The Public Is Growing Weary of Popular Technology

SodaHead Infographics 2012/07/18 16:37:18
Facebook and Apple have been at the top of their respective games for some time now, but what goes up must come down. When we polled the public on the two companies, we found that most people were less than thrilled about the brands' future. Call it tech fatigue, or a simple need for change. Like gravity, the mysterious force of public opinion is making it difficult for popular companies to retain their audience. Facebook has been fighting it for a while, but even Apple could fall if it's not careful to keep up with public interest.

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  • Autumn 2012/07/23 19:17:15
    If the iPad is just a giant version of the iPod Touch.... Wouldn't an iPad Mini just be.... an iPod Touch?


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  • Red Branch twhitin... 2012/08/01 22:36:47
    Red Branch
    I didn't mean that it would come to a complete collapse, more of a decline in market share.
    Also, I believe people are fed up with their data collection or basic invasion of privacy.
  • C. C. Rider 2012/07/27 13:34:14
    C. C. Rider
    I have had to take two tablets to forget how much money they suck out of us. THESE kind of tablets

  • Derbyhat 2012/07/27 06:50:51
    The knowledge to follow the flow of technical information is so high that most can't follow the complex physics, but they still want more features and more apps. Finding a simple way to bridge that information gap requires some to stop texting or turning off Judge Joe Brown and the fashion police long enough to really listen and learn. Otherwise they will become even more easily bored. Then nothing will work.
  • bleep 2012/07/26 05:41:50
    i just want some actual quality items that don't implode after a year.
  • dekecds 2012/07/26 04:48:11
    I'm tired of the ridiculous pace that is set for tech breakthrough. When will my dollar last longer than six months in the tech world again? I just want something reliable that will pose a good long-term investment in my personal and professional life without having to update, upgrade, or replace expensive items!
  • MrsJJS dekecds 2012/07/26 20:42:56
    But then they wouldn't make as much money... remember when it was cheaper to have a TV repaired as opposed to replace it? Do you remember when refrigerators, washers and dryers would last for 10-15 years. Do you remember when you didn't need a PhD in Physics to fix a car? It's our fault as consumers for paying through the nose for substandard quality products.
  • dekecds MrsJJS 2012/07/26 21:32:22
    Yeah, good call on that! I hate that I have to buy all this high tech junk just to work on my newer vehicles! I recently sold my 2005 pickup in favor of a slightly older one so that I can maintain it in my own garage easier. I have a 1989 silverado as well that has well over 300,000 miles and has never seen a mechanic other than myself and runs great! I even get about 26 mpg with the easy to install upgrades that I have added each time a part wore out.
  • MrsJJS dekecds 2012/07/27 05:55:45
    My husband is the same way…he used to buy clunkers and rebuild engines for a hobby and do all his own maintenance on his own car. He’s got a Subaru Impreza now and aside from the run of the mill stuff, like oil change, filters and spark plugs he wouldn’t even know where to begin on the other stuff. Everything needs to be hooked up to computer these days.
  • TasselLady 2012/07/25 20:35:37
    Typical people. They eventually tire of their "toys". Then they want bigger better toys, and then they eventually want even BIGGER TOYS YET. It's pathetic.
  • 2012/07/25 19:05:07
    I have an Android tablet. I love it. it's useful, versatile, and I want to see upgrades. I will eventually upgrade it, but I'll wait till I both need to, and see a feature set that appeals to me... Also... Per app disabling of individual permissions. That needs to be added. I want to kill some apps ability to drop shortcuts on my desktop or in my notifications bar.

    I do not use Facebook at all. I feel no desire to do the digital equivalent of streaking with my private identity. If i want to tell a person something about me... I'll tell them, or email them... Not post it for the world and a massive corporation to see.

    Apple... I like the Mac... I really do, but I have an older one. I'm heavily concerned with the more closed off environment that iPhones and seemingly Macs are headed towards. I might get a PC instead, and just Hackintosh it if I really find I miss Mac OS that badly.
  • Cat 2012/07/28 09:00:01
    I agree 100% I still like my old android phone (cost $1 with new Verizon contract) and my Acer tower PC, The only digital toy I'd still like is a laptop with wifi for watching Hulu or Netflix or jamming on sodahead while waiting at the doctor's or elsewhere.
  • VICTORIA 2012/07/25 18:40:10
    Sodahead needs to worry about sodahead's own shrinking membership.
  • the_old_coach 2012/07/25 16:13:32
    I agree.
  • Papilio 2012/07/25 10:52:42
    That's NICE to hear,to read & to see.
  • PandahSixx 2012/07/25 08:01:51
  • Sophie 2012/07/25 06:41:25
    I am waiting for holograms to be the next thing:) That could be really fun!  holograms
  • MIRANDDAAA :) 2012/07/25 01:57:11
    I don't use Facebook or any Apple product.
  • VintageLys 2012/07/25 01:18:16
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/07/24 20:03:45
    Margaret Jacobson
    I LOVE TECH !!
  • mae 2012/07/24 19:28:39
    Still like my laptop best.
  • David 2012/07/24 18:10:06
    How many still rave over a hammer, but we go out and buy one when we need to!
  • ManBearPig 2012/07/24 17:48:41
    apple is throwing themselves into the fire for making a smaller port... just shows how greedy they are willing to become
  • ZenerSix 2012/07/24 17:24:41 (edited)
    I call it monopoly blues. The most popular gadgets are produced by the same small group of producers. If you want something like an Apple ipad, you're only choice is an Apple ipad- made in China. You might be able to find some generic look-a-like but the technology will be much cheaper and the software completely different and probably less functional.

    People complain that Apple products are too expensive, well this is why. End the patent system in America, end all patent treaties with other countries and the UN, and our economy will have a "Cambrian explosion" of variety and innovation.
  • ManBearPig ZenerSix 2012/07/24 17:50:09
    I wouldnt say it is about the patents but the fact that Apple will sue anyone who has products that have only a slight similarity to it that still does not fit within the definitions of their "legal" patents
  • ZenerSix ManBearPig 2012/07/24 18:14:53 (edited)
    How can you say it's not about the patents and then describe how they sue other producers for patent infringement?
  • ManBearPig ZenerSix 2012/07/24 22:47:14
    because there are laws that define what can and cannot be a patent... many of the tech that becomes common knowledge and generally becomes accepted as public (not defined a s patent) is what Apple sues over... they sued Google because they had a similar tech that could copy numbers and emails addresses then use them for a call or an email recipient... there are many methods to do that task via programming so you cant sue them because they have the same idea as you
  • ZenerSix ManBearPig 2012/07/25 01:20:18 (edited)
    That's because patent law is subject to a lot of interpretation. Monopolies are always on the defensive and the offensive. Whenever they believe there's a chance that another company might threaten their captive market, they sue. And whenever they believe that they have an opportunity to threaten another monopoly's captive market, they sue. But there is one clear point of patent law- anything that is useful can be patented. Somebody somewhere has a patent on every useful thing, and that's why there is no such thing as public tech.
  • santaisgod4ever 2012/07/24 17:20:28
    Facebook/Twitter aren't going anywhere.

    It's too big and the media love them.

    Last yr there were 500 million user on FB. Now it's up to 800 million. It's too big to fall.....now.
  • David santais... 2012/07/24 18:11:43
    Maybe too big to bail out?
  • santais... David 2012/07/24 21:48:29
    They wont ever need a bailout, their in the business of invisible goods.

    Your personal information.
  • David santais... 2012/07/25 02:35:09
    My response was tongue in cheek, but nothing is beyond failing!

    My personal information is nothing compared to your pesonal information!

    Wow almost 9 feet tall and still body building at 84!

    One must admire your stamina, definitely too big to fail!
  • santais... David 2012/07/26 00:49:56
    LOL, believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mblack 2012/07/24 15:41:36
    I'm in the tech sector and never understood the attraction to the social networking other than professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

    To me, people were mesmerized by a slick interface that offers no/limited productivity. While I have an appreciation for the technology, I would NEVER spend that amount of money on Apple products. Especially since they are manufactured in China. Other than business implementations I have not seen the use for an IPad over Nook or Kindle. The nook and kindle are far more portable than the IPad. I typically have my nook in my front pocket without most people even noticing.

    I could never understand how so many people became enamored with facebook, twitter, and apple. I guess the fad is coming to an end, but then again reality T.V. has not declined much either.
  • Kingarthurup 2012/07/24 14:32:43
  • FISH 2012/07/24 12:44:58
    What will be will be, who teaches birds how to fly?
  • Tannenberg1993 2012/07/24 12:40:03
    I use Twitter now and then.
  • ticlo7 2012/07/24 10:07:08
    How about we all go outside, have a picnic and play Monoploly?
  • FISH ticlo7 2012/07/24 12:48:00
    Good, I feel they same way.
  • David ticlo7 2012/07/24 18:12:25
    I'm coming! lol
  • Mini Twuby 2012/07/24 06:41:53

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