The number of Muslims converting to become Christians is growing at an explosive rate,

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The number of Muslims converting to become Christians is growing at an explosive rate,

By Alex Murashko , Christian Post Reporter

March 23, 2012|9:00 am

Despite the Iranian government's ongoing crackdown of Christians living in the primarily Islamic country, the number of Muslims converting to become Christians is growing at an explosive rate, according to the persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA.

There is even talk of witnessing a Christian revival, especially among young people living in the country, say Open Doors ministry workers in the Middle East.

A house church movement within Iran is part of that revival and has triggered "many secret meetings." The growth in the number of Christians is happening in all regions, but mostly in larger cities, say Open Doors workers in the region.

Iran is ranked 5th on the Open Doors 2012 World Watch List of the top 50 worst persecutors of Christians.

"Open Doors workers think that the growth of Christianity has everything to do with Iranians getting to know the real face of Islam, the official religion of Iran, and the mistrust of the people toward the government and leaders following the fraudulent 2009 presidential election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad," said a Middle East worker for Open Doors (name withheld for security reasons).

Since the beginning of this year, authorities have arrested Christian converts in Tehran, Ahwaz, Shiraz, Isfahan and Kermanshah, according to news reports from the Middle East and U.S.

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In one city alone, Isfahan, more than a dozen Christians were arrested in less than a month, beginning in late February.

As The Christian Post has previously reported, although the established church in countries such as Iran suffers great violence, it is the underground, invisible church that continues to grow. Christians are putting their lives at risk for their continued faith.

According to Open Doors USA President and CEO Carl Moeller, a stream of Christianity has arisen in the Middle East's invisible church, sometimes referred to as the Muslim Background Believer Church.

"Men and women, out of emptiness of their current situation spiritually, are turning to faith in Jesus Christ despite the literally lethal risks in doing so," Moeller said. "That's only attributable to the work of the Holy Spirit."

Also, at work is a common personality trait of the Iranian people, says another Open Doors worker from the Middle East region.

"Iranians are very outgoing and want to speak about their faith," the ministry worker said. "That is why discipleship training (with elements of outreach and communications) for Iranian believers is successful. If you tell them that a Christian should share, the Iranian Christian shares."

An estimated 200 Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) were living in Iran 40 years ago, according to Open Doors. Now, the number of MBBs is estimated to be 370,000.

Iran also has the presence of the traditional Armenian and Assyrian church with about 80,000 members, Open Doors reports. These churches are presently free to have meetings in the language of its members, but they are not allowed to reach out to the Farsi-speaking Muslims.

According to the Iranian government, there are about 200,000 Christians living in Iran, Open Doors stated.


Open Doors: An estimated 100 million Christians worldwide suffer interrogation, arrest and even death for their faith in Christ, with millions more facing discrimination and alienation. Open Doors supports and strengthens believers in the world's most difficult areas through Bible and Christian literature distribution, leadership training and assistance, Christian community development, prayer and presence ministry and advocacy on behalf of suffering believers.

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  • David K 2012/04/15 14:15:43
    David K
    pretty cool. what is sad though is that in America christians are converting to islam. Christianity has always been better in the midst of persecution. that's what makes it different.

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  • concerned dude 2012/04/15 15:12:18
    concerned dude
    Awesome. Hope it multiplies. Given the 2 options Islam is for the insane.
  • isa Ganiu concern... 2013/08/04 06:03:11
    isa Ganiu
    If u believe in God that create you and I nd you believe in last day of judgment let's wait till then and see which religion God want but am sure its islam bcus there enough signs for us from God thru nature that no one can dolt.
  • concern... isa Ganiu 2013/08/04 17:22:46
    concerned dude
    God created us all. Islam treats people horribly and is inconsistent in what God wants for us because he loves us all. Only in Christianity does God show his love by sending his Son. There is no need for me to wait until the day of Judgement. I want to show my love for God today and believe in His name, His grace, and His Son.
  • David K 2012/04/15 14:15:43
    David K
    pretty cool. what is sad though is that in America christians are converting to islam. Christianity has always been better in the midst of persecution. that's what makes it different.
  • lm1b2 2012/04/15 13:58:46
    Who can blame them!
  • Redneck 2012/04/15 13:34:44
    Now, those people are brave, but they won't regret it.
  • Metaldane 2012/04/15 10:15:33
    I think I'll wait for a non Christian news group to post a report before making an opinion on this they're obviously not gonna be able to help being a bit bias on this subject
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/04/15 08:22:01
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Americans: This story should make you feel incredibly grateful that you live in a land that values religious freedom! So many people get on this site and complain that their rights are being taken away. They complain that they can't pray in school or talk about God on TV. Big whoop. No one is going to prison for converting faiths. No one in America is being executed for their belief system. That "separation of church and state" and the ACLU that so many fundamentalists hate so much? They're the ones protecting you from things like sharia law.

    Yes, we get all up in each other's business sometimes as a result, but if the worst I have to settle for in life is someone calling me "ignorant" or "stupid" because I believe in God, then I'll fall on my knees and be grateful to God.
  • BHGOzzy 2012/04/15 08:19:14
    ...poor choice of words there for that title.

    The normal mental image of "Muslims converting explosively" doesn't bring up images of many Arabs turning to Jesus, but instead of many Arabs turning to a rapidly expanding cloud of fine red mist.
  • Wanda5245 - Citizen Activis... 2012/04/15 07:19:02
    Wanda5245 - Citizen Activist Who Wants Spunkysmum Back On SH
    Great news and may God watch over them all.

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