The Secret Lives Of Ducklings [SLIDESHOW]

SLIDESHOW: The Secret Lives Of Ducklings

Coffee, Tea, Ducks...Anyone?
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Coffee, Tea, Ducks...Anyone?

"Bathing in tea is good for the feathers."
  1. Coffee, Tea, Ducks...Anyone?

    Coffee, Tea, Ducks...Anyone?

    "Bathing in tea is good for the feathers."

  2. Tensions Brewing...

    Tensions Brewing...

    "There's enough room for all of us, right?"

  3. Better Than A Barrel Of Ducks?

    Better Than A Barrel Of Ducks?

    "It's a little cramped, but still cozy."

  4. Leader Of The Pack

    Leader Of The Pack

    "I'm just an average duck doing the best I can."

  5. The Slow Climb Towards Acceptance

    The Slow Climb Towards Acceptance

    "Can I play, too?"

  6. Sleeping Is Easy For Ducks

    Sleeping Is Easy For Ducks

    "We carry a down pillow with us everywhere we go!"

  7. Flight Comes With Patience

    Flight Comes With Patience

    "Maybe if I just flap a little harder..."

  8. Opposites Attract

    Opposites Attract

    "I'm glad we worked out our differences."

  9. Some Lead, Some Follow

    Some Lead, Some Follow

    "I hope this line is going somewhere with soft breadcrumbs!"

  10. Being Small Has Its Downside

    Being Small Has Its Downside

    "Ump! Hey, Mom! A little help?"

This slideshow features ducklings as they wander through their daily lives. Some are curious, some are shy, but all are unbearably adorable. When thinking of cute and amazing animals we often forget about ducks, but to me, ducks are one of the greatest animals on earth. They can go on land, in water, and in the sky. Plus, they make that ridiculously cute quack sound! I love them!

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  • rousseau-jambeau 2010/04/01 09:12:59
  • ashalyna 2010/03/31 17:11:30
    i love em theyre so adorable i cud jus hug em
  • Dani 2010/03/30 13:36:18
    soooo cute
  • judy ann 2010/03/29 14:11:51
    judy ann
    CUTE DUCKS cute ducks
  • sait10 2010/03/29 10:26:31
    These shots are just adorable!!
  • menopausin~Praying For America 2010/03/29 04:15:58
    menopausin~Praying For America
    That's adorable!!! I haven't been on Facebook in months! Nobody comes to my page anyway, lol.
  • Velvetrose 2010/03/29 03:27:01
    AAWWW That was so cute!
    aawww cute
  • Ainsley Jo Phillips 2010/03/28 23:09:19
    Ainsley Jo Phillips
    This is precious!

    Sadly, the cute ducklings in the big basket are actually part of a sorting job. When there are too many male ducks as compared to the female ones who lay eggs, many of the male ducks are discarded and killed by sending them through a shredder. These little guys are taken from the basket and tossed onto this moving conveyor belt and heading towards a painful death.

    I don't believe that they're even used for anything such as for food. Their slashed-up corpses are just thrown into the garbage.

    A few months ago, I was asked to sign a petition (which I did) to get this kind of thing stopped.

    No matter, thanks for sharing all of these adorable pics. Here are some more ducky items for you--and I'll definitely Tweet this and share it on Facebook!

    sharing adorable pics ducky items you--and ill tweet share facebook

    sharing adorable pics ducky items you--and ill tweet share facebook

  • ♥Isis♥ 2010/03/28 23:06:53
    This is the CUTEST VIDEO EVER!!!! :)
  • Velvetrose ♥Isis♥ 2010/03/29 03:22:28
    OMYGOSH!! That was adorable!
  • ♥Isis♥ Velvetrose 2010/03/29 03:25:06
    I know!! totally sweet!
    totally sweet
  • menopau... ♥Isis♥ 2010/03/29 04:12:26
    menopausin~Praying For America
    That's one smart ducky!!!!! I'm gonna save it!!
  • ♥Isis♥ menopau... 2010/03/29 04:14:21
    I love that duck!!!! I found this months ago on youtube and it is one of the cutest videos I have ever saw!! :)
  • menopau... ♥Isis♥ 2010/03/29 06:08:45
    menopausin~Praying For America
    I agree! It's probably the cutest one I've seen. Not much more than a baby and very smart!! And people say animals can't reason like people. BS. I think they're smarter than we are!! lol
  • ♥Isis♥ menopau... 2010/03/29 06:11:39
    I totally agree!!! they can sense things we surely can't.. but how sweet of that little baby duck to feed those fish! I think its amazing! I just wanna kiss that lil thing! lol!!
  • ۩Osiris... ♥Isis♥ 2010/03/29 04:13:24
    ۩Osiris۩ Loves Isis forever
    love that little duck!! :)
  • MelyClaire 2010/03/28 22:56:54
    This little yellow things are the faces of innocence AND cuteness! :) yellow faces innocence cuteness

    ... and so are the kittens
  • Autumn 2010/03/28 15:38:19 (edited)
    Love these pics they are adorable. I though this one was also cute. love pics adorable cute
  • MelyClaire Autumn 2010/03/28 22:54:30
    lol, the man looks more pissed than awed!
  • Autumn MelyClaire 2010/03/29 00:17:09
    it's like, come on hurry up and get out of the street :)

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