The Secret

Captain Foxhound BN0 2012/06/15 12:40:16
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Did you watch or read, "The Secret"? If so what did you think about it?

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  • ruthannhausman 2012/06/16 23:18:20
    No, I don't recognize the title. Read the comments below. What's the danged secret?
  • Helmholtz ruthann... 2012/06/17 03:13:28
    If you believe it, it'll happen. That's pretty much it, as best as I can tell.
  • Captain... Helmholtz 2012/06/17 03:19:34
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    That and to monitor your thoughts and reject negative thoughts. Although I don't believe in magic, I think it was worth watching all the way through.
  • ruthann... Helmholtz 2012/06/17 19:18:29
    Ah, bless you. Thanks.
  • Helmholtz 2012/06/16 16:35:37
    I watched part of it and read the first dozen pages or so. It seemed like a bunch of emotional drivel, spouted almost exclusively by motivational speakers.
  • abycinnamon BN-1 2012/06/16 06:56:38
    abycinnamon BN-1
    my mother and my sister got terribly into it. "If I believe I'll find a parking space, then I'll find one!"


    I hate pop psychology.
  • Captain... abycinn... 2012/06/16 09:32:10
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    It's true. I always get a good spot. ;)
  • kitkat42 2012/06/16 02:22:52
    I read it and watched the DVD. I even attempted to practice it for a while. It's just positive thinking. One doesn't need all the hoopla that went with it. I just practice positive thinking now. :p
  • Captain... kitkat42 2012/06/16 02:56:06
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Yeah it was a bit hokey and metaphysical to me as well.
  • prosperhappily 2012/06/15 18:06:34
    I saw the movie a couple times.

    I had to lmao at the intro. They claim that the law of attraction is this explosive secret that's been suppressed for centuries. That's BS. It's been out there for many years. Just go to Amazon and order "As a man Thinketh by James Allen, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill or "The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightengale. All of these are superior to "The Secret" if you can deal with the outdated style of writing and old references.

    I also had to LMAO when they discussed the National Enquirer. I mean, I'd be ashamed to be associated with that rag. But, they talked about it like it was completely legit.
  • Captain... prosper... 2012/06/15 19:56:45
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Yes. Wasn't there a similar book called "the power of positive thinking"?
  • prosper... Captain... 2012/06/15 20:16:45
    Yes, by Norman Vincent Peal. I don't recall having read it.
  • MJ 2012/06/15 13:27:40
    Yes I have read The Secret.
  • Captain... MJ 2012/06/15 13:37:21
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    What did you think?
  • MJ Captain... 2012/06/15 20:14:46
    Makes sense to me
  • Kyra 2012/06/15 13:16:53
    I should. My mother in law gave me the book and DVD.
  • Vijay Pawar 2012/06/15 13:14:13
  • Captain... Vijay P... 2012/06/15 13:37:01
  • Vijay P... Captain... 2012/06/15 15:39:25
    Vijay Pawar
    Foxing your self. Dear. Only one friend with you, Why?

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