The Most Dangerous Animal On Earth?

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Komodo Dragon
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Komodo Dragon

This ancient reptile carries enough venom to put down a human in a single bite. One of the most venomous predators on the planet.
  1. Komodo Dragon

    Komodo Dragon

    This ancient reptile carries enough venom to put down a human in a single bite. One of the most venomous predators on the planet.

  2. The Lion

    The Lion

    It goes without saying that this feline was made for the kill. Lion attacks may be a rarity now, but you wouldn't want to get caught between a lion and its prey.

  3. The Great White Shark

    The Great White Shark

    Just look at the picture.

  4. The Orca

    The Orca

    While the Orca (nicknamed Killer Whale) may look majestic on the outside, it is very far from a the creature you may know from Free Willy. The Orca is a ferocious predator and hunt in lethal packs.

  5. The Wolverine

    The Wolverine

    Just as dangerous as the Marvel comic book character named after it.

  6. Puffer Fish

    Puffer Fish

    The second most venomous vertebrate on the planet, the Puffer fish is not an animal to be toyed with. One taste of its poison will produce a rapid death and cause immediate paralysis of diaphragm muscles. Most victims die within 24 hours.

  7. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear

    You do not want to mistake this fluffy animal as a friend. The polar bear is just as dangerous as its close cousin, the Californian Brown Bear.

  8. Man O War Jellyfish

    Man O War Jellyfish

    You don't want to get tangled with this animal. The Man O War is one of the most poisonous jellyfish on the planet.

The world is full of cute and cuddly animals, but there are just as many ruthless and dangerous predators. In fact, there are some pretty nasty hunters out there and they won't hesitate to end a life. But what animal is truly the most dangerous of them all?
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  • explorer1618 2013/07/17 22:43:07
    A republican candidate chenney
  • stevmackey 2013/07/15 17:38:26
    Eric Holder
  • Marianne 2013/07/15 08:39:23
    First of all, mankind, i.e. homo sapiens sapiens (and also their viruses and pathogens).

    Then, certainly mosquitoes and certain fly species (tse-tre fly), carrying deadly diseases;

    further the blue-ringed octopus, box jellyfish, Brazilian wandering spider, carpet viper, saw-scaled viper, common brown snake, funnel spider, wolf spider, black widow, inland taipan, boomslang, black mamba, king cobra, cone snail, stone fish, puffer fish, deathstalker, ...

    hippopotamus, saltwater crocodile, komodo dragon, elefants (especially males on musth), African buffalo, white shark, tiger shark, sea snakes, poison dart frogs, etc.
    and also bears, then big cats, chimps and other super predators or killer bees, certain scorpions, wasps, myriapods - and many female mammals defending their cubs, not to forget all kinds of animals inoculated with deadly diseases.

    It is difficult to define the exact degree of dangerosity of each species, as it depends on the location, the environment and circumstances and the existence or lack of protection or safety measures, etc. Last but not least, even the most peaceful animals can cause fatal issues when causing traffic accidents.
  • Dave 2013/07/14 18:12:38
    I gotta say I fear humans more than any animal. They are capable of a lot more harm and all for the wrong reasons.
  • JET 2013/07/14 15:20:41
    Man.....without a doubt.
  • Giantsfan 2013/07/14 14:18:28
    Man is the most dangerous animal on the planet.
  • Michael LeBlanc 2013/07/13 12:20:15
    Michael LeBlanc
    Yup,we humans are pretty visious.I pick tigers as a close second...
  • gaylehelen 2013/07/12 21:51:42
    I don't want to meet any of them by myself. They're all dangerous in their element, but so isn't mankind. We're the ones with the weapons.
  • gaylehelen gaylehelen 2013/07/12 21:52:36
    I never scroll down before I answer. Funny how everyone pretty much had the same idea.
  • jcadla 2013/07/12 20:17:33
    Humans...no close second...
  • Haruko.Haruhara 2013/07/12 07:16:04 (edited)
  • Tattoo Nana 2013/07/11 23:03:59
    Tattoo Nana
    I believe the human may be the worst, as they can methodically plan and carry out horrible fates to each other, plus we have access to weapons and the animals in the slide show, so my vote is a meanie human.
  • daniel wayne 2013/07/11 21:22:05
    daniel wayne
    homo sapiens. as long as i have bullets and my guns, there is no critter i fear.
  • Joe 2013/07/11 18:52:20
    if your including fish like i see in pic. than its the box jelly fish
    in Africa the most people are killed by killer bees but as far as animals go its hippos
    Australia has the largest amount of deadly animals but one not to mess with is the black mamba . its a tough question because so many countries don't document like we do in the USA. . that's why we have more crime and more gun related deaths not because we actually have more but we document everything if any reasonable person thinks we have more gun violence than the middle east or mexico than they need to smoke another. ADHD working overtime sorry
  • mikeyavelli 2013/07/11 17:01:25
    The obama .
  • Haruko.... mikeyav... 2013/07/12 07:16:36
    Good one!
  • Maggie Small 2013/07/11 12:34:16
    Maggie Small
    I think that the Komodo Dragon is the most dangerous animal on earth because If you even get one little scratch from one of it's teeth you are probably going to die.
  • Maggie ... Maggie ... 2013/07/11 12:34:57
    Maggie Small
    Humans don't count
  • Kory 2013/07/11 12:22:22
    I don't really regard human beings as animals otherwise it would be us all day long, but apparently the box jellyfish is the most dangerous animal in the world.
  • txtum#Clinton'sCovertCash 2013/07/11 07:50:02 (edited)
    Land animal - MAN (then the four-footed kind, TIGER)

    Water creature - Great White Shark

    Air fowl - Eagles
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