The real key to curing cancer... Wipe out the STEALTH DISEASE lurking behind it!

Greywolf~In God We Trust~ 2009/11/21 07:32:31
One U.S. Air Force doctor made the discovery of a lifetime
when he realized what could be...

The real key to curing cancer is to
Wipe out the
lurking behind it!

Dear Friend,

I admit I was downright shocked when I found out that cancer isn't actually what kills most cancer patients! And I've been a doctor for well over 20 years -- so not much surprises me anymore.

Even more astounding -- this monumental discovery goes back to the 1970s when former U.S. Air Force doctor Joseph Gold uncovered the REAL killer, a condition that no one in the medical field was even talking about!

That's right -- the real culprit behind 3 out of every 4 cancer deaths isn't cancer at all. No! It's a syndrome you've probably never even heard of -- called cachexia (pronounced "ka-kek-see-ah").

And if you or someone you love is battling cancer...

You can't afford to ignore it!

And you definitely can't afford to ignore what could very well be the only natural compound that stops this stealth killer in its tracks. I'll tell you more about this life-saving therapy in just a moment. But first, let me tell you just how deadly an enemy cachexia is...

The problem is, tumor cells need even more energy than regular cells, so they gobble up the little nutrition your body has while the rest of your cells starve...And while the tumor is getting strong and healthy, you're wasting away -- until your body just gives up on you.

In other words, as horrible as it sounds, most cancer patients die feeding their own tumors!

For a long time, most of the experts assumed that it only happened in the final stages of the disease. But Dr. Gold discovered that cachexia actually begins the moment the very first cancer cell appears.

He also pinpointed a specific enzyme in the liver responsible for setting off cachexia. Dr. Gold knew if he could shut down that enzyme, it would turn the tables on the stealth enemy, and stop cancer in its tracks.

The Rocket Fuel Secret
giving terminal patients a second chance at life...

Much to his surprise, the answer was an unbelievably cheap substance called HZ. But as cheap as it is, HZ is one of the most powerful natural ingredients on the planet. (In fact, it's one of the ingredients used in rocket fuel).

Since he discovered it, dozens of studies have been done on HZ. In fact, I just did a quick count of the ones I have on my desk right now and came up with 28! And these are studies from some of the top cancer research facilities in the world, including Petrov Research Institute of Oncology in St. Petersburg, Russia and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

All of them were published in prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals. And EVERY SINGLE ONE showed that not only is HZ completely safe...but it may very well be the only treatment on earth that gives terminal cancer patients a second chance at life.

Time and time again, the most respected cancer researchers around the world found that HZ brings cachexia to a screeching halt. The researchers were stunned when their controlled clinical trials showed nearly...

6 out of every 10 previously unresponsive patients -- ones diagnosed as "factually terminal" -- suddenly STOPPED showing signs of cachexia!
In other words, patients who'd been on the brink of death got their appetites back...regained the muscle and fat they'd been starved of...and started LIVING again.

HZ is truly a miracle when it comes to cachexia...but even if you've nipped this deadly enemy in the bud, you've STILL got cancer to contend with.

And THAT'S what makes the HZ secret even more remarkable! Not only does it wipe out cachexia...Studies show that HZ:

Takes control of cancer and keeps it from spreading
Halts -- even reverses -- tumor growth. In fact, it...
Shrinks tumors up to HALF their original size
And it doesn't subject you to any of the toxic side effects caused by chemo and radiation.

But in a terrifying twist that may shake you to your very core, the most powerful cancer agency in the world has spent the last 30 years frantically trying to keep a lid on this breakthrough therapy. You won't believe it when you hear about the underhanded tactics they resorted to...

But what makes this coverup even more despicable is the fact that it's not the first time it's happened!

Are you willing to die for

I've spent the better part of my career researching what Nature has to offer in terms of cancer treatments. And the disturbing truth is, when it comes to natural cancer breakthroughs, the mainstream (including some of the most prominent health organizations all over the world) has a habit of botching studies, skewing results, and hiding the TRUTH about Nature's cancer-curing potential from the people who need it most.

Think I must be mistaken? I wish I was. But facts are facts...like the ones that emerged from a 2006 survey sent by the Union of Concerned Scientists to nearly 6,000 FDA scientists. Those scientists that responded to the survey (about 1,000 of them) made some pretty shocking admissions...

Almost 20 percent admitted that they had been "asked explicitly by FDA decision makers to provide incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information to the public, regulated industry, media, or elected/senior government officials."
Less than 50 percent agreed that the FDA "routinely provides complete and accurate information to the public."
47 percent admitted of being aware of instances "where commercial interests have inappropriately induced or attempted to induce the reversal, withdrawal or modification of FDA determinations or actions."
That last admission gets right to the heart of the matter...It all boils down to one of the deadly sins -- GREED.

The FDA will sell you out and pocket the change!

You see, natural therapies can't be patented. And treatments that aren't patented can't make scads of money for drug companies -- or the FDA, which gets a hefty paycheck every time it approves one of them.

So when a natural substance shows promise against cancer, the drug companies invest all their time and money into developing a synthetic version of it that CAN be patented. More often than not, it JUST DOESN'T WORK. But letting the public know that there's a cheap, natural cure would mean missing out on cold, hard cash. So what happens to all those study results?

The very same thing that happened to Dr. Gold's HZ miracle: The Big Pharma bigwigs and the government powers-that-be skew the results and sway public opinion away from the natural cure.

Half truths, misleading data, manipulated results...For all the underhanded tactics the mainstream uses against natural remedies, these miracles may as well be under lock and key.

Yes, somewhere along the line medicine has gone horribly wrong.

Take a look at how Cachexia kills you by wasting the body, while you fight the cancer, how Ironic and senseless !!


Read More: http://www.agorahealthbooks.com/p/Tomorrow's_Cance...

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  • Eloise 2012/02/21 09:08:12
    Anyone know where to get this treatment? I assume it's not freely available over the counter. Just heard that my aunt has been diagnosed with breast cancer and we're all in a buzz to try and get as much info as possible to try and help her with this. Any pointers or tips for any info at all would be greatly appreciated...

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  • Eloise 2012/02/21 09:08:12
    Anyone know where to get this treatment? I assume it's not freely available over the counter. Just heard that my aunt has been diagnosed with breast cancer and we're all in a buzz to try and get as much info as possible to try and help her with this. Any pointers or tips for any info at all would be greatly appreciated...
  • Liz 2011/07/26 11:13:51
  • Mel Marrone 2009/12/15 16:41:40
    Mel Marrone
    Where do I find and purchase, HZ natural ingredients
  • Violet Flame Sun 2009/12/02 19:45:28
    Violet Flame Sun
    Will anyone ever believe me that cancer is administered compliments of the Kingdom of Satan to anyone they feel is getting in their way? They also control the FDA and the AMA and the American Cancer Society (from which they make loads of money) so it is very unlikely that a true cancer cure will ever come forth out of these organizations. It is also very likely that they will continue to suppress any true information on cures and any true cures. I hope all true patriots and God-Loving individuals will soon learn to recognize the wolves in sheeps' clothing. There are many and they are everywhere, pretending to be your helpers and friends while they are secretly doing whatever they can to destroy you.
  • technotrucker 2009/11/21 08:02:02
    New studies also show the combination of CoQ10 and Vitamin D can arrest and reverse cancer in overwhelming numbers of cancer patients.
    Another study shows that Intravenous Vitamin C can wipe out many varieties of cancer and can cure Shingles with hours of a single treatment.
    Another Doctor was harassed and almost shut down with a new treatment in CA . He was simply exposing the patients blood to ultra violet light, then returning the blood to the patient, with amazing reversal of cancer.
    It is an absolute crime that a federal agency would subject the public to such falsehoods and rigged trials to keep the people from receiving cures for such a debilitating disease.
    A fried changed his diet due to a bout with melanoma cancer. Including blue berries and going to whole grain rice, and sticking to only lean meats. Complete reversal and remission. No trace in lymph nodes at all.
  • Greywol... technot... 2009/11/22 10:59:00
    Greywolf~In God We Trust~
    Awesome Information friend, when you get a moment if you are interested, check out Astaxanthin,

    I have read it is a lot more powerful and effective compared unit for unit to vitamin C and also to CoQ10, though I wholeheartedly endorse both as I know they do help
  • technot... Greywol... 2009/11/22 19:29:55
    Thanks for the info grey,will check it out.
  • technot... Greywol... 2009/11/22 19:35:10
    Sounds good, now how do I get it as a supplement?

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