The Ten Commandments...religious dictate or just common sense???

1Actual 2011/07/14 14:40:27
Religious dictate telling us how we are supoopsed to live!
Just common sense!
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  • Burnjuan 2011/07/15 19:09:32
    Religious dictate telling us how we are supoopsed to live!
  • Mark 2011/07/15 01:28:09
    Just common sense!
    As far as following something that G_D said .
  • METALheadMom 2011/07/14 15:31:11
    Just common sense!
    Yeah, you know.... things most people could never comprehend, let alone actually attempt to do.
  • Sister Jean 2011/07/14 15:25:47
    Just common sense!
    Sister Jean
    takes care of all
  • 1Actual Sister ... 2011/07/14 15:27:37
    The copper rule: Do unto others before they do unto you!
  • wolf sloan 2011/07/14 14:55:24
    Just common sense!
    wolf sloan
    and common courtesy
  • ladyshellie-Child -of- God 2011/07/14 14:46:17
    Just common sense!
    ladyshellie-Child -of- God
    well i would think that is both as i see it.but common sense tells us we should not commit adultery,lie,steal,kill,etc does it not?

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