The most effective way to make a girl cry is...?

;]maewilleatyourskittlesxxx 2009/10/24 15:30:12
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  • Squint 2009/10/24 15:51:46
    Rent the DVD's for "Terms of Endearment"; "Steel Magnolias" and "Beaches" and make her watch them all in one night!

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  • ookab 2014/11/26 05:41:27
    Poke her eye
  • ariana worrell 2014/02/04 01:18:47
    ariana worrell
    the most effective way is probably find ing out a secrect about her then telling people who really effect her feelings
  • maarten.deroeck 2013/04/22 20:38:45
    Rape her dog/cat/hamster, either that or a romantic dinner->sad movie-> hurtful sensitive talk-> playing last kiss on guitar at your house and eventually a big hug (don't forget the condoms).
  • Jay Metham 2012/04/16 05:04:08
  • melissa 2012/02/01 22:27:31
    "What would you do if someone is bulling you what would you do"?
  • ;]maewi... melissa 2012/07/11 15:06:25
    I've never been bullied
  • melissa 2012/02/01 22:24:24
    You need to say mean stuff and make her cry then keep being a bully.
  • dabooty 2011/12/22 05:18:59
    You guys aren't douche bags at all....
  • ;]maewi... dabooty 2012/01/02 13:53:31
    do we have to be?
  • 1905 swag 2011/11/19 22:16:57
    1905 swag
    pull a vunsh
  • The River Rat 2011/09/20 02:39:33 (edited)
    The River Rat
    I would say that you are showing a very immature side of yourself if you want to make this girl cry. Even when a girl hurts you, it may hurt you for a while, but I have found, in the long run, you are probably better off without her. She is probably doing you a favor by casting you aside now, rather than later. Love is a strange thing. It can make you feel so wonderful or so miserable. If you feel that you want to make this girl cry, she once must have meant an awful lot to you. If you really love her, you should let her go without any remorse. If you love or loved her, your main goal should be that she be happy in life. Hurting her would just make her unhappy, that is not love but vengence. In the long run, you will be a better person for remembering the good times and forgive the mistakes she made. Move on with your life. The quicker that you get over this girl, the better off YOU will be. Making her unhappy will just make two wrongs. Two wrongs do not make a right, they just make two wrongs. Set her free, with no animosity. You will be a better person for it. Wish her happiness and go find you new happiness.
  • ;]maewi... The Riv... 2011/10/22 06:02:58
    ah.okay? first of all, i just want to inform you that I AM A GIRL. and if you just read some of the comments here, you'll see that 'hurting her' is not the goal here. this question is for entertainment only. thanks
  • Shiteh 2011/09/17 10:11:06
    i have a problem and i like you to help me : i am in love with a girl for more than 4years now but she keep telling me on phone that she don't love me but any time we are together she will not tell me face to face,when we are together we will kiss well as if we are lovers and that we love ourselves very well.so i will like to know if i should continue or stop loving her? but the truth is that i really love her.please answer me please her is my email address alainjanga@ymail.com
  • ;]maewi... Shiteh 2011/10/22 06:05:23
    you deserve a person that will never tell you 'i don't love you' -- that's just me though. because if she says that to you it means that she has doubts, you have to have someone that is sure that you are the for them. talk to her. clear everything up.
  • osman 2011/04/13 18:02:39
    Try find things that certain people only know about her and reveal that you know it and tease her about it. That will surely make her cry.
  • ;]maewi... osman 2011/04/14 13:50:56
  • OmarBakali 2011/02/06 19:03:32
    tell her that she behaves childishly and that she is ugly n that u cud have another her in a minute lol to the left to the left n that =forget about me 'biiiiiiiiitch:D
  • egglands worst! 2009/11/03 07:14:57
    egglands worst!
  • SKATE ALL DAY 2009/10/30 04:00:24
    this girl fucked me up mentally in ways i cant even explain now i want to make her cry HARD tell me how? has to be HARSH
  • ;]maewi... SKATE A... 2009/10/30 11:26:32
    i don't really think that's a good idea
  • SKATE A... ;]maewi... 2009/11/15 04:31:51
    i do she did something completly fucked up to me it wasnt just a breakup
  • ;]maewi... SKATE A... 2009/11/15 06:20:17
    let me guess, she cheated on you?
  • ballen7 SKATE A... 2012/10/03 15:51:43
  • The Serial Kisser 2009/10/26 04:38:10
    The Serial Kisser
    tell her thats shes wierd and a freak...
  • ;]maewi... The Ser... 2009/10/26 04:45:00
  • The Ser... ;]maewi... 2009/10/26 04:46:09
    The Serial Kisser
    but it works
  • ;]maewi... The Ser... 2009/10/26 04:49:32
    i know. haha. i saw many girls who cried because of that.. way back in high school
  • The Ser... ;]maewi... 2009/10/26 04:50:55
  • Tyler D... The Ser... 2010/12/26 10:06:09
    Tyler Durden
    serial killers are man's best friend. if women are so weak pathetic miserable and jealous that they have to threaten mutilation and castration. Well, those sickos actually do it! See you in the next hostel.
  • osman The Ser... 2011/04/13 17:54:52
    that wudnt help at all. My ex is driving me crazy. She's tryna make me jealous and its not working, shes not making me jealous shes making me angry cuz shes going out with my fucking cuzin. And now she gets him to tell her everything i said to him. My own blood turned against me. Anyway lol i came to this website to make her cry XD
  • morgan.... osman 2011/08/30 18:35:23
    wtf!!! this happening to me... she loved me for ages after i dumped her... tryed making me jealous but it just got me mad cause she is doing it to my family now... flurting with my 17 year old cousin and shes 14... and i came on here cause i wanna make her cry so hard she will think twice about messing with me or my family
  • XxXnitemareXxX 2009/10/26 04:05:13
    hurt her emotionally
  • ♥Bribri♥ ~Killjoy!~ IchLiebeDichCody(: {08.13.09}
    break her heart. break heart
  • neville 2009/10/25 04:17:53
    Tear gas?
  • Absynthe, Lady of Snakes 2009/10/25 01:55:30
    Absynthe, Lady of Snakes
    Tell her you love and then prove you it to her her when you really don't then go out and have sex with another women or many women (don't forget to video tape it) and then never go see her again and don't forget to put the video in her mail box. That would surely make her cry.
  • ;]maewi... Absynth... 2009/10/25 09:34:14
    not only cry, but also cut the junk of the guy who did that to her. haha
  • Absynth... ;]maewi... 2009/10/25 14:30:38
    Absynthe, Lady of Snakes
    Yeah most likely. I know I'm the type that would do that....
  • ;]maewi... Absynth... 2009/10/26 01:26:35
    me too..;] haha
  • Tyler D... ;]maewi... 2010/12/26 10:01:27
    Tyler Durden
    See above.
  • Tyler D... ;]maewi... 2010/12/26 10:00:26
    Tyler Durden
    Cut off her clit! ha hah after what that bitch just said.Women are so pathetic and jealous of our strength, that is why they go below the belt. We don't but we have to learn how to defend ourselves. What goes around comes around- watch out you weak and envious bitches.

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