The ten companies that will signal the end to the recession.

luigi1- in god we trust 2012/07/13 11:00:35
Agree. Consumer confidence is the key.
Disagree. The housing market must make a turnaround.
Maybe. There are other indicators as well.
Undecided. Other comment.
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The Ten Companies That Will Signal The End To The Recession.

These companies will rebound once consumers feel confident enough to spend on luxuries items like vacations & new cars. They are an early indications consumers are spending & confident about their personal finances.

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  • Red 2012/07/14 08:52:58 (edited)
  • luigi1-... Red 2012/07/14 10:28:43
    luigi1- in god we trust
    You got it. It all comes down to spending by the consumers.
  • Red luigi1-... 2012/07/14 23:22:31
  • TruBluTopaz 2012/07/13 13:24:40
    Maybe. There are other indicators as well.
    Nothing changes until unemployment drops. And it's not dropping yet or soon.
  • luigi1-... TruBluT... 2012/07/13 13:43:45 (edited)
    luigi1- in god we trust
    Consumer spending will place more demands on goods & services then the jobs will follow.

    There are still many consumers that can spend but are afraid to. We must restore confidence of the consumer.

    This is why only the private sector can create jobs. Government is limited with options.
  • TruBluT... luigi1-... 2012/07/14 02:36:11
    You can't and won't spend if you don't know if your job will be there or if you don't have a job. No business is going to hire when they have to anticipate more taxes and cost of hiring across the board. Obama's policies are failures when put into action.
  • Flamingolady 2012/07/13 12:37:26
    Maybe. There are other indicators as well.
    There are many other indicators, and some of these make me say, huh? But until the economy recovers a lot more, people won't be spending money like they did. When BO gets voted out, then confidence will return.
  • luigi1-... Flaming... 2012/07/13 13:13:33
    luigi1- in god we trust
    Your right. The key to the recovery is spending.
  • ray Flaming... 2012/07/13 13:21:01
    You're right. People are hunkered down until Obama and his minions are gone.
    Just trying to weather the storm.
  • ray 2012/07/13 12:12:23
    Maybe. There are other indicators as well.
    The Indicators in the article are signs that the cup runneth over.
    The first signs will be increasing demand for production materials , Coal , Iron , lumber , steel . Followed by an increase in top level luxuries Yachts , Planes , vacation condos.
    Followed by falling unemployment ( real unemployment not government figures )
    Then most important look to children's toys and entertainment as parents try to compensate for past sacrifices .
    Then the list of Dish and Disney will rise
  • luigi1-... ray 2012/07/13 13:12:29
    luigi1- in god we trust
    You nailed it. When the folks have enough disposable income to revive these key companies, the jobs & recovery will follow.

     hammer   nail
  • mal 2012/07/13 11:32:23 (edited)
    Maybe. There are other indicators as well.
    The biggest company, America,now run by kenesian facist's may never recover. http://www.321gold.com/editor...
  • luigi1-... mal 2012/07/13 13:08:00 (edited)
    luigi1- in god we trust
    Agree. That's why we must separate Capitalism from state.

    Only the private sector can create real jobs.
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2012/07/13 11:02:54 (edited)
    Agree. Consumer confidence is the key.
    luigi1- in god we trust
    Right now the consumers are afraid to spend. Spending, not government stimulus is the key to reviving the economy. Spending was 80% of the total economy. Consumers can't or won't spend right now.

    http://openclipart.org/people... key

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