
    big amen!!!
  • JO 2010/11/26 09:41:16
    None of the above
    After the results of the last election, I'll have to think that question over...

  • Mark 2010/11/26 07:46:25
    None of the above
    I'm thankful that I finally found a full-time job. Unfortunately, since it is minimum wage, I still can't afford much more than the basics: Food, water, rent, and a phone. Unfortunately, my roommates are moving soon, and so I'm going to have to try to afford a place on my own, which means no more phone or internet. So, hopefully, my boss won't need to contact me at any time.
  • Emmy 2010/11/26 03:05:53
    All of the above
    Well, I live in a country where we don't really have thanksgiving... But I'm still incredibly thankful for my family and friends, and my health. :)
  • Steve 2010/11/26 03:04:40
    None of the above
    The great question is not what we are thankful for but who we are thanking. God the creator of the ends of the earth who does not sleep. His arm is not short and who has shown mankind so much compassion by sending His only Son to pay the penalty for our sins so that we could live with Him forever. As king and Priests and joint heirs with Jesus Christ our Lord. Our connection to the Paradise that was lost in the garden with original sin, will be again...only better! The peace God gives now, is matchless. The joy of touching the invisible kingdom now in this life is matchless. Being partners with Him together reconciling the world to Himself because of His great Love. Wow! I thank God for all the blessings and mercy He has so graciously shown on me and all of humanity.
  • Divided States of America 2010/11/26 02:51:43
    All of the above
    Divided States of America
    I have enough money to get out of the US if WWIII starts.It really seems the north and south Korea will be at war soon.Putting China and the US against each other.Who will Russia back?Not the US if we are against Iran[Just my opinion,though they have other motives].

    I can't help but question why things happened.North Korea isn't suicidal,and neither is Iran.Two countries that seem to be trying to start WWIII.US backed South Korea isn't helping with it's fair share of antagonism.On to 9/11... Israel and Russians knew ,how much or other countries knew I'm uncertain.I watched a Beck clip that made some sense.Of course the world is heading towards a one world governance.It should in the matter of human rights... Israel feels they are to rule the world.Would Israel set the US up to fail/fall to bring socialism?This isn't meant for people to hate Jews or socialists,and I base this on loose facts...Some how I still feel the US is being set up for war by someone?????Who ever it might be.
  • Stan Kapusta 2010/11/26 02:36:14
    All of the above
    Stan Kapusta
    I have it all. Well back surgery was no fun. But i'm thankful I'm not walking like a hunchback.
    What's more important I found out who my friends and family really are. My friends still ask if I need financial help. Due to the fact our politicians sent mine to India. And my family. They are a large group of loving screwups anyone who be proud of. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  • TJ Tommy James 2010/11/26 01:23:59
    None of the above
    TJ Tommy James
    I am thankful ten times over that there is only one Obama! I am thankful ten times over that I believe things will get better, even if they have to get worse, first. I am thankful ten times over that I have lived a long life, and wish ten times over that it had been a better one. I am thankful ten times over for those who really love and care about me, even when I didn't have enough sense to realize it. And I am thankful ten times over for those naive individuals that I have been able to convince that I am really a good guy!
  • ib_insane 2010/11/26 01:19:24
    None of the above
    The Indians were not invited to the 1621 feast out of the goodness of the Pilgrims' hearts in a demonstration of Christian love and interracial unity. The Wampanoag were members of a large confederacy known as the League of the Delaware. For six hundred years they had been defending themselves from the Iroquois, and for a hundred years they had also been encountering European slavers raiding coastal towns. Even though the Pilgrims viewed the Indians as instruments of the Devil, they were powerful and therefore needed to be courted until more Pilgrim colonists arrived. The Wampanoag were invited to that feast in order to negotiate a treaty that would secure land for the Pilgrims. The Indians, however, ended up bringing most of the food. They had already taught the Puritans how to hunt, fish, build houses, and survive.

    Several years later, in 1637, 700 men, women and children of the Pequot Nation gathered for their annual Green Corn Ceremony in the area now known as Groton, Connecticut. While there, they were surrounded and attacked by mercenaries of the English and Dutch. Ordered out of the building, the Indians were shot as they exited. The rest were burned alive in the building. The next day, the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared "a day of thanksgiving" praising God that they had killed over 700 men, women and children.

    For the next 100 years, every "thanksgiving day" ordained by a Governor or President was to honor that victory.
  • TJ Tomm... ib_insane 2010/11/26 01:27:08
    TJ Tommy James
    Wow! I mean, WOW! Is that really the reason we are celebrating Thanksgiving today???
  • ib_insane TJ Tomm... 2010/11/26 01:47:28 (edited)
    As I said, history is written by the victors. Research it on-line and you'll find this information plus more you probably never knew.
    Here are some links that might be interesting to you...





  • Candy2justin 2010/11/26 01:08:46
  • KAINASAU 2010/11/26 00:51:39
    All of the above
  • Jackie Faye 2010/11/26 00:44:55
    All of the above
    Jackie Faye
    I am thankful to God who sent his son to die for my sins; my children; grandchildren, great grandchild; for my marine grandson who just returned from Afghanistan and was able to be here for Thanksgiving; my church family; that we still have the freedom to attend church and pray; reasonably good health for a couple our age; and the many blessings we receive daily and just take for granted.
  • ThomasMobley 2010/11/26 00:34:55
    All of the above
    I glad to be alive and to be born in such a wonderful family in such a wonderful environment in such a wonderful country with such a wonderful array of opportunities and benefits.
    I'm glad that nearly all of my friends and my close family are living and thriving.
  • Roger P 2010/11/26 00:30:55
    None of the above
    Roger P
    Oh oh.... I thought I checked ALL OF THE ABOVE! LOL
  • Beccy 2010/11/26 00:14:27
    All of the above
    Add that I have a job and the economy hasn't crashed.
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