The Public Rejects Compensation for 'Surprise STDs' [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2012/06/19 18:13:05
A couple of weeks ago, a woman reportedly won $900,000 in court from a guy who gave her genital herpes. According to the report, the man failed to inform her of his disease and refused to use protection. But we wanted to know if the public feels that victims of "suprise STDs" should receive compensation, or if they should still be held personally accountable for neglecting to use protection. Check out this week's infographic for details on how people responded. Let's dive!

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  • Superman 2012/06/19 18:56:49
    I'm still furious about the lack of thought most people have on this issue.

    While I don't disagree that the woman was foolish for not using protection, I also see that what the man did was with malice. He knowingly exposed her to an illness. Thats criminal.

    It seems like most people really only care about branding the woman with any label - that of "slut" - for having sex after four dates. This without knowing what happened during those four dates and having no concept of what its like to be around the age of 50.

    I see a lot of hateful and ignorant internet trolls out there who care more about attacking a woman than saying one thing about a man who would lie about an illness and infect someone with it.

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  • kobidobidog 2015/01/04 06:22:46
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  • kobidobidog 2015/01/04 06:09:50
    Over use of antibiotics will cause Chlamydia. Replacing friendly intestinal flora will prevent that. The other names prevented when good USC DC Chiropractic is used. Symptoms will be refused and or prevented. Upcspine, The spesific chiropractic or upper cervical health centers.
  • roman.espla 2012/10/22 23:12:33
    can you tell who gave it to who? even if people react differently to the same agent which in some cases means not showing signs of the disease for years?
  • Tastentier 2012/08/04 02:46:04
    There is no protection when it comes to genital herpes and HPV (human papillomavirus). These viruses can be present in the entire genital and pubic area, which means that condoms do very little to prevent HPV and HSV transmission. You can even catch these two venereal diseases without having any sexual contact at all, for example by sharing a towel with another person.
  • mikeeonly 2012/07/23 22:27:31
    did the guy even know he had it. A woman is just as responsible for protection as the man, so I guess she felt pretty secure with him. Sounds almost like a counter suit
  • Jorge Enriquez 2012/07/20 02:58:43
    Jorge Enriquez
    U do it, u responable
  • Lemonzerozero 2012/07/14 19:35:59
    personal responsibility.
  • kal98 2012/07/13 17:38:20
    we should be honest but the above compensation will keep it from becoming law will be in court forever appealled till overturned a smaller amount would have been more effective
    rubbers wont protect you from HIV and most STDS as their molecular structure is smaller than the rubber opps we all need to be less sexual and more moral sorry but it true!!! he should be resposible
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/07/06 17:41:18
    Margaret Jacobson
  • Bocephus 2012/06/24 19:49:59 (edited)
  • TheNigh... Bocephus 2012/06/25 20:02:32 (edited)
    Roll the dice? You make it sound like she picked him up at a bar or club. In fact they met through an exclusive online dating service, with the whole profile thing, emails, long phone calls, and then she dated him three times before she finally gave it up. The man knew he was infected the whole time and never once admitted it. She did more to protect herself than most people do so it wasn't a case of gambling on her part, it was pure willful deception on his. If he had been clean and honest, they might have gotten married. Then you would be hailing it as an example of how to live rather than how not to live.
  • Clay Sl... TheNigh... 2012/06/26 17:39:51
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    What is the Difference,, Online Club or a Bar Club... I am sure someone would list "I have an STD on a dating profile... LMAO...
  • katywon 2012/06/24 18:40:03
    This epidemic could be stopped if people would only have common sense. These diseases are out there. Women and men should take precautions when they have sex with virtual strangers or friends. No one really cares about anonymous people having sex. Except you might be the receiver without knowing it from a good friend. These diseases are sneaky.
  • TheNigh... katywon 2012/06/25 20:27:16 (edited)
    STD is where public health takes a higher priority than personal privacy. That's why I support the idea of putting everyone who is known to have an incurable STD on a public website. We could even go so far as to have their state IDs labeled and require them to wear medical bracelets color-coded for the disease(s) they carry. That's how you stop it.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/06/24 15:04:05
    Christopher Kirchen
    If you don't want to get a disease, don't have sex with someone you don't know VERY well.
  • TheNigh... Christo... 2012/06/25 20:16:16 (edited)
    Ya that's good advice but, you're assuming everyone is being honest. When someone is determined not to admit to you that they're infected, it doesn't matter how well you know them.
  • katywon Christo... 2012/06/25 21:24:06
    Its not that easy Christopher. Even someone you know very well may be infected. Sometimes a lttle mistake. The diseases disguise themselves and are often very hard to detect. They are treatable for the most part. And it is a real Public Health issue. If not you perhaps a friend or a youngster in the neighborhood. The diseases are deceptive. I don't say publicize because that would be like pointing out witches as in the old days. public awareness. Perhaps Universal Health Care will make the problem better. Not everyone has access to good medical care now.
  • Chukroast 2012/06/23 22:55:35
    If the guy did not know he had Herpes there should be no judgement against him.
  • Jacqui 2012/06/23 21:17:25
    I've read some of your responses & I can't believe how cold some of them are. Another thing is enough men seem to say a woman shouldn't trust what a man tells her. How sad we have become, there are people becoming sexiest toward men.
  • Heavy 2012/06/23 17:22:32
    The man refused to wear a condom. It was irresponsible to have sex with him.
  • TheNigh... Heavy 2012/06/24 14:29:37 (edited)
    It's was irresponsible of him to have sex with anyone, even with protection, knowing that he was infected. This woman was more responsible than most people. She met this guy through an online dating service, which means they had to jump through a bunch of hoops, answer a bunch of questions and create profiles, pay good money and get matched.

    He probably contacted her first. She liked his profile so she calls him on the phone. They have several long talks before she decides to meet him in person. Then she likes him enough to go on several more dates. And after all that; after getting to know him and covering every base there was to cover, only then did she make the fateful decision to have unprotected sex with him. She believed he was honest. She believed he was clean because he never once admitted that he was infected- not in his profile, not in his emails, not on the phone, and not in person.

    This guy- this slimeball- not only had sex with her without protection, he did it rough to make sure she got infected. That's criminal. She is a good person, not a tramp. He is a predatory animal and deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, if only to quarantine his nasty ass.
  • Heavy TheNigh... 2012/06/24 16:04:10
    I never said she was a tramp. Just irresponsible.
  • TheNigh... Heavy 2012/06/25 20:33:54 (edited)
    But, in fact, she was more responsible than most people are when it comes to dating.
  • Heavy TheNigh... 2012/06/25 21:27:56
    True, but still irresponsible all the same. We can't expect other people to pay for out errors.
  • TheNigh... Heavy 2012/06/26 14:17:29 (edited)
    She didn't error at all, he did. And he didn't merely error, he assaulted her. He attacked her with a weapon that damaged her body. He is the criminal, she is the victim and she deserves his entire estate.
  • Heavy TheNigh... 2012/06/26 20:07:51
    HE deserves to be put to death. She deserves nothing but what she got from her decisions.
  • TheNigh... Heavy 2012/06/26 21:45:29 (edited)
    Well then, according to your concept of justice, the next time you get into a car accident that's not your fault, we should publicly execute the other driver on the spot and just push your wreckage off the road and leave you stuck inside with no help because it was your decision to drive in the first place. I mean it couldn't have happened if you hadn't been there, right? Not only that, the police should leave a citation under your windshield wiper with fines and fees for road damage and obstructing traffic.

    It's more like Sharia law than American justice.
  • Heavy TheNigh... 2012/06/27 02:11:17
    Exactly, American justice makes other people pay for what others do. If I get into an accident, it is because I wasn't paying attention. Awareness is the only preventative.
  • Ace 2012/06/23 16:11:47
    you tangle with or without rubber ya still responsible for your acts and no, she should not receive any money!!! cause she knew what she was getting into knowing or not knowing he was tagged with a STD.
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2012/06/23 06:16:22
    If you are going to have sex with someone...ASK THEM! It doesn't matter if it's awkward, it's better than finding out when you go to the doctor that you now have it because they never told you...

    Plus if you have one....tell the person. Seriously..
  • 4chewnahdoe 2012/06/23 02:15:57
  • Clay Sl... 4chewna... 2012/06/26 17:43:00
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    If one ever had chicken pox the herpes virus is there in their body... and you neve know when it might surface......
  • Marek 2012/06/23 01:24:33
    She should not get the money for being stupid slut. He gave her herpies but she openned it up to receive it. He refused to wear protection so she should have been alerted that something is not right. He should go to jail for long time for deliberately infecting her and she should learn from that not to jump into the sack with the guy she hardly knows. She should not get any money for being dumb.
  • Muriel 2012/06/23 01:14:26
    When someone chooses to participate in sex they accept the responsibility for their actions
  • TheNigh... Muriel 2012/06/23 13:32:56 (edited)
    When you chose to drive, you accept the responsibility of following the rules and the risk that you might have an accident if someone else doesn't follow the rules. It does not mean that every accident you get into is your fault because you chose to drive.

    In any case where people chose to engage in an activity where their welfare hinges on mutual honesty, one cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the dishonesty of others. Taking responsibility means either fessing up to and paying for the damages you cause or suing the crap out of the person who causes you damage.
  • Jon Peter 2012/06/22 21:58:21
    Jon Peter
    Holy HPV.
  • kal98 2012/06/22 21:53:53
    you should be able to sue someone who deliberately gave you an std whether you receive compensation won is another story but the bottomline you got "it" for life unless curable so do you tell?
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/06/22 20:36:43
    Inquisitve Kat
    Holy chlamydia!
  • PaulBot415 2012/06/22 07:42:02
    Depends on which STD in my opinion, some are curable and no major deal, but some are lethal and there should be compensation for such STDs, for example HIV.
  • ★misfit★ 2012/06/22 03:37:38
    This is a tricky situation. It all depends on factors like these:
    Did the STD carrier previously know they had the STD?
    Did the carrier actively refuse to use protection?
    Did the carrier lie about their sex life (e.g., "You're the only one," when in reality they were sleeping with 10 people at the time.)?

    Ultimately, it is up to both parties to use a condom when having sex in a non-monogamous relationship. I can't say I feel too sorry for people who catch STDs when they had no interest in using protection or discussing their partner's history. However, I also believe there are situations when the victim should be compensated.
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